Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Return To Shaftesbury - Briefly!

Saturday, I much to "M"s dismay I worked, not usually a problem but we were due to be at a wedding reception back at Shaftesbury, a good hours drive away.

We were going to stay over as the last time I went to a party at the same venue I woke in a middle of a field in a duvet! So driving home was not an option.

Taking the caravan was also not a good idea as the journey from Lymington to Shaftesbury is 50 miles of winding lanes. So the seats in the Pajero were laid down, the reclining chair cushions laid in, with a duvet to lie on and one to cover us. It was very comfy. The vast amount of cider consumed obviously helped!

The journey up took us 45 mins, it certainly gave the Pajero a good clear out! It is not usually given such harsh treatment, but "M" says it drives better as a result of it!

Several of us were camping, and thanks goes to Sharron and Thomas for providing brews, not that I remember the one we had around 0230hrs!

The wedding reception was brilliant, being held in a barn, with lots of friends that we haven't seen in ages. All in all a very good evening was had.

Team GB

Now none of us can escape the fact that the Olympics have been held in Great Britain. I for one am now glad that it is over!

The reason for this is that I find myself getting rather emotional and have found myself shedding the occasional tear! When I say occasional, what I really mean to say is, every time we win a medal, every time I saw another athlete weep regardless of nationality, every time our National Anthem is played and those constant reruns that the BBC do of the best bits always do me in! Don't even mention the interviews of the winners and losers!

Years ago I used to pride myself on the fact that nothing really moved me, I've seen and done things that now I would be a complete mess if I had to encounter them again.

Funny as you get older how certain things change your outlook.

These last two weeks have been brilliant for sport, not only in this country but world wide, I just hope that we can build on this and encourage youngsters to do more sport instead of roaming around in packs causing trouble.

Too many athletes to mention, but my favourite images of these games is of Mo Farrah winning not only the 5000m but the 10,000m his look is just priceless as he crosses the line. Closely followed by the Dominican Republic gold medal winner who sobbed his heart out as his National Anthem was played.

So before I get emotional again Ill finish off.

Till later..................


  1. You are so right, the Olympics have been great to watch. And nothing gets better than hearing your very own country's National Anthem being played.

  2. I so enjoy the olympics. I cringe when anyone's athlete falters. So much hard work goes into preparing ... you hate to see anyone not do their very best.