Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or Treat - What out here? No Chance!

No trick or treaters for us, RESULT! Last year we had a load of kids with their parents banging on our door demanding sweets! How about reversing it and giving us something instead? And I dont mean a load of flour and eggs or verbal abuse!

No kids here, mind you, I would of been worried if there were! We are not exactly in a high population area! 2 units left today, so we have the site more or less back to ourselves again - ahhh peace!

We went off to buy gas today, as we were running low, just down the road is a camping shop, they sell calorgas in the new lightweight bottles. Now I dont know about you, and maybe this is me being totally ignorant but I hadnt even thought about the fact that a 6kg gas bottle would weigh more than 6kg. It weighs approx 12kg when full! So with two on board thats an extra 12kg on the nose weight! In making our calculations I hadnt given that a thought! Nice bottles though, they even have a little gauge to tell you when they are empty, Ive got a better gauge, its called "M" and it says, "OUT OF GAS"!
Nice Bottle! Different Top (Plastic)

Been meaning to take a picture of this for a while, its our new waste water attachment, 3 into 1. Works well, and is alot easier to use than battling with 3 lengths of hose, which usually resulted in boots full of water, which always had rice in it, even if we hadnt eaten if for weeks! No more wet legs now!

I dont like this getting dark early lark! 5.30pm am Im using a bloody torch! Ive got a little torch that clips onto the peak of my base ball cap, two clips, one broke almost as soon as I got it, but the last one snapped off today! So had to clamp it in my mouth, whilst filling up the aqua roll, then just at the crucial moment, must of bit to hard, it goes off! Not enough hands, good job I had my boots on! The other thing, I was timing how long it took to fill an aqua roll (note to self - get out more and get a hobby you weirdo) for those that are interested it takes 2 mins and 2 secs to fill our 29ltr roll! If my maths are correct thats around 15 litres a min, hey, not bad for a guy that got a grade 5 cse in maths!

Not sure if I have mentioned this but we are also on twitter! I know - how sad can you get! but if you must you can find us at "caravanliving".

Well, roast pork and roast potatoes for dinner tonight, drop of cider is now needed. So on that note, Happy Halloween, even if it is an american custom imported in to our wonderful island!

Till later......

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Office (Awning) Views!

Here I am sat at my desk (fold up table) looking out across the fields, not many folk are able to work like this so feeling a little bit lucky today.

Room With A View! (Office)

Yesterday I saw hen pheasents and horses, today, more pheasents and a herd of cattle!

"M" was at work this morning, and when she got back she headed for bed not feeling 100% which is where she still is. So Ive been left to my own devices, which has entailed more listing of books!

Weather wise a strange day with a mixture of lovely sunshine, then gales and showers! The trees are starting to turn their colours, the ones behind us our starting to look amazing with golden yellows and burnt reds. Must get some photos tomorrow.

Site still full, but havent heard a whisper or seen anyone, it is rather seculded pitches here!

Did you listen to Robert Plant on radio 2 last night? We did and was a bit disappointed with it, didnt really get rocking, a bit too mellow for me Im afraid!

We bought from ebay, a two cord "Minky" retractable 15m washing line, so will be putting it to the test tomorrow! It certainly looks the part! (pics to follow)

Well, off to do some work on the blog, adding to the links that is, so dont forget to have a look at them all.

Till later.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Booked up till Jan 2nd 2011!

Well thats us booked up until Jan 2nd 2011 - A bit organised for us! After our 28 maxed out days here we are off back down to the otherside of Ringwood for 3 weeks, then back here until just before Christmas. Christmas week at inlaws, then over to Manston and the plough for New Years eve, then, well we can worry about that later....

Been busy back at Shaston the last few days, and next week even busier, as we are getting the Christmas listings ready, so back up there 4 days next week!

The camp site here is full! 5 units, thats the first time Ive seen it full in ages! Shame they didnt bring decent weather with them, its raining at the moment, all though the wind has died down a bit.

Sat here in my office (awning) this morning looking out across the fields, 4 hen pheasents walked by, I could of lent out and caught one, if I had been quick enough!

