Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caravan Motorhome and Camping Washing Machine Review

Washing clothes whilst living in a caravan full time can be easily sorted by doing one of three things.

Buying a low wattage camping washing machine, using a laundrette or a combination of the two or not washing your clothes and smelling like a pikey!

So we decided early on in our adventure to buy a small twin tub washing machine. Just to do the essentials and also to cut down the time spent in the laundrette.

The one we chose was small and cheap, it was the OneConcept DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine (2kg Max Load, 120W Spin Cycle & Quiet operation) - White

It has two wash cycles and a spinner which works amazingly well for such a small machine. To give you an idea of what it is capable of washing, 3 to 4 shirts at a time is about it's maximum coping load.

The manufacturers guide is a max of 2kg and runs at 120w.

We used it all the time we were full timing and it worked a treat.

Filling it up was a pain at times, but being small it took a couple of large pans of boiling water, topped up with water from our spare aqua roll, a fill up to rinse and Bob's your uncle.

Draining was simple, just let it drain away in the grass!

When we moved into our static last July, it had no washing machine, so we carried on using this combined with trips to the laundrette.

Sadly a few weeks ago it finally gave up the ghost and the spin motor stopped working correctly.

This little machine which is intended for occasional use, took some right abuse from us and lasted being continually used for over 2 years.

As we are not sure how long we will be here in our static, we decided against buying a normal machine, simply due to space - there isn't any!

We took a look through Amazon and ended up with a better load capacity twin tub machine.

It's bigger but just as light, "M" has not problems in moving it about when I'm not around.

It is a  OneConcept DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine (5.8kg Max Load, 160W Spin Cycle & Quiet operation) - White (I know they call them the same name strangely)! with a max load of 5.8kg and running at 160w.

It works really well and just as good as the last one with an excellent spinner and an obviously greater load capacity.

Both are light, portable and easy to use. To be honest we would not of wanted to full time without one.

The cost of using a laundrette can be extortionate, so buying one of these really does make financial sense.

OK, it takes time to do the washing, but armed with a book and a beer it can become an enjoyable pastime! Just got to be positive about these things!

Till later.......... 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Planning Our Trip To Ireland

The last week of July and the first week of August will see us heading over to the Emerald Isle.

It's "M"s brothers 50th birthday who lives way over on the East of the island. He moved over a number of years ago and has carved out a successful life.

So we aim to travel over on the Sunday, spend the week travelling around, with him for the weekend, then if we can try and make it North to meet up with an old Army mate of mine who has caught the motorhome bug!

We will be taking the Pajero, and camping light.

I must say that I sleep like a log in the Pajero, in fact better than when I am at home, but "M" does suffer, probably due to the fact that I'm big and she is little and there is limited space in the back of the Paj which I generally take up!

So with that in mind and the fact that we have spent a bit of time camping in the Pajero and enjoy the freedom it gives us to roam we came to the conclusion that a roof tent maybe just the trick!

Why not just an ordinary tent? Well, a roof tent is quicker, simpler and no matter if the ground is uneven, rocky, knee deep in water, a ploughed field or a tarmac drive we would be able to pitch in a couple of minutes!

They are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it is worth the investment.

So now the hunt is on for roof bars, and a roof tent!

Sourced some, but as always I'm looking for the ultimate deal.

Life here on site goes on, with a steady flow of campers coming and going, at the moment they are getting wet as it's tipping down and I'm enjoying the afternoon off after starting at 0530 hrs and with the day off tomorrow I may just have a few beers and be in my bed for 2100 hrs! Rock n Roll!

Till later...........

Monday, 6 May 2013

Cornwall Adventure May 2013

We set off on Wednesday, dropping China dog off in Bournemouth we headed South West in search of more sunshine, friends and beer!

As it was quite late in the day, we aimed for somewhere in Dartmoor to rest our heads.

The Pajero is kitted out for wild camping so all we had to do was find a good spot. Now luckily on our last trip down we earmarked some places which would be suitable for a bit of wild camping.

We didn't take us too long to find a great spot, off the road and with a good view for the morning.

We had just brewed up and the bacon sarnies were on the go!

On arrival I had cooked steak with onions and mushrooms in a baguette - Tasted even better being out in the open.

Next day we headed out of Dartmoor and towards the Cornish coast, no plan in mind, just head for the sea.

We stopped off in Redruth for a resupply and a wander around, not a great deal to see, but these were in the pedestrian part of the town.

Bronze cast dogs, but if you look close they are made from old wellington boots!

From Redruth we headed to the coast at Portreath, then followed the road hugging the sea southwards. The sun was out and it was warm so we decided to see if we could find a small campsite so we could laze around, relax, have a few beers and a shower.

We called into one who wanted £18.00 for the night, a bit steep as that did not include hook up and the place only had a shower and loo so as we were not wanting to pay that we moved on. 

Another place was still closed and had not opened yet! Obviously did not need or want the money.

