Monday, 30 May 2011

Mystery Car Identified As Rochdale GT

Our friend 007Herbert has indentified the car below as a Rochdale GT by clicking on the link it will give you a whole load of information on it!

007Herbert is currently recovering from a knee operation, the life of espionage, and dare devil stunts is finally taking its toll on his body. Hope you get better soon!

Its a bit wet here today, so Im afraid rain is stopping play! I havnet uncovered the engine yet, and if the weather stays like this I dont think I will be. A shame, but there you go!

A few of the exhibitors have fired theirs up, but maybe they can afford to replace magneto's etc. I certainly cant.

We have also seen tractors and vintage lorries all ready leaving the show. We aim to pack the engine into the landrover around 1600 then take it back to Gillingham.

I wonder how many people will be left on site this evening, not many I reckon!

We have our little gene going around the back of the caravan, it works brilliantly and well worth the £94.00 for the 1Kva output.

Keeps our leisure battery topped up and the laptops going! I reckon I would get the shakes if I couldnt log on!

Well, nothing to report here from a damp Selwood Vintage Steam Rally, but now looking forward to our next show which is in West Bay, on the 11th and 12th of June, just outside of Bridport and right on the coast. A cracking location and a good show. Lets hope the weather is a little better!

Till later..................

Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Blood Required Or These Shows Will Die Out!

This is only our second year of exhibiting out stationary engine. In that time we have met many interesting and genuine people.

But, the one thing that is very evident is that 80% of the exhibitors are over the age of 60, which then poses the question, what happens when these folk are too old to exhibit?

Take away 80% of the exhibitors and you dont have a show!

We at the ripe age of mid 40 are considered youngsters here! There are a few young lads with their dads or grandparents here, but very few, not enough to ensure that these sort of shows stay alive.

These shows are so important to our heritage, where else can you get to see these types of vehicles and stationary engines working? The answer is you cant.

We are lucky that to bring our engine its not too expensive, certainly nothing compared to bringing a vintage lorry, steam engine or tractor. None of the exhibitors are paid, so all the fuel that is used comes straight out of the exhibitors pockets.

Its an expensive hobby for some! Which is why its so important to support these shows, so if you hear of one in your area, why not go along, ok, it costs to get in, but the vast majority of the money is then handed over to local charities, which has got to be a good thing!

And whilst you are here, you are supporting our heritage and working vehicles of yesteryear. Stop and talk to the exhibitors, all of them are happy to talk about their pride and joy.

Or you could go one step further like us and actually help to save our heritage by getting involved and running an engine!

We always have great weekends, rain or shine it doesnt matter. We are here, and so should you be!

Till later............

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011 Pictures!!

Ive taken a few pictures of some of the more interesting vehicles, or so I think so!

Plus a few of our set up.

This little beauty is a Winget I like the lights!

A David Brown Tractor, looks to good to be used as a working vehicle!

Badged a Dodge, but a Commer?

Commer and a Mk1 Transit

Havent been able to find any info on this one yet!

Based on a 2CV

Triumph Tiger Cub "M" used to own one of these!

I found that the cadac cover fitted my engine perfectly!

Our set up on the rally field

This is the oil lamp I bought from ebay, cheap as chips and gives out good light!

Roast beef coming along nicely! Potatoes and Parsnips added just after

The finished product, we also cooked Yorkshire Pudding on the cadac, they turned out brilliant!

The view from the awning after eating - too stuffed to move!

So there you go, our life in a caravan on a rally field, not bad hey?

Till later...................

Selwood Vintage Rally - Saturday And An Indian Meal

We wrapped the engine up around 1500hrs yesterday, and that was it for the day due to the weather which was a bit of a shame!

So with nothing else to do (pure luxury) took advantage of the situation and had a couple of hours of kip!

Left "M" with the generator running and the laptop (note - she didn't blog)!

Anyway, once I surfaced feeling so much better, we decided that a trip into Trowbridge to find a cash point and whilst we were there we would look out for an Indian restaurant.

We managed to find a cashpoint, but the only Indian we could find looked run down and a bit dodgy, which sort of sums Trowbridge up! Sorry if you come from there, but it really did look shabby, even with some new building work.

I suppose we should of googled or is that googarrrrred restaurants in Trowbridge before we went, but we didn't, still a bit old fashioned I guess! And anyway, where is the fun in that! Better to drive around for 30 mins and do a bit of exploring!

So in the end we headed over to Bradford on Avon and found a restaurant there called the Maharaj which can be found here LINK A warm welcome, the food was fresh and well cooked, could of done with a little more meat in the dishes, but otherwise a very good meal, and very reasonable as well! Its set in what looks like an old Victorian shop, small but that does mean the place isn't packed and under staffed! So we can recommend this place if your in the area, its worth a visit.

Once back on site, we headed over to the beer tent to see what the band was like. A bloke playing piano and a lady singing, ok, not everyone's cup of tea and I'm afraid not ours either, so we stayed outside and had a pint in the warm glow of a steam engine! Had a chat with some other like minded souls, and then headed back feeling stuffed from our meal.

Had a lie in this morning, no rush to get up, and got the engine fired up around 1030. Still overcast but dry so far!