I like the joke about them, "A rather rich gentleman climbs out of his range rover, walks in a country pub, orders his drink, gulps it down and says "I needed that, just hit a peasant", the barman says dont you mean a pheasent, "No" he says, "he was riding a bicycle"!

Then a little later on 8 shetland ponies got out of their field and were walking around the caravan! Eventually rounded up by their owners and herded back to their field. Stubborn little things!

Other than that, and tapping keys all day, a quiet day! China dog has been sleeping, as the last two days she has been with me back at Shaston and is far to nosey to sleep!

Dont forget the clocks go back this weekend! Not looking forward to the dark evenings, grim!

No plans for the weekend, "M" is working in the morning (Saturday), so ill be tapping keys no doubt!

Everything is OK with the van, awning doing what it should do, so all in all, we are happy campers!

Heard today, that gas prices are going up by 9.5%, not good for the bricks and mortar brigade, thankfully, that does not include us anymore! (hee hee) Im sure the bottles will go up, but as we dont use that much it wont make a great deal of difference.

Robert Plant in concert on Radio 2 tonight, so cider will be flowing! Should be a good gig!

Walked past our old house yesterday, new people in their now, it felt a little strange, I wonder if they will play their music as loud as we used to! Doubt it! We had some good parties at the house, our last major party was last News Years Eve, lots of people, lots of drink, tons of food, and raspberry merrangue nests smonged all up the walls!

Anyway, enough from me, have a good weekend folks.

Till later..........

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wild & Windy! & What Vehicles We Have

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, plenty of rain and the awning is billowing a bit!

We were just saying that the site we are currently on is a bit quiet when two new arrivals turned up, not that it makes any difference to us, we cant see anyone where we are!

We have everything more or less planned upto and including New Years Eve! Christmas we are spending 7 nights in "M"s Mums, partners 1 acre garden, then on New Years Eve we are off to the Plough at Manston, with our good friend Mr Gulliver. Over the years we have spent many a New Years Eve night together, one of the most memorable ones was in Scotland where at one point after copious amounts of cider we both climbed onto the tables and dropped our trousers when they played "Flower of Scotland" Still to this day, not sure how we managed to walk out and not be carried out on a stretcher and into the back of a waiting ambulance! Do we look that scarey?

This year at the Plough, its an Oriental themed night, with a buffet at a cost of £30 - £35 per head, a tad steep? If it was £20 I might of been tempted, but the last thing you need is to spend that sort of money and in the morning not remember even eating it! The site is £12.00 including ehu so not too bad.

Ok, vehicles, we run two vehicles, a V reg 3 door Freelander, which does the job, but a little gutless, but, it goes well, and hasnt caused us too many problems. We took out a warranty with the AA, basically, it pays out the first £500 to cover any repairs. So far since we have had the freelander, we have used it twice, once as the head gasket went, which used up the £500 and a little extra, then the hydraulics went, so its been worth everypenny of the £30 we pay a month for it. If you have an older vehicle then bits are going to drop off, so this to us was a wise and sound investment.

The other vehicle is a Fiat 500 1.4 sport, I originally bought it as I was a driving instructor, its still got the dual controls fitted. But I havent taught now since last Christmas, its just not a viable business any more. I love the car though, it goes like a rocket, and holds the road amazingly well, however, over rough roads, your fillings get shook out, as its got a tight suspension set up and 16" low profile tyres. We are thinking of getting rid of it, as its no longer any good for what we want. When I first bought it, other 500 drivers used to wave at you, but now its getting more popular there is less waving, which is a bit of a shame! Not many sports out there though, most seem to go for the fuel efficient 1.0 or 1.2, all though we can still get 45mpg taking things easy.

We have been looking at double cab pickups, not sure which model to go for, I like the Mitsubushis, but the Isuzus are also good value for money. So we shall see what happens.

Well its home made meatballs with a rich and herby tomato sauce tonight, so Im off!!

Till later..........

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Bit About Us! & 60th Night!