We then saw an official tourist camping and caravan sign, to our right, followed it down a windy road, and I do mean windy and very narrow. After managing to turn around at the bottom we headed back up the lane. It had gone, completely vanished.

Now if I had been towing our twin axle down there by now I would have had the right hump, fortunately in was just the Pajero, but please if you close your site down, which we later discovered that this had happened. Take the bloody sign down!

Then we discovered a little piece of heaven!

The Trevaylor Caravan and Camping Park just a stones throw North of St Just. The 

Run by a husband and wife team Charlie and Michelle, who made us very welcome indeed. The site has a great layout, and although has approx 70 pitches is segregated by high cornish walls, which are basically stone walls covered in grass to make big banks so makes the site feel much smaller.

There were not many on site, which we were surprised about considering the season had started, but that was better for us as we had the pick of where we wanted to go.

The shower and loo blocks were clean and spacious, complete with a laundry room. There was also an onsite shop and a bar with meals available! Hardstanding is available for those who don't like the feel of grass.

We asked the owner if the bar was open and he said that he would open it if we  wanted to have a beer, so around 1900 we headed for a pint. Lager on draught, bottled cornish beer and some rough cider on tap. 

Had a few pints and slept like a baby!

All in all a great site and well worth a visit, so if you are ever down that way, then book in here.

The details are: Trevaylor Caravan and Camping Park, Botallack, St Just, Penzance TR19 7PU

Tel: 01736 787016

Not only that but talking with the owner he told us of a great walk down by the coast to some old deserted tin mines. The views were amazing. We would never of known about this if we had not of stopped here as it is not signposted anywhere.

(Now this is where I would of inserted some pictures, but as I can't find the lead for the camera, and as waking "M" is a hanging offence I shall leave them for another time!)

Another little touch which we thought was spot on, was a young German lad was back packing the coast on his own. He needed to get the bus the next day, so the owner took him by car to where he could get his bus! Now I'm not saying he could do this at the height of season, but as it was quiet we both said how kind it was to go out of his way to do this. After all he was German!

We left from here after a very leisurely start to the day and headed further down and around the coast.

Now, our main reason for being down this part of the world is that we have good friends Sharon and Thomas who live in Helston. It was her 40th birthday on the Friday and drinks, food and laughter were planned for that evening.

Then on the Saturday we had tickets for the Masked Ball at Porthleven.

Firstly friday, much was drunk and eaten that day and as the day progressed to the evening and the evening into the next morning at around 0330 hrs we thought it might be a good idea to collapse!
Early afternoon Friday

The next day was slow to start but gradually picked up pace as we got our vehicles down to the site, back to the house for more grub, Thanks Toby for cooking the beef it tasted amazing.

For the masked ball we are lucky enough to know a very talented and wonderful lady called Shirley Davis a professional Milliner. She has a massive collection of masks in stock all hand made by herself, mine even had an old pair of my glasses built into my mask!

You can find her on facebook here at STUDIO 12 just click the link to see more, all her contact details are there. If it's fancy dress, costumes, or even wedding hats and veils you're after then you need to speak to Shirley!

"M" in her amazing outfit

My good self, looking like a cheap extra from a dodgy horror flick!

Many people made a real effort to dress up, and it was an amazing spectacle, which we both said we were glad to of seen. Not sure if we would do it again, due to it being more of a rave, than a festival which is a bit of an assault  on the ears to say the least!

Myself and "M" both said we know now what it is like to become old! On the way into the main entrance point we both spotted a tent saying "Tea and Toast" see, said we were getting old!

Tucked that away in the memory bank, and at around midnight we both decided that this was exactly what was needed.

However, on finding out that the cost of said "Tea and Toast" was £4.00 each, with a quick, you can F**k right off! For that I want Assam tea, brought form China in a silver casket, served by a scantily clad beauty whilst being hand wafted by giant palms, my tea served in Royal Doulton with lace doily napkins, silver spoons and my toast well done with dripping butter cut into triangles and hand fed!

As we were in a canvas tent with hay bales to sit on we headed back to the Pajero to brew our own!

Once there we decided that our days of raving were over and retired to the sound of surf hitting the shore, well we would of if it wasn't for the heavy bass line making the ground tremble and the sounds of young and innocent teens throwing up.

Another sign of us being old is that in the morning we were sat out in our chairs looking out to sea with a brew in our hands. Two young girls walked by and said "aahhh bless - so sweet" all we needed was a rug over our knees to keep the chill out to complete the picture!

But I do have to say it was a laugh and an experience which young or old should be had!

Sunday, with no clear plan we headed back to Sharon and Tom's house, mooched around and caught up with everyone else and around lunch time we headed back North.

Our original plan was to head back to Dartmoor and wild camp for a final night, but as we drove on it became fairly obvious that what was needed was our own beds.

So after a full on couple of days we drove back home, happy, tired and with some great memories!

Till later.....................