Cooked breakfast on the cadac, and later on we will be attempting to cook roast beef on it. We have roasted chicken and pork successfully so beef shouldn't be a problem. Looking forward to that later!

Our engine is running sweetly, no problems with it at all, and for something thats 60+ years old very economical on fuel! It uses around 2 litres over a 6 hour period. I don't think that is too bad.

Not many people walking around here yet today, its now 1250. Maybe they are all at lunch!?

This is our third rally of the season, the time seems to be flying by! Thats May done and dusted as well! Half way through the year all ready!

We were talking about that last night, and for those of you who are new to full timing, and not done a winter yet, hope its not too much of a shock for you when the cold starts to bite in. Not for one moment will you be cold in your caravans, but it does take some considerable effort to change water, empty loo's when you cant feel your fingers!

If we can cope then so can anyone!

Ive been off normal tea for a while now, instead I'm drinking Green Tea and my favourite being Twinings Camomile with Honey and Vanilla. Today, after breakfast I had a normal brew with milk, and it tasted revolting! Never did I ever imagine I would become hooked on herbal teas!

Must be going soft! Ill be sprinkling lavender water around next and rubbing body butter on!

If you go to their website at Twinings you can have some free samples sent to you, give it a go, I was very anti them before, if ever asked would you like a herbal tea, my response wasn't very polite! Now look at me!

Anyway, off for a cuppa

Till later.....................

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011 Saturday!

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

We packed up on friday morning and aimed to be away just before 12, which is the time that in all the books and guides say you should be away by.

Not our fault if the people who are next on our pitch arrive a couple of hours early!

The face on the women would of curdeled milk!

So with that in mind, it was 1155 before I pulled away!

We then drove upto Selwood which is just on the outskirts of Trowbridge in Wiltshire. We arrived on site, found a large pitch to drive straight onto, and set up. We put up the small awning which makes life alot easier for us.

We are roped in under health and safety laws, and we also have to have Public Liability insurance as well. Thankfully its not expensive.

Once we were set up we then had to make the trip back to Gillingham to get the engine.

We finally made it back after doing a quick shop in Tescos (another £92.00)! you dont get alot for your money! Once unpacked, it was time for a pint!

A few pints of guiness and we headed out for a wander around the site. Not a big rally, similar to Three Okefords, which to us is just right!

However, we wandered past the beer tent, stuck our heads in, and decided that a quick half wouldnt be such a bad idea. Oh dear. They had Chedder Valley cider on and it went down rather well. It has a distinct colour, almost orange! but dont let that put you off.

We staggered back a couple of hours later, to attempt to cook on the cadac, and then stumble into bed!

Woke up during the night for a pee, and felt as if I had been mugged, pulled through a hedge, and left out in the rain. It was not good!

Its now 1445 and Im just about feeling normal!

The engine fired up straight away, but its now undercover as its started to rain. Its a shame for the show, but you cant risk ruining your engine by running it in the wet. The magneto does not like damp conditions.

We have taken another walk around the site, and there are some interesting things to see, well, only interesting if your into these sort of things I guess.

Ive taken some pictures which Ill add on later.

So thats day 1 of the show! two days left, lets hope the weather gets a bit better!

Till later...............

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

We travel to our next rally this friday, we havent been to this one before so looking forward to it.

This is our 3rd rally of the year, after taking part at Abbey Hill and Three Okefords all ready.

The time is flying by!

We our hoping to get up there for lunch time, they say you cant get in before 12 noon, but I would put money on people all ready being in and set up by the time we get there. It always happens.

I havent looked at the weather forecast yet, lets hope it stays dry. We have been lucky so far.

Im flat out with work, trying to get 50 items up for the sale starting this friday, I reckon Ill just about get there, as long as nothing goes wrong tomorrow.

We went to fat club earlier this evening, we both managed to maintain our weight. I was pleased with that as I drank quite a bit over the weekend, had a portion of chips and ate a whole cherry cake! So to maintain is nothing short of a miracle. If only they could make a no calorie cider with the same taste and alcohol content as blackthorn Id be happy!

Our last night here tomorrow, just doing a quick check and this is our 274th consecutive night in our caravan!

Everything on the van is holding up well, nothing has dropped off or broken, so Lunar build quaility is to be recommended.

Its fairly quite here on site, with just another caravan and a couple of motorhomes that seem to come and go. Mind you, we are so far apart, you dont know who is here and who isnt, we cant see another soul from where we are pitched.

"M" has gone off to bed, so Im just finishing off, another busy day tomorrow, so

Till later......................

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Ebay Nightmare Continues....

Ive been busy helping someone out with their ebay account, to say its a mess is an understatement!

His ex-employee totally ran it into the ground, not sending items out, and not refunding, the trouble is when these things happen, you have no control over what others do.

At present because there is little or no paperwork, I cant see if things have been sent out or not, so the first time I know anything about it is when a Negative feedback appears on his account!

Through no fault of his own, as he trusted his ex-employee to do the job and left him to get on with it, he is now £1000's of pounds out of pocket, and refunding like mad!

