Saturday, 21 June 2014

How Things Can Change!

Just a little over three months ago, I was getting myself ready for my trip around the UK on my little Honda C90.

With just two weeks before departure I met someone who has completely changed my life!

Since my return I have spent more and more time at her house and obviously less and less time at the caravan!

The caravan is still parked up and I am still paying full pitch fee's on it, but last week I found a place locally to store it securely for just £8.00 per week. With the option of electric hook up for just an extra £2.00 per week.

So this is where the caravan will be hopefully going as paying pitch fee's is a bit daft when I am spending so much time in bricks and mortar!

I must say that being back in bricks and mortar was a little strange. Not having to worry about the water running out whilst having a shower is rather lovely! I don't miss having to collect water via the aqua rolls or 5 litre containers either.

Moving the caravan to storage and not living in it will give me the chance to do some repairs that are required.

The floor for some time has needed attention, the front floor between the seats and also at the foot of the bed have started to de-laminate. 

Curable by drilling holes and filling with a type of glue, but impossible to do whilst you are living in it.

A couple of the main lights have given up the ghost and a new water pump will be fitted as the current one is on it's way out.

All these jobs can be done given time.

I have no plans to get rid of the caravan, it will give us a great base to holiday from and perfect for weekends away.

Have I missed the caravan? I guess the only thing I miss is the quiet at night. Living in a field in the country with only owls for company is rather special and unique!

Would I change things? Not at all, I can't remember the last time I was this happy and content.

So for now living in a caravan is at an end.

It has been an emotional journey with many up and downs, 99% of which I have shared with you all.

I run another blog which can be found at  this is where I write about my travels, which I plan to do lot's more of.

This blog, well, not sure where to go from here, I guess as I do the repairs I will update and any trips away. So it will stay active.

Hope you all enjoy the summer with this glorious weather we are having here in the UK.

Till later.....................