A quiet and relaxing weekend, we have just chilled out, tapped keys, and done the washing!

So I thought it would be a good time for you to find out a little bit more about us!

Im 43, joined the army straight from school, in fact I had my 16th birthday in the army! Not many folk can say that in this day and age, after spending 7 years doing my bit, left and worked within the electronics industry, then left for the unknown and uncertain world of sales, ended up as a National Sales Manager, so didnt do too bad out of it, if you dont count the failed marriage, of which there has been two!

One lovely daughter, aged 16, who thinks she's 21 who lives with her mother up north.

Spent time living in Germany, and 6 years up in Scotland, but my home town is Shaftesbury, or Shaston as Mr Hardy would say. Its where they made the hovis advert of the boy going down the cobbled hill on a bike!

"M" is 44, with two kids, aged 24 and 22, she hails from the New Forest area. We met via the internet! Yes, we did, and it does work!

We have been together now for 2 1/2 years, little did she know that 2 1/2 years later she would be living in a caravan! Much to her mothers disgust! Ah well!

We both enjoy walking, especially if its towards a pub, reading which we do alot of, as neither of us watch tv, so soaps, x factor and come dancing are all alien to us! So many things to do, how can people justify watching hours of tv, life is too short to be stuck in front of a box of other peoples pictures!

We both enjoy a drink, "M" likes her red wine, and Im a cider & gin drinker, some times at the same time, but havent done that for a while, good ole days!

Music, any combination of Blues, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison, Jools Holland etc, Oh, and its got to be played loud!

Nearly forgot "China Dog"! A Chihuahua and Corgi cross, yep strange combination, yep, strange dog! But she is lovely, we got her from a rescue centre, she came over from Ireland and Dorset Dog Rescue. She is with me all the time, she is never left anywhere, except in the car when we go shopping, or out for a meal. She is part of the deal, and a big part of our lives. Hence all the pictures of her, she seems to always get in them!

Our reasons behind doing this, are fairly simple. Fed up with lining others pockets, as we were renting, we always found that we had just enough money to go around, but that was it. No spare, for luxuries, or for our future!

We have a plan/goal, what ever you like to call it, where we buy land, and open a camp site of our own. Where this is we have no idea, it may not even be in this country, but that is the plan. We are not in a position to buy land, I dont see the point in renting it, and Im certainly not going to borrow the money to buy land. So by living in the caravan, we can save money which will eventually fund out future, which will also give us an income in our retirement, as we cruise around Europe in our motorhome!

The money we save by not living in a traditional bricks and mortar dwelling is amazing, no water, gas, electricity, council tax bills to pay, just our site fees which we have capped at £10.00 per night and a 6Kg bottle of propane every 21-24 days at £19.00. Ok, we have bought a caravan, and there are insurance/service fees with that, but all this added together comes no where near the £1200+ we were spending a month to keep a roof over our heads! In fact we are only looking at around half that!

This is our 60th night under tin, all is well, we are still enjoying the experience, Im sure we still have alot to learn, but we feel as if we are totally on top of the situation. Nothing yet, has made us wonder what the heck we are doing!

A hard winter is forecast, who knows what problems that will bring, but we are aware of the potential problems that face us, in fact Im rather looking forward to the challenge!

So there you have a quick snap shot of us, Im sure some folk think we are mad doing what we are doing, but there seems to be an increasing amount of people who wish they were doing what we are doing, which is rather nice in a way, but sad, that they feel they cant! All though if we had dependents then this would not be an easy way to live. As its just the two of us and a dog, then all relatively simple.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, and dont be afraid to leave comments, we would love to have more feedback from you.

Lampchops and roast potatoes for tea, so thats it for now.

Till later..............

Friday, 22 October 2010

Survived the cold snap!

Thursday morning registered -5 on the car thermometer! Its a bit early in the year for these types of temperatures! Nothing froze up, so no probs as a result of the drop in temperature.

Spent the day in Shaston, then back to the van, I havent got to go any where till next weds, brought back plenty of books to sort and list!