Not a good place to be in right now! Thankfully my own site house*of*jeeves is run a little better! Im afraid you always will get a muppet who leaves a neg feedback, you would of needed to of delivered their item on a silk pillow for free, to make some people happy!

So when you do start to sell alot of items, you should expect to get a couple of Negs, its a shame, all they have to do is talk to you, but no, that would be way to simple. Instead they like the power trip of leaving a neg!

I just wonder what would happen to   if ever they had any real competition? At the moment there is nothing close, all though for new items can often be better.

Ive tried various different auction sites, with no success at all. Ebay are the market leaders and have the generic name, but give it a few more years, and I think a new format will of been devised, and ebay Im afraid to say may well be old hat!

Ebay has certainly changed and evolved over the last few years, and not always for the better! Some times I think they change things just for the hell of it!

I also know of several dealers having problems with paypal at the moment. Paypal with holding money and causing some real dramas! All totally unnecessary as well, if only they took time to talk to their sellers who are also their customers!

This is the problem with the internet, and buying on line, yes its what earns me a crust, but it really is so sterile. 

You can do all your shopping online, buy clothes, vitamins, even a wife! Where will it all end!

Im waiting now for the you are given a wristband that measures your pulse which also has a GPS transmitter in it, When you stop breathing it sends a message back to their HQ, a hearse is dispatched to your location, and off you go to your pre-chosen plot, flowers ordered, choir singing, Amen!

On that note, off to walk China dog, for real and not virtually! (just googled and there is a !!

Till later............

Just checked is still available!!!! Should I register it?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Moving On From Three Okefords Vintage Rally 2011

Yesterday, being Sunday, we had a quick wander around to see some of the vehicles on display.

When you do as many shows as we do, you tend to find that its the same old vehicles that go around to each show. Nothing at all wrong with that, but we are always on the look out for new and interesting vehicles.

We did manage to come across a couple which I took some pics of and have included for you.
USA Half Track dated to WW2

Two immaculately turned out lorries in F Compton livery

Ive never seen this one before, and not sure of the make either

A good example of a Thames Trader

The working area is always a good place to while away some time!

400+bhp running methanol mix - awesome!

OK, difficult to shoot, but how much can the driver see?

Now, thats what you call a truck! Wonder if he takes it out in the wet - all that chrome!

The last picture above is from the front of our caravan this morning, just before we left! Its pretty empty! The beer tent is almost down. We were not the last to leave but not far from it!

We came back to our present site, got onto our pitch straight away, as we all ready new where they wanted us to go, and set up. We have only put up the small awning as we are only here till Friday morning, then off again to our next rally!

Our next rally is Selwood Vintage Rally nr Trowbridge which is next weekend, and goes on for three days. We have never been before so looking forward to a new scene!

We aim to arrive there lunch time on Friday, pitch the van, then head back to Gillingham Dorset, to collect our engine which I left at my parents house.

Then head back upto Selwood for a weekend of relaxation (once more)!

Between now and then though its flat out with work, Ive just finished invoicing tonights sale. It could of been better, but then again, it could of been worse. So, I take what I can and when I can get it. No good grumbling about it.

So tomorrow, Im packing, then listing items which I took photographs of this afternoon. I also did all the measuring of the clothes this afternoon. Then just more of the same. Ive set myself a target of 50 items up by Thursday evening.

Well, thats our second show done and dusted! Time is flying by.

Till later..................

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Campers! Are You?

Ive just been catching up with some reading of the Caravan Club Mag and the Camping and Caravan Club Mag.

In May's issue of the Camping and Caravan Club mag there was an interesting article on why campers are happy!

The reseach carried out reveals that campers are fundamentally happier, more satisfied, less lonely and less stressed than someone who has never camped!

Ok, I can agree with all of that, we have seen a massive change in how we feel! Very hard to describe, but even when its freezing cold outside, to go out side and be that close to nature is awesome. Not even going into your back garden feels the same as it does on a site!

We feel very luck to be able to do what we are doing, I know its not for everyone, but for those of you sat at home reading this with your caravan sat on your driveway, what the heck are you doing! Get on out there and enjoy life!

You dont even have to go far, but use it. I know its easy to say you relax at home, but do you? Always something to do, shopping, chores, and all the domesticated things you need to do, but come on, if you dont cut the grass this weekend is it really the end of the world!

Must admit, we used to be the same, our caravan was parked up in a field most of the time. But, knowing what we know now, it wouldnt be!

So the statistics back up what we have been saying that camping does make you happier.

Both of us can definately vouch for that!

To find out more take a look at this site

Ask yourself honestly, why didnt we get away this weekend, even just for the night! There really are no excuses!

Till later................

Picture Update

Its been a while since Ive posted any pictures, so heres a bit of a catch up with a few pictures from the last week or so.

Back at our last site at Silverwoods Three Legged Cross, I bought these two settles and table for a tenner off of ebay, Ive since sold them for £20 each and kept the table!

Our site at Silverwoods, now that all the trees have leaves on its very seculded!

Plenty of room!

All this room and just for us!

We are going back to this site once we have finished at the Three Okefords Rally 

But only there for a few days, friday morning we are off again!

Back here at the show, this was what we saw when we first got here, a near empty field!

