Thursday, 23 August 2012

August Bank Holiday

So the big question is - What will the weather do this coming weekend?

The forecast is for heavy rain and gales, perfect for camping! The site is expected to be full up, which means loads of mud in the loo and shower! Not too sure how it gets in there, as even on a dry day like today the floor of the loo was covered in mud!

As experienced caravanners, we always took care to leave the loo's or shower's where ever we were pitched in a clean and tidy manner.

I can only assume that some of these campers live like animals at home and really don't give two hoots what they do on holiday!

Which brings me on to recycling. We have three bins here, clearly marked:

1: General Waste
2: Glass Only
3: Paper Plastic Tin Cans

Now how simple is that? Beyond the capabilities of most, as I spend too much time picking plastic out of the General Waste bin, bottles out of the Paper bin and General Waste out of the Glass bin, including a shitty nappy thrown in loose!

Oh well, you can't educate Pork!

I'm working all weekend, including Sunday and the Bank Holiday Monday. Next day off is the following Sunday! I'm taking it whilst it's going, we could certainly do with the extra money so I for one am certainly not complaining about it.

As far as the job is going, it's great, with a good bunch to work with, the routes are varied and I get to see the sea nearly every day.

Such a relief not having to drive for an hour just to get to work, my fuel bill has gone from £60 per week to just £10 per week! That in it's self is a big saving.

So how many of you are going away? I hope most of you will be!

Well, off to do battle around Tesco's in a bit as soon as "M" get's home, I've done the rubbish, the loo's and showers. An early finish for me today, but a 0600hrs start tomorrow morning.

Till later.......................


  1. Are you still blogging ?

  2. I hope so, but he sometimes goes off radar for a few weeks if things are not going too great.

  3. I've been checking for an update every night too, hope everythings ok, this is a long time without a post.