Saturday, 18 August 2012

Flat Packed Fun!

We recently went to IKEA is Southampton to buy another stainless steel worktop unit with a cupboard/draw unit to go with the two others we all ready have in our kitchen. The kitchen sink is of the same design (see here) and next to it we have the same as above.

Of course it came flat packed! One of the benefits from my point of view of "Living In A Caravan" is no bloody flat packed furniture to construct.

So I now find myself assembling the unit with the help of "M" and "China". Eventually we got it all up and running and it does look pretty good.

But why does everything seem to arrive where by you have to assemble it? We bought a new hoover yesterday, a VAX Power 8 Pet. Even this I had to slot together and it came with 3 screws I had to secure bits on with!

Don't even get me started on packaging! Why does everything need to be put into individual plastic bags? The hoover had around a dozen individual components which slotted on, why does a little brush adapter need to be bagged. It's going to be pushed into all manner of dark and dirty places when in use, do they think it's going to get manky secured in a box on its way from the manufacturer to our homes?

 In these times of trying to save money and being environmentally friendly, I think manufacturers should take a hard look at the way products are delivered and ask themselves how they can cut down on all this unnecessary packaging.

It's just the same when we go food shopping, we come home, and unpack and peel layer after layer of paper and plastic off of our items. A complete waste of resource and money.

Most of it can be recycled,  we do our bit, but a lot of it you can do nothing with. A crime in my eyes as all it does is fill up landfill sites, at some stage this planet will become full up!

I never had myself down as a "Save Our Planet" veg loving hippy, but something has to be done  soon or we will suffocate in a sea of plastic milk bottle lids and yogurt pots!

Till later...................

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  1. You have got it right. Our world has just too much packaging in it. It drives me crazy too.