Top Tip, always park your caravan directly in front of the beer tent, even with a stagger you should find your van in the dark!

All set up, but without the engine out!

Amazingly this awning is still attached even after heavy rain and high winds last night!

Our woodburner, made from an old gass canister, keeps you warm on a chilly evening!

Wind break up to make cooking easier on the cadac, and the engine running sweetly

Looking out the front of our van and to the left, the field is looking a bit busier now!

Beer tent not so easy to see now!

Its been a good show for us, catching up with friends we havent seen for a while, and meeting and chatting to other exhibitors. If you have never been to a show like this, see if there are any in your area, a good day out for big kids like me and the smaller variety!

Or, do as we have and get yourself an engine and get free camping!

Till later............

Three Okefords Preservation Society Rally Sunday


During the day on Saturday it remained mostly sunny but with a bit of a breeze, which as a result I ended up nicely sun burnt to my legs and arms! Not too painful thankfully!

My sister Ami and her hubby Andrew along with Daughter Sophie and the terror that is Ryan paid a quick visit to us as they only live a few miles down the road, it was good to see them. Trying to find time to see everyone on a regular basis is near on impossible. Just too hectic Im afraid!

We cooked lamb chops on the cadac along with some chicken which needed eating up and had a few beers. Still being a bit delicate from the previous evening, we took it real steady!

At 1900hrs we walked up to watch the tractor pulling, now if you have never seen this you should. Its not a competitive event, but the boys and girls like to show off! These tractors arent fancy by any stretch of the imagination, infact some are seriously dog rough!

But what they lack in flashy paintwork, they make up for in pure horse power! They pull a sledge which when it sets off weighs 25 ton, then as they race up the track a rather large block of concrete is moved up the sledge which transfers more weight to the front of the sledge and increasing the drag factor. When the block is at the front its around 65 tons they are pulling!

500+bhp on a tractor, burning methonal with no silencers on the exhaust at max revs is a site to behold and also deafening!

We were also treated to a steam engine attempting to pull the sledge, which it did, with very few problems at all! It was even pulling wheelies, which is hard to imagine a steam engine doing but it was! It was under tremendous pressure, the soot coming out of the chimney was full of sparks which was might impressive!

If you want to see some tractor pulling take a look at this website these are the pro-boys!

Today, we are just chilling out, we have a whole chicken to roast on the cadac later on complete with roast potatoes and parsnips! Looking forward to that.

We are staying here again this evening, its nice not having to rush to pack up and move off! "M" has booked Monday off as holiday, and I can do as I please, well sort of.

Next week Im doing 18hr days to keep ahead of the game!

I still havent got around to putting all the pictures up that Ive got so there will be shortly a whole post with nothing but pictures!

Next weekend we are off to another show up near Trowbridge, Ill dig out the details and get them posted as well! We leave next friday morning and as its bank holiday we leave on tuesday morning.

Time now to get the bacon and eggs on! so,

till later......................

Friday, 20 May 2011

Three Okefords Preservation Society Rally

Here we are at Shillingstone in Dorset, at the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally I will get around to uploading pictures tomorrow!

We are a bit packed in like sardines, but, its only for a couple of nights so not too bad!

Friends should be arriving later on this evening, so looking forward to having a few pints too many!

Firing up the cadac shortly, to get a bit of food inside us before we start drinking, a wise move I reckon!

Was talking earlier to one of the other guys here at the rally, he's a bit local yokel, if you get my drift, anyway, he was telling me he has just started a computer course, and he has been looking at Googar (said in West Country accent) so more of a Gooogarrrrrrrrr, Googar I replied, yep he said you know, you type in a word and it finds things for you, Oh, Google, yep thats the one Gooooogarrrrrr! I had to try and stop myself laughing at that point!

Bless him, he is entertaining!

The show starts tomorrow morning at 1000hrs, should just be up by then.

The engine is out, and ready to go, fingers crossed for no problems with it and smooth running all weekend!

We nipped into tescos earlier, £95.00 later we walk out with a small trolley full! Its getting so expensive isnt it! We only bought a rake of meat, fruit and a few beers! A few years ago, for that you would come out with a colour TV and a lawnmower as well!

We also popped in to see my parents, I mowed the lawn and "M" had a quick wizz round cleaning, as Mum bust her ankle a while back and is still not 100% and Dad is struggling a little getting out of breath very easily!

Back on site again now, and the sun is shining, but not sure for how long as there is alot of cloud around. But as we are in, Im not worried if it does rain.

If its only light rain, Ill run the engine, but if its raining hard, Im afraid the engine stays covered up. So lets hope for dry weather.

Better be off its cider and cadac time! So,

Till later..................

Arrived Shillingstone

We arrived here at Shillingstone just after 1800hrs this evening, quickly set up, no awning as there is not enough room, according to the marshal who showed us in.

We may be able to sneak it up tomorrow, if we get the chance!

Once we were unpacked, we wizzed back to get the stationary engine, got back here and cracked open the cider!

"M" made some wicked chicken kebabs which of course were done on the cadac, and we got the woodburner out and got that glowing to keep us warm as there is still quite a nip in the air.

Then once we had eaten and it was a bit too cold to sit outside, I thought I would see if the dongle would work, and yep, it does, hence this post!