Friday - Its been lovely and sunny for most of the day, but gets nippy when the sun goes behind a cloud.

We also had an influx of ladybirds! I stopped counting when I got to 30! Where did they all come from? It was like sitting in a zoo vivarium! Also some back to front ladybirds, that are black with red spots, whats all that about?

Nothing planned for the weekend, Im going to attempt to clean out the Landrover as its a bit of a tip, other than that and listing books, nothing happening.

We recieved in the post the new brochure from Lunar, we have our eye on the new Lunar Delta TI - but the thing we noticed was all though amazing layout, bits and bobs etc, why do they use such light coloured material! Your on a campsite, with wet grass, mud, etc. Not to mention kids and dogs, and there they go with light brown/cream covers! Perhaps we are just not posh enough to own one. Maybe Lunar owners only camp in the dry, and on hard standing, hooked up to full service pitches, with maid and butler services!? Shame they cant design or use a colour for us normal people who do get muddy when refilling the aqua rolls and have dogs!

Only thing we need to do is try and sort out New Years Eve! We have a loose plan, its just trying to get all the pieces and people together, (Herbie/Jo/Gully)!?

News on Kev, he is with it and talking, but at this stage not is sure if its the drugs or something worse, as he has moments of aggression, and has even tried to get out of bed! Out of intensive care, but in a high dependency ward, so thats progress. Long way still to go....

Well, wont rattle on for the sake of it.

Till later.......

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Woke this morning to a four legged hotwater bottle in the small of my back, as "M" was living it up in a hotel in Warwick, I let China dog sleep on the bed!

Looked out, even though it was dark, you could just see the sun rising, I could see the sky was clear. What I hadnt bargained for was the frost. The rear door of the Freelander had frozen shut, and the left hand window wouldnt go down!

No probs Ive got a tin of de-icer that Ive been carting around since last summer in the door pocket, bloody empty! So out with the scrapper, old fashion style, heater on full blast and it soon thawed out. I once new a Major, whilst in Germany, who decided to clear his windscreen by chipping it off with a hammer! Yep, cracked screen! I was supposed to look up to this guy, for leadership, and guidance! Nope, I would of had him bound, gagged and locked in the back of a Landrover for his own protection if anything kicked off!

Anyway, a lovely fresh start to the day, a quick walk around the top of Wingreen - Bracing to say the least. Took a couple of photographs.

Sunrise looking towards Isle of Wight

Looking towards Shaston

Directional Stone
Spent the day the day tapping keys, and on the way home, as I drove up the track to the campsite, spotted the Deer in the field next to me. It stopped and looked at me whilst I got the shot, had a nibble and bounded off!
A good clean shot here, shame it wasnt double barrelled! Sunday lunch would of been special!
Other wildlife that we have seen so far, has been another deer, a heron, bats, grey squirrels, mole hills and I saw a black cat last night! We have also heard screeching owls, well, we hope its a screeching owl, if it isnt I dont want to know what it is! (just got up and locked the door)!

I did come across another furry object whilst out walking China, tucked in the hedge looked like a dead badger, it was small, but as it was wet the fur didnt look right, it didnt look matted or anything like that, so I got a stick, and being the brave person that I am poked it. It didnt move, so a better poke resulted in turning it over to reveal a cuddly bear!
Little fella, hiding in the woods!
BIG NEWS Kev is making really good progress, he is responding well to questions, and squeezing hands, his eyes follow you around, and he returned Justines kiss as best as he could! So still along way to go, but we are heading down the right road!

"M" had a few scares in her haunted hotel last night, she said she heard planks of wood being moved at 3.30am this morning, and when she got hot in the night and threw the covers off, she said she heard a mmm, mmmmmm come from the bathroom. She pulled the covers back over quickly. Must of been a ghostly builder! Had a few strange noises in the van myself last night, but I put that down to the lentil soup I had for lunch!

On that note - possibly a B flat Ill leave things for now

Till later.......

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Emptying The Loo - STOP Eating Now!

Well, I thought it about time I showed you the worst thing about living in a caravan!

