Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C Is for Caravan - What Else?

A - Z Challenge 2012

C is for Caravan

Well, what else could I really write about!

We live in our caravan on a full time basis, we decided on this course of action due to their being too much month left at the end of the money!

We were working hard and only just getting by, which is not a good position to be in. Ok, we had a very active social life which involved going out a lot and enjoying ourselves. So we could of cut back on that, but why should we!?

So we decided to sell up, and move into our touring caravan!

We have a Lunar Lexon 640, it has an end island bed, so that we can walk around it and it is permanently made up.

We have a full size shower cubicle on board, and a toilet. Along with a 4 ring gas hob, grill and coooker, fridge, heating and all the other little things you would find in a modern caravan.

That is not our caravan in the link but it is very similar. Ours has a full sized mirror in the loo, and has more carpet than the one shown.

We also have a full size awning that runs the entire length of the caravan.

Now a popular myth is that it is cold and damp - Total and utter rubbish, if you do suffer from these you are doing something wrong!

This winter we have seen temperatures down to -11.5 and I can easily sit in shorts and T-shirt with our inside temperature averaging around 21 degrees. Now not many people's houses are that warm!

Since starting to write this blog we have helped (we hope) many people to take the plunge and go for it. We certainly have no regrets and enjoy the freedom it gives us.

We are currently living in the New Forest area near the South Coast which is a fantastic place to live. 10 minutes of driving and we would be in the sea, and 5 minutes of driving and we would be in the thick of the forest!

We stay on registered camp sites, and work by the 28 day rule, which does mean moving on a regular basis, but with so many wonderful places to stay this is really not a hardship.

Why don't you take a look at some of our earlier posts, to get a real feel for what we are all about.

Till later..........


  1. Hi
    Love the blog. We're going to do this when the kids have left home. Just one question, do you find it easy to insure van for theft as your full timers ?
    Rich from sunny Hull

  2. It actually sounds really heavenly :) I suppose it might be hard to do if you had children, but for singles or retirees, Wow! what a great way to live!

  3. It sounds rather heavenly! I suppose, though, if you had children it wouldn't be as "heavenly." But, for singles or retirees, wow! what a great way to live!

  4. I do love a nice camping trailer, and your's sounds very nice!

  5. You are right - my house wasn't even close to being warm enough this winter! Your caravan seems far more spacious than I would have thought. It sort of sounds like something I'd like to do when i retire!

  6. This is a fun look at this lifestyle. I worked briefly as an RV clerk in Texas. I met tons of wonderful people, who live a similar life to your 28-day rule.

  7. Jools , when you get to "M" could you use that for Money ! You explain what motivated you to go full time caravanning , but has the financial side really worked out ? do you have more spondulas in yer pocket ? I keep thinking about all those caravan fees , i would have been tempted to go rough camping more ! to save dosh , in fact we rarely use a site at blinking £20-£25 a night would be as well booking a premier in ... so how much you reckon you seriosuly saving monthly


  8. As we have a residential address insuring the caravan is not a problem for us.
    Li, one question for you, why wait till you retire? Life is to short to put time frames on things, you may not have good health come retirement! Just a thought!

  9. A writing buddy took off in her camper van for a few years. She sold her house and her and hubby didn't know where they wanted to live, so they toured up and down the country until they decided.

    They had a lot of fun!

  10. Hi, I am currently paying high rental and thinking of buying a caravan and live in it, but I need to know the pitfalls of full time living in a van. I am a single lady with a dog.

    I would love your comments.

    1. I can only suggest you read our blog from start to finish!