I always check the stats on the blog to see what is happening and to see where people are finding us.

To my delight and surprise I found that we have been added to I wrote a guest post a few weeks ago, and had forgotten all about it! Nice to see it up on someone else's site!

Well, suffering from cider fuzz so off to bed, no alarm in the morning - lush!

till later...............

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Awning Down - Ready For Move Tomorrow Evening!

After work this evening this evening it was a quick trip into get weighed at fat club, I lost a whopping 6Lb this week so was well chuffed, so more Guiness, fish n chips and cheesecake!

"M" lost 1/2Lb and was not impressed!

We move tomorrow, so we got the big awning down this evening, I got most of it done on my own whilst "M" did a quick trip to the laundrette. It came down with no fuss, and in the dry. Ill be taking it up the unit tomorrow and we will be using the little awning for the next week or so!

We head for Shillingstone and the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally Im waiting for "M" to finish work then we are travelling down, it should only take us 40 mins max to get there. I said I would help set up on Friday morning, then in the afternoon we are going to see my parents.

Back at the rally on Friday evening we are meeting up with my old friend Mr Gulliver as he is putting in the bar for all us exhibitors!

Looking forward to having a pint or two with him.

Ive also got to get the engine, Im undecided whether to put it in the trailer or in the back of the Land Rover, the trailer is the easy option, but then I have to find somewhere for the trailer to go as at the rally its always a bit tight for space!

We are having broadband and a phone line put in up at the unit, it will make my life so much easier, not that the dongle doesnt work well, because it does, but the caravan and awning wont look like a post office and everything will be in one place. 8th June the engineer is coming to sort it all out.

Will then get the Apple Mac fired up and my head around using it! Hopefully it wont take to long to get used to it. Has anyone else swapped from PC to Mac? if so how did you find it?

Well, a few emails to send then thats me, just eaten celery wrapped in smoked ham with a cheese sauce, lovely and for a change not cooked on the cadac!

Till later..............

Monday, 16 May 2011

Ebay Struggle!

Ebay is a fantastic format, but it does have plenty of down sides!

As a buyer as long as you are switched on you are fine, fully protected and have the backup of a major organisation, which acts first then seldom thinks about things afterwards. However, this is always in the buyers favour.

As a seller, its a bloody nightmare! You are hammered from every angle. Ive been involved the last few weeks with trying to sort out an ebay account. Through no fault of his own, an ex employee caused no ends of problems, with missing stock, no tracking numbers and non existent paperwork. Its difficult enough without having all the hassles of trying to piece together a jigsaw with half the pieces missing.

A decision has been made, to wrap up the account, and put the whole business through myself.

So bakers-cottage is no more and born is "house*of*jeeves" it was time to change the name any way!

A change of direction again for me, no more postcards or books, well, maybe a few, and now loads of tweed jackets, smart city suits, classic brogues and some fantastic hats!

So no time at all to sit and look out the awning window and watch the squirrels! boo hoo! Oh well, I cant say that the extra pennies wont come in handy!

This week is a bit of a nightmare, Ive been trying to wriggle out of a funeral, but now Im going, and then on Thurs evening we move location! Off to the Three Okefords Vintage Rally at Shillingstone.

Not enough hours in the day, I need around a 32 hour day to get all the things done that I want to get done.

Well, its late now so off to bed as up early again tomorrow!

Till later............

Sunday, 15 May 2011 Possibly The Best Food In England!

Its been a bit of a hectic weekend!

Saturday we both worked up until lunch time, then we headed over to "M"s daughter and son inlaws as it was Jacks birthday, he was having a little gathering for a BBQ, gas bbq and it wasnt a cadac! Still he had some rather nice lamb burgers!

We met up with Kev, he was the guy who if you remember had the garage door spring wack into his head leaving him in intensive care for a while, he isnt back at work yet, his only problem seems to be that he hasnt got the memory he used to have. He is off to see a specialist shortly which hopefully will give him the green light to go back to work, which he feels he needs to do to stop him going stir crazy. Being an active guy, taking it easy is tough going!

Mind you, its nothing short of a miracle he is still with us, especially when you see the size of the scar which is something like the size of a horse shoe on his head!

When we got back we watched a DVD and crashed out.

Up with the sparrows this morning and off to Ashley Heath car boot sale, as we got there early we were in the first field and had a cracking pitch. We did well, which was good as we could do with a few extra pennies!

As a reward for getting up at the crack of dawn, we tried out a new pub. We are so glad that we did. If you are anywhere near here you need to try The Stocks Inn at Furzehill Wimborne Dorset BH21 4HT there number is 01202 882481.

I cannot begin to tell you how good the food was, I had fish and chips and "M" had roast beef. The batter on my fish was incredible and the fish moist and very tasty. "M" couldn't fault her roast either. Then deserts! "M" had lemon meringue pie and I had Jamaican ginger cheese cake, when she said would you like ice cream or cream with it I almost died! So I had the less fattening of the two and had vanilla ice cream!

The whole meal with a glass of vino, 3 pints of guiness, a bombay saphire G and T, a coffee, 2 mains and 2 deserts - £48.00 so not only value for money but the most incredible food Ive had in a pub in ages!