So if your eating anything such as chocolate, fudge or choco ice cream - look away now - No, its ok, really, not a single Jobbie in sight, so you will be ok!

Loads of pictures, and a step by step guide, due to the fact that not all campers have a cassette toilet, and those non campers may not have a clue about what we are talking about, especially if you remember the C90's that played music and so wondering how you go about using one of those to have a mooter!

OK, the first picture is of the door, which is lockable, I guess as the cassettes are expensive to replace, either that or there are some turd burglers around! Havent met any yet, no, tell a lie - but thats another story!

This is a cassette, where all your No1's and No2's end up, it slots in and is held in place with a locking mechanism. Its also high tech as when it gets full a light comes on up in the toilet!

Below is the charriot, which is a very handy bit of kit, firstly when the cassette is full, you are probably looking at 20Kg of sloshing sludge, and kept at arms length, you would need to be a Female Chinese Weightlifter on steriods to carry that upto the pit! The charriot was bought from ebay (where else) for £18.00 delivered - Bargain!

Below - The cassette, and the little sliding cover, which I dropped down the pit at Christchurch camp site, now I always take it off, as you dont want to be doing that too often!

Here we have a raised, CDP, Chemical Disposal Point! The raised ones are the best as you dont have to bend down as much, ie, get close to it! Also this has a little hatch that it all slides down, rather than just a drain cover and a long drop. With this type you dont get so much splash back, which is something you really dont want to happen. As a precaution I always keep my mouth closed! (you may gagg at this point)! I like the roof tile which is used as a lid! I always use a twig to lift it off, dont fancy holding the rope!

Once the nozzel has been swivelled out, your ready to go! It normally takes at least 3 goes/rinses to get the lot out, depending on whats inside, and of course how much!

Once your back at the van, its time to add the blue liquid, we buy ours from ebay from caravan essentials, I forget the price, but its cheap, its good, and it smells of bubble gum. What this stuff is supposed to do is break down everything to make it easier to come out of the nozzle, and at the same time, break down any bacteria. I go by the glug method of filling, a few glugs of this stuff does the trick.

Slot it back in, and your ready to go - literally!

Then, a quick top up of the top tank, this is where your flush comes from, we also add some pink liquid to it, its a disinfectant and makes everything smell nice, it holds around 5 litres in the tank.

And there you have it! Wasnt that fun!

"M" is away tonight, up in Warwick staying at a reputedly haunted hotel! She is up there on a course. So Im home alone tonight, cant get upto alot of mischief, got to drive to Shaston in the morning, so no boozy night for me.

China dog, decided that today was the day when she would learn how to dig! Her paws looked liked two paddles, totally clogged up with mud!
OK, Ive been digging this hole, its over there, you should see it!
Ill just go and jump on the bed now if thats OK?

Yep, thats my hole!
This evening, a collection of "Giles" cartoon books are up for sale starting at 2100 hrs, dating back to the mid 1960's upto the mid 1980's. So if your a "Giles" fan take a look by clicking on my ebay link over on the right, and you should find them, feel free to make me an offer!

Came across these this morning, edible?? I know what a field mushroom looks like, and also chicken of the wood, but this escapes me, and as Im out in the middle of no where, there is no way Im taking a chance! They look good though!

Back to Shaston tomorrow, 2 days of work, so it will be an early night for me I reckon, Hot Chocolate and my book - Rock n Roll!

Till later.....

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cider & Stuffed Chillis!

After all the hard work yesterday of moving, and the cider stock being somewhat depleted, we thought we had better head out for resuplies.

We decided to go to Lidls, not a place we normally shop in, but thought we would give it a go.

Managed to find a load of good value items, but no Blackthorn! Now on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being tragic and counselling required. I hit a 10! So decided that I would have to try the only available ones there. This happened to be called Woodgate Dry Cider at 5.3%, I also bought a bottle of white cider called Scimitar! at 7.5%, the reason for this extra kick cider was if the woodgate was terrible by the time I had drunk the Scimitar I would of forgotten about the woodgate, so there was a method to my madness!

