Sunday, 10 June 2012

How Much Does It Cost To Live In A Caravan

I  have been asked on more than one occasion exactly how much does it cost to live in our caravan on a full time basis.

This is just a rough guide to what you could expect to pay living the same way we do, which is 100% legal and complying with all rules and regulations that we are aware of.

At this point I would like to state that the purchase cost of the caravan is not included or any associated equipment.

Site Fees: These vary from site to site depending on the level of facilities that you require.

We always go for the small 5 site only pitches, these tend to have less facilities but that is the way we like it. Our budget for site fee's this year is £14.00 per night which would include electric hookup.

Our current site is in the heart of the New Forest and it has a shower and a loo and we are paying £13.00 per night. No extras for dogs, cars or awnings!

Considering our location this is a good price, we also know of another site really close that only charges £10.00 per night including electric but it has no shower or loo's.

So these sites are around, you just have to do a bit of research.

We use on average one 6kg bottle of propane every 30 days at a rough price of £24.00

Insurance for our caravan is roughly £300.00 a year.

That my fellow tin can tuggers is about it!

So you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out the savings.

Living in bricks and mortar (we were renting) including all bills associated with the house was costing us £1200.00 plus per month.

I make it that our running costs this month have been £439.00 a saving of over £761.00 !!

Now if you still think we are mad then you had better have a reality check yourself!

I will be totally honest, the way that 2011 went for us financially, we would not of been able to afford to live in our old house. We would of had to of been evicted to gain any sort of housing help.

This way we have still kept our dignity, and had a reasonable standard of living as well.

Living in a caravan is no chore at all, well not for us. Everyone is different, it will work for some and not for others.

But before you dismiss the idea as barking mad, take a good look at your surroundings and where you live. Are you 100% happy?

Would you like to wake up and here bird song, live in a totally relaxing atmosphere, have a lawn that requires no mowing by yourself? The variety of living in different area's and the fun of finding out new places to eat, drink and visit. If you don't like your neighbors, you have two choices, you can move yourself or be safe in the knowledge that they will be gone in 2 weeks of less!

These are just some of the many benefits to living the way we do.

Of course, if you have read this blog from the beginning you will of seen that it is not all plain sailing, but of course nor is living in a house!

I hope that helps, but if you have any questions, no matter how daft please feel free to email me and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Till later.........................


  1. The only things I'd add to that are essential fuel and maintenance... you need to run a larger car than strictly necessary (rather than rely on the bike/bus/train) and also the caravan needs maintaining... servicing (£150-£300 per year) and repairs and renewals... I find that things wear out quicker simply because a) they are designed for lighter use than we are giving them, and b) in such a small space, things will get used more than in a larger house. So I would add another £500 for stuff such as upholstery/appliance renewal. In my Sterling Eccles I got through two mattresses and three fridges... :-/

    1. We were running 4x4's before the caravan so no change for us on that and to be honest we never set aside money for repairs/maintenance when living in bricks and mortar and that hasn't changed for us either!
      Andrew - you must of been jumping on your bed! Our mattress is still going strong and I'm a big lad! All equipment working fine (fingers now crossed)!

  2. Great Blog! We would do this tomorrow but I'm not sure the kids would adapt to this nomadic lifestyle easily. We will have to wait until they are older, until then we will just enjoy our caravan holidays and pretend!

  3. My father is considering purchasing a static caravan in a caravan park and renting his home out. The main reason being, due to him and my mother divorcing he would be paying his mortgage until he is 65. He has had a quick look at figures, and will be saving himself a couple of hundred pound per month, which he then hopes to pay off his motgage. He is still very undecided and is still doing his research. Any advice???

    1. Dont forget with a static on a site there are fee's. Site Maintenance Charges, utility fee's, Council tax and dont forget that not all sites allow you to live in it full time, you can stay for upto 10 months of the year, so please check all paperwork and conditions!

    2. Thanks for the reply. He is doing his research and I know he has taken all these into account. To start off he is looking to spend just £15k approx, and then if he enjoys he will upgrade. The one he has looked at does not have central heating or double glazing, although he has a friend who purchased the same starting off and says it didnt bother him. He invested in an oil filled radiator and was fine! You seem to be enjoying yourselves living in a caravan, I just hope he does too.

  4. My girlfriend and I are planning to buy a very good and comfortable caravan and make it our home. We also intend traveling across Europe throughout the year, all seasons. This is a major change from our previous life, where we lived in apartments and houses. We got to the stage in our lives when we want a total change, seeing new places in different countries, meeting the local people and trying to learn how they live within their own culture.

    We're very excited about our plan but we have to wait for a while until this can materialize. We both love to travel and experience different life styles. In addition to English I speak French and Italian. Does anyone out there have a similar experience? We'd love to hear what anyone thinks about our future life style, what are the drawbacks as well as the pluses, and would appreciate any comment whatsoever you might have.

  5. The weather never bothers me,but i would hate to be forced to wear gloves & a coat in a static caravan.I have never been able to buy a house & not been happy with the places i rent.I have found a caravan on a site that is aimed at people who want to make it their home & near a beach as well.I just need to get the monet to buy it 7 a job to pay for my month expenses!

  6. hello i am from spain and my english is van.i write to you because i want to live for one year in edinburg and i need help.i have a camper van.but i need know the cheapest way to live legal in it.thank you and thanks

  7. Im Currently living in my parents 'family' caravan (Bailey Senitor Carolina 6 Series 6 Birth)
    Its lovely.
    But when my Fiance and i get married in April 2014 my parents will upgrade their caravan and we will be staying in a double bedded 6 birth version.
    Saves us lots of moeny and we will be able to buy someware sooner than if we rented.
    I am a teacher and he is studying for a PHD. The weather in the winter can be cold but blankets, fire and snuggling up makes it warmer:)

  8. Wow thank you so much I am so inspired. I have been homeless and in insecure housing for the last year or more and I am so fed up with moving around and sleeping on other people's sofas. I want the freedom to be able to explore the UK and Europe. I am going to do it!

    Happy Camping Folks :)

  9. Hi, I am single mum and tired of paying so much for my bills with having little money to spend experiencing things with them .I work really hard and just want to have a bit more time for them.They love the outdoors and think theey would love living in a caravan. However I don't want to be moving all over.Can we swop between parks every 28 days that are close to each other? Also where could I find more info about how to do this?
    Thank you

  10. I thought it was really helpful. Living in a caravan also sounds like it could be an adventure. What type of caravan would you recommend getting if you're considering living in it full time?

  11. Hi Guys ,
    Coming from another angle,,,
    The "Little House" "Small House" living movements aroubd the world looks
    to be a good option (Build your Own ) ,for more fixed location / towing living ?

    To make this life more affordable (and Legal) ? Non-profitt sites will need to be availble ,
    or like mided Co-Ops/Groups might be needed ?
    Happy Days Dr. D

  12. Hello there, I'm curious to know, are you still new forest bound and living in a caravan? What are the average prices there a day for hookup electric, no shower needed nowadays?? A few years have passed and I'm trying to figure out if my lady is ripping me off.
    Many thanks

    Ps. Absolutely loving the caravan life.. 2 years of bliss :)

  13. Is there anywhere in the new forest you can t stay permenatly as we're planing to move down that way but want to find a permenant site to stay on thanks in advance