As you can imagine the diet went right out the window, but as we are good for 99% of the time, I dont see the harm or to be honest care that we blow out every now and again! Good for the soul if not for the waist line!

Well, its Sunday evening, and its been a long day, so,

Till later............

Friday, 13 May 2011

All Change At Ebay!

Well, its been a bit hectic on the ebay scene, the site that I have been working on is taking some time to sort out due to an ex-employee committing serious amounts of fraud!

Basically the ex-employee was saying that items were being sent and not sending them! As you can imagine it has caused many problems, which has been a nightmare to try and sort out.

Ebay not being the most helpful to sellers! So Ive stopped listing on the account called "bertie*woosters" and am currently listing on my own site called "house*of*jeeves" Yes, a bit of a theme going on there, but it was time for us to change our ebay name anyway as that was the name of our old house!

Tonight Ive got 40 items going up at just after 2100 hrs, lots of vintage clothing and shoes!

This has kept me busy all week, with new stock arriving today as well, some lovely mink stoles and coats, and an amazing Henry Poole coat, those will be up shortly.

There is no shortage of stock, my unit is now rammed to the rafters, so to ease the situation we are off to do a car boot sale on Sunday with three rails of tweed jackets and a full rail of leather jackets! So we will see how we get on with that lot! lets just hope the weather stays fine!

I had an email back from the organisers of Abbey Hill Steam Rally, as they had seen my blog when searching for themselves on google, I was making the first page on google so not bad!

Another successful show, which is great to hear, and the fact that they are open to suggestion is also a bonus and good to hear!

The clouds are bubbling up here, which isnt good as we have chicken tikka on the cadac! 10 more mins and it will be done, please dont rain in that time!

"M" is working tomorrow morning, Im up the unit, and then in the afternoon I think we are off to New Milton to see "M"s daughter and son in law as its his birthday.

Another week has rolled by, I really dont know where the time is going! We are half way through May all ready.

We move from here next Thursday evening, down to Shillingstone, ready for the show over the weekend. Really looking forward to this one. Cant wait!

An early night, this week has been knackering!

So till later...................

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flat Out And Worn Out! Yep Thats Me!

Its amazing the effect that only having an hours sleep has on you!

I went to bed last night around 2200hrs, "M" said I was asleep within seconds and snoring loudly. When I woke this morning I hadnt even turned over in my sleep, my right arm was dead!

Ive managed to keep going all day, but as the afternoon wore on I must admit to struggling, and opted for an easy afternoon working from the caravan.

Ive just got used to using the camera, Ive gone back to basics as I did study photography and enjoyed it. But, its been hard work getting the best from the camera and lighting set up. The results Im now getting are looking very good.

"M" was home early today, she had been away for the day on a course, and it had finished early, so we had a bit of time before we went off to "fat club"

"M" lost 1/2lb and I hadnt lost or gained anything, so not too bad but I could do alot better. Mind you it didnt help "M" bringing home chocolate cake of which I had 4 chunks!

The traffic was all stacked up on the A31 at Ringwood this morning, a woman had jumped off the bridge that crosses the dual carriage-way and she had been struck by several vehicles. Such a shame to think that she choose to do that rather than to talk to someone or face her fears. A waste of a life.

Mind you, I wouldnt of wanted to be in one of the vehicles that struck her, thats not a good start to the day.

Its something you wont forget easily either. I still remember an accident that I saw unfold in front of me. It wasnt pretty. Thankfully no one died but it was still messy.

I wonder what made her do it, can anything really be that bad, or is it just a chemical inbalance in the head that sends you off the deep end? People say its a cowards way out, well, not too sure about that, it takes alot to leap off a bridge into traffic!

But, you do wonder how it effects her family, friends etc. All thinking to themselves now, if only Id spent some time with her. Not that you can blame yourself, but the thought will be there.

A sorry state to be in, thankfully being the jolly, positive minded soul that I am, I can never see myself doing that.

Ive had some low moments, I even went and sat in a church hoping for devine intervention once. I was really at a low ebb then. Id just split up with wife no 2, Id travelled back down from Scotland, my world could be fitted into a Vauxhall Corsa, and I was sleeping on a camp bed in my parents study! Oh and I had less than £100 in my pocket!

But you can only feel sorry for yourself for so long, I gave myself a stern talking to and then set about making things happen!

You really can do anything you like if you want it bad enough, ok, there may some risks involved, but who said it was going to be easy!

So here we are, living in our caravan, enjoying life, and working hard.

"M" keeps me on the straight and narrow, she really is brilliant, never moans at me, well, sometimes but thats because its justified! And is always calm. I on the other hand can sometimes get annoyed or should I say frustrated over trivial matters.

I know I shouldnt get upset when the printer chews up the paper, or the signal drops out on my mobile when Im having an important conversation, but I just cant help it. Cammomile tea can only calm you so much!

My new client George is coming here at 0800hrs tomorrow morning to drop off some paperwork, he has seen the caravan, but not the inside so I wonder what he will think of it!

We have had a bit of a tidy up, the wine bottles are now up at the recycling point instead of around the steps!