As it turned out, the woodgate was a very good drink indeed and enjoyed greatly, which is more than can be said for the Scimitar, but I struggled on hoping it may get better, which it did!

We, or I should say, I, found some red chillies stuffed with soft Greek cheese, these were lush, and only £1.29 and very tastie, "M" not really into very hot/spicy food! This did mean of course that could eat all of them, which I did!

Woke a little groggy this morning, the sun was up, and we both set about the washing, I was in charge of water and "M" the loading, all though I did have a few goes with the spinning!

We got loads done, and dried it all out on the airers and using 2 bungys strung from the awning to a hedge!

I also managed to get a load of books ready and uploaded to ebay, they start tonight just after 2100hrs, 2116hrs to be precise! And got a box full of books photographed, ready for tomorrows listing.

So all in all, a productive day, and "M"s Mum and partner Rob turned up for a cuppa, they also took away a large bag of heavy washing (things that wouldnt of gone into our little machine) I asked her if she could come back again in a fortnight as we would have some more by then, Cheeky *!?/* I heard her say!

China dog is worn out, as she hasnt slept today, currently curled up by "M"s feet.

Just waiting for our beef and ale stew to cook in the slow cooker! Then an early night!

Temperature has dropped, not sure if tomorrow morning will bring our first frost of the year?

Till later....

Saturday, 16 October 2010

10th Move! Legs Up - Off We Go Again!

This is our 10th move today, and we have just hit the milestone of the 50th consecutive night under tin!

So time for reflection, so far, nothing untoward has happened, we havent been swept away, or frozen, starved or attacked by wolves! The only problem we have had is putting up the awning, but that is due to operator error, and not really the fault of the awning.

Its been fairly dry, so far, not alot of rain to get wet in whilst waiting for the aqua rolls to fill, or emptying the cassette, which is by far the most unpleasent job I have to do, but after spending a number of years serving Her Majesty and working in some very unpleasant conditions, this put into context is childs play!

Living out in the country with no light polution is a joy on a clear night, the peace and quiet is amazing and very calming. Ive found it personally a calmer way of living, even with the travelling.

Looking out across fields, and feeling part of the environment is wonderful.

So after 50+ nights have we made the right choice? YES, so far so good. Of course winter has not set in yet, but we have an amazing heater on board, plenty of room (with the awning) and most of all we have a positive attitude which will get us through when and if the going gets tougher.

A quick hello goes out to Herbie who is currently working hard in Las Vegas! But found time to leave us a comment! That means we have now gone officially International! Herbie used to be our neighbour in Shaston!
Well better get on - got to get everything stowed away, and the dog walked! Will write more once settled in this evening!

Legs up!

But first, the news: The House of Commons was sealed off today after police chased an escaped lunatic through the front door during Prime Minister's question time. A spokesman at Scotland Yard said it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I liked that one, nicked from the two ronnies, one of my all time favourite shows.

Legs Down!

Settled in, back in our old spot that we left just 6 days ago! Got the awning up in record time, and both cars emptied out, we dont half carry some gear about with us. The awning is now set up with tumble dryer, airers, washing machine, coat rack, shelving unit, and rugs laid on the floor.

Also getting a good broadband signal, so very happy!

Just about to take some pictures of books, ready to add to turbo lister, then uploaded to ebay. Should have just over 30 books going up tomorrow, then flat out mon and tues, to try and get another 60 up before weds!

Just before I left the last site, which I must say was a very good site indeed, it was called Upper Kingston Farm just out-side of Ringwood, a little 5 pitch site. Highly recommended, but Im afraid its closed between Nov and March as the field apparently gets rather wet during the winter. Will be looking forward to going back there in the new year! Sorry I went off on a tangent! I was saying just before I left I took a picture of the caravan hooked up, and measured it, 12 metres long which is approx 36 feet in old money! Thats long! Put that into context, an articulated lorry trailer is 40 foot long!

Now thats what I call a long one!
  Finally, last nights sunset was rather good!

Till later...... 

Friday, 15 October 2010

A Walk Into Ringwood!