Then its flat out, photographing, measuring, describing and listing. Going for a 10 day sale starting this friday and running till the following Monday. I didnt want it finishing on the Sunday evening as we are still away at Shillingstone Steam Show, or as its otherwise called the Three Okefords Preservation Society Steam Rally. A bit of a mouthful!

Due to unforeseen circumstances and problems that are still being resolved, Im listing everything on my own ebay account which is "bakers-cottage" so take a look over the weekend, Ive got some great tweed jackets, and some cracking pairs of brogues going up! Also got some kilts (Glasgow Andy - take note)! As soon as we have managed to sort out the problems that have been left for "bertie*woosters" we will be back up and running with that. ebay being ebay, nothing is ever done quickly!

Well, time I was off to bed, no where near pumpkin time, but Im shattered so,

till later...................

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kempton Antiques Fair

I met George up at my unit at around 1830 yesterday, and once we had sorted a few things out, we were on our way up to Kempton Race Course.

As Ive said, Ive never been before, Ive heard that its a big fair, so was eager to see it for myself.

We got upto Kempton around 2200 hrs, and parked up on the side of the road, we were no 7 in the que!

Time to walk down to the garage and get a bite to eat, we did contemplate walking a bit further for a pint, but thought it not a wise idea, so armed with sandwiches and the like headed back to the van.

Around midnight we tried to settle for a bit of kip, but being sat bolt up right is not the best way to get a bit of shut eye, so what with listening to the radio and getting to know more about each by telling stories of past experiences it soon came around to 0230hrs when the gates open!

It was like wacky races, a mad dash for the best spots! We got where we wanted to be and unloaded the van enough so that George could crash on a sofa he was selling and I got the cab. Managed just over an hours kip and got up at 0500hrs, looked out the window and who should I see but a dealer we call wibbly wobbly from Shaston just 5 vehicles away!

Dealer wise there were hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, it was a real experience to see so many dealers. Buyers, sadly were lacking, even with the sun shining it was a bit quiet.

However, we did ok, could of been alot better, but could of been alot worse.  Later in the day I bumped into an old dealer who I havent seen in a couple of years, since the days when I was working at Hogspear! It was good to see him again, and he also knew George, small world!

We packed up around 1230 and headed for the hills, we were one of the first to leave, but hanging around for another hour for maybe £30 didnt seem like a good use of time.

When we got to the unit, we unloaded everything into it, and now its full to the rafters!

Got a lift back to the caravan, I think I surprised George, due to the size of the van!

I then headed into Ringwood to see "M" and China dog. Apparently China didnt settle last night, "M" said she enjoyed having the bed to herself. At least China missed me.

Its not late, but Im off to bed, another very busy day tomorrow, so,

Till later.................

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bertie Wooster's Vintage Clothing Shop Back Up And Running!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was now involved in a bit of a new and major project, well, its early days yet, but we have relaunced Bertie Wooster's Vintage Clothing.

Bertie Wooster apart from being a fictional character was also a number of vintage clothing shops in London owned and operated by George Cazenove, frequented by the likes of Madonna who made it a regular place to shop! The shops closed down a number of years ago due to spiraling business rates.

In recent months ebay was tried, which due to a now ex-employee didnt do as well as it could of, due to the fact that the now ex-employee was a tad sticky fingered and lazy! In fact Wooster would say a bit of a bounder!

So you could say that Im now acting as Jeeves and trying to sort out the mess and taking things to the next level. A challenge that Im enjoying immensely.

Our first items go up for sale on ebay this evening! A mixture of vintage tweed jackets and coats, plus a few pairs of high quality shoes.

You can find us on ebay at bertie*woosters like I say still trying to sort out problems which have gone on in the past, but now that its got a steady hand on the tiller we should make some progress.

Ive all ready mentioned that "M" and I have sold vintage clothing in the past, but not on this level. We are talking quality and quantity. George is the buyer and I do the selling, its that simple. We have everything we need to make it a real success, the only thing we are short of is hours in the day!

So please if you get a chance click on the above link and take a look at the ebay site and dont forget to tell me what you think. Your feedback would be most welcome whilst we are fine tuning the listings!

Well, its been another long day, and tomorrow and even longer one! So,

Till later..............

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Monsoon Rain Thunder And An Awning Full Of Water!

Ive been up the unit for most of the day today, cocooned in the back office without a clue as to what is happening outside!

Ive been busy working all day, so much to do! The process of getting a tweed jacket from the hanger to the customer is staggering. Just getting it up onto ebay is a major achievement!

Its been a while since Ive sold vintage clothing, but its all coming back to me as to how much hard work it all is!

But, Im not complaining, Ive got more work than I can handle, and Ive just spoke to my client who is bringing more down for me on Monday evening!

Tuesday Im off with him to Kempton, its a massive antiques fair. Ive never been before so we will be stalling out and hopefully making a few quid in the process. A bit of an early start though. We are meeting up at 2000hrs on Monday, driving up, and kipping in the van ready for the gates to open early o'clock! That beats getting up at 0400hrs for Ford Market look very easy!

"M" came up the unit late afternoon and sorted a few things out, then as we were packing up, the heavens openned!