Took a stroll into Ringwood late this afternoon to meet "M" from work again, thought Id take the camera just in case!

First place I came across was the Ringwood Brewery, a number of good ales produced by this brewer. Had a major session on Ringwood 49er I think once.

A few years back we went to Rhinfield House Hotel in the New Forest for a friends 40th Birthday meal (Cheers Gully). Not being a great lover of wine, decided that the only thing worth drinking was ale, they had ringwood but only in bottle form. As the evening wore on, each time a waitress came near me I would ask for another, but it did get to the stage where the waitress ended up asking me if I was sure? what do you mean am I sure?, Well, Sir, was her reply, you have all ready drunk a case by yourself, so just checking! Then every bottle afterwards I was asked the same question! Then at breakfast I ordered coffee, and the same waitress asked if I was sure, to much merryment of those around me! It was a good night, rather expensive, and was hung over the next day, but if I wasnt I would of wanted my money back!

Home of Old Thumper
  Ringwood is a historic market town which still has a thriving market on a wednesday up through the main street (Market Place). It is here on West Street that that after the battle of Sedgemoor the Duke of Monmouth on his escape was given away in Horton and brought to this house, before he was sent to London and beheaded!

All though a severe punishment, I reckon they had things right in those days, I would like to see the stocks put back into place, so all those theiving scum bags that are caught can have rotten cabbages, and worse thrown at them!

A few pictures of West Street, and Market Place, also St Peters Church.
Market Place

West Street

St Peters Church
Walked down to the river Avon, two views, one that hasnt really changed for many, many years, the other of the dual carriageway, taken from the same bridge, but from either side!

They call this progress! Looks like it as well! I hope the bridge designer is proud of this!

Back at the van "M" cooking home made meatballs with a thick tomato sauce, with tagliatelle paglia e fieno no less! Nothing out of a jar or packet in this caravan! Its smelling very good, so time for the 2nd can of Blackthorn, part of my Government 5 a day! So perfectly acceptable and a healthy option, its made from apples isnt it!?

Kids if your reading this, if you dont want to end up portly like my good self, totally disregard anything I say and go google "disney"

We move tomorrow! Got to brave emptying the cassette tomorrow, oh I cant wait for that job. I reckon I should take some pictures for all you non cassette emptying campers and followers, so you can see what I have to contend with! Just be thankfull scratch and sniff isnt available yet!

On that note, till later............

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Picture Catch Up!

Ive found the camera lead, so a load of pictures from over the last few days!

We we wondering why China was sniffing around in one place in the awning, next day we found this little chap!
Ugly little fella - Toad or Frog?
Our friend Julie came down to stay the night, it was the first time that we had pulled out the front bed! It was massive!
Big Bed For A Little Dog!
When we moved and took down the awning I had to fit the tumble dryer and the washing machine into the back of the Freelander, it fitted perfectly, almost as if it was made for it. Do you think Land Rover will take up the design feature and call it the Wash It All Rover?

Wash It All Rover!
No real change on Kev, stable is all they are saying, so not sure if thats good or bad! Long process. His wife Justine did supply us with some home made Raspberry Jam, and I must say it is amazing!
I like a bit of toast with my jam!
The site that we are currently on is a grave-yard for old tractors, all though some of the tractors Ive actually seen being driven!
Going No Where!

Oh Ive Got A Brand New Combine Harvester And Ill Give You The Key! Reply - Keep it!

Going Underground

This one actually works and Ive seen it on the road!

Gone To Seed!

Road Worthy!
A motley collection of Tractors! I thought they were all scrappers with maybe the one above being moveable, the one I saw going, did pump out copious amounts of white fumes and the exhaust had to put back on with the use of a large hammer! As on starting it up it blew it off!

China Dog - Enjoying The Last Of The Summer Sun!

Is this the last of the summer sunsets?

Well, thats the last of the pictures for now, we move again on Saturday, back to where we have just come from - thats another week gone and tonight (Thursday) is our 50th consecutive night!

Time sure does fly when your having fun!

Till later.........