Got back to the caravan to find some rather large puddles around the van and the roof of the awning sagging under the weight of the water! Google earth is now showing a rather large lake next to our caravan which happens to be on top of our awning!

Pushed the roof up and torrents of water flew off straight down the sides, then back in underneath the awning! We didnt put the awning carpet down this time, probably just as well, at least you can see where the puddles are!

Not sure what has happened to the awning though. I thought it was all fairly taught, but evidently not, so now not sure how to sort it out! Will have a play in daylight tomorrow, but if we get another heavy down pour, Im going to have to get up and push the water off! Deep joy!

I do feel sorry for a couple who turned up at the same time as we did back on site, with rivers of water running down the track Im not too sure how they are going to get on putting up their tent!

No plans for tomorrow, other than working! But, the way Im looking at it, the more work I do, the more I earn, and when the shows are on Ill be relaxing, and not doing any listing, so till the 19th of May its flat out!

Well, its getting late so heading off to bed, once China dog has gone out for a paddle!

Till later..............

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Not too sure where this week has gone!

My new client has landed me with a proposition that I couldnt refuse, so apart from one day a week where I am back in good ole' Shaston the rest of my time is now taken!

I will be running an ebay site, selling vintage clothing and sporting accessories, the name I will release once things are up and running!

Its all very exciting, with a great deal of work to do!

Its also a cracking deal for me, so Im not complaining at all. As with most things in life, if you put the effort in then you will be rewarded.

Today I set up my new photographic studio up at the unit, complete with two flash-lights, which Im trying to get my head around, Ive almost got it sussed, but coupled with using a new camera its a bit of a learning curve! The camera is a Nikon D3000 with a Nikon 18-55mm lens.

Not to mention the new apple mac desktop computer! Not having any real experience of mac its a bit of a challenge to get it all up and running.

There has been plenty of swearing and cursing going on whilst Im making mistakes!

Stock now is not an issue, Ive got more tweed jackets than a posh gentlemans outfitters!

Of course I will be plying my wares on here! So if you ever fancied looking like the landed gentry, then Ive bound to have the tweed jacket for you, Ive also got over a dozen barbour jackets of various sizes, ready for a downpour!

Im taking over running an existing ebay site, to say its had a few problems recently is a bit of an understatement, its been badly managed by the previous person who ran it, but now that Im on board its just the mess to clear up, and move on! There is alot of mess to clear up, and I think a few negative feedbacks will be whizzing in over the next couple of weeks, whilst I try and sort out what the heck has been going on! The previous person has been given the boot so its really a fresh start all around.

The guy who owns the business is a smashing bloke, as with all antique/traders, slightly off his rocker, but so far so good! He is totally hands off, all he wants to do is buy the stock, my job is to sell it!

Im just glad that we have the unit, without it I wouldnt of been able to do any of this, its just too big a project.

So between the shows this year, its absolutely flat out, long hours and no doubt alot of stress as well, but the upside, I can feel a new 4x4 coming on!

As its now pumpkin time at 0001hrs Im off to bed, another long day tomorrow, working all weekend, and if this weather keeps up, its currently pouring down with lightening flashing around us, then I dont think Ill be missing much!

Till later...........................

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Next Show! Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally 21st 22nd May 2011

Our next show is the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally on the 21st & 22nd of May.

We both consider this to be one of our favourites, its only a small show, but with a bit of everything including tractor pulling! Which if you have never seen before is awesome.

After changing the plug and cleaning the magneto on my engine its running really well so fingers crossed that it stays that way!

A couple of other tickets arrived today for shows, which are the Mosterton Summer Show 2nd & 3rd July and the Selwood Steam And Vintage Vehicle Preservation Society Southwick Rally 28th 29th and 30th May.

We havent been to either of these shows before so will be interesting to see how these turn out.

We both went to fat club this evening to be weighed in. After not having been for two weeks as we have been away, and eating and drinking all the wrong things, such as easter eggs, hot cross buns x 3, ice cream (various amounts) cider, ale, rum, red wine, (copious amounts) bacon and egg rolls (several), danish pastries x 2, chips (various portions).

But, I was pleasently surprised to find that I had actually lost 1.5Lbs! Ok, not a great loss, but considering the amount of bad/wrong food I thought I would of gained.

"M" managed to put on 1/2Lb, I did tell her not to have the chocolate brownies, but she wouldnt listen!

So back on track again now, and will be good till the 21st May!

My meeting with my new client went very well today, a deal has been struck, so now Im flat out with so much work it will be a struggle to keep up with it! Not that Im complaining in the slightest. in fact its a nice problem to have.

Im back down the other side of Dorchester again tomorrow morning first thing to collect stock and a few bits and pieces from him. Will tell you more about it all once Im up and running!

Had to get the unit sorted out this afternoon to make way for all the new stock arriving and of the setting up of the new photographic studio! Have now gone proper professional with flash lighting mounted to tripods x 2, with a purpose built photo box. Ill take a picture once Ive constructed it. It will all make sense then!

Finally the new owners came to day to collect their drinks cabinet, which sold for just under a fiver! They seemed very happy with it, and so they should!

Well, enough from me, up with the sparrows again tomorrow, so,

Till later................