Monday, 10 October 2011

The 28 Day Rule For Living In A Caravan Full Time

Peoples attitudes to things they neither understand, nor have dealings with on a regular basis always manage to amaze me, with their lack of judgement and jumping to conclusions making problems where there are none.

I am referring to the 28 day rule, which means that you can stay with the site owners consent on a campsite for 28 consecutive days, at which point you must vacate for at least 48 hrs.

Some sites have a 21 day rule, so obviously this would come into force at the designated time.

Now, one of the reasons why this blog is in place is to show people, that you can legally and I'm now going to say this again "LEGALLY" for the designated period as mentioned above stay on site with the owners consent.

It doesn't matter that you are on holiday, doing the grand tour of the UK, retired or like us, working and not sponging off the Government either by asking to be housed or by claiming benefits! 

We have clearly demonstrated over the last 12 months that it is possible to do, and to be honest with the minimal amount of fuss or hassle.

This blog is designed to tell it how it really is, to show how we do things, which may not be technically right, but it works for us, and if it doesn't we tell all.

I've also tried throughout this blog to show that we act responsibly, care for the environment that we live in and leave such a small carbon foot print that it is negligible. And at all times remain within the rules, regulations and laws that are laid down clearly for all to see.

So imagine my horror when I heard through the grape vine that we have been spoken about as breaking the rules and regulations!

This I found extremely upsetting and my initial reaction is to stop publicly blogging.

We are doing nothing wrong! Or are we? Maybe in some peoples eyes we are? We have nothing to hide, and I'm sure you will agree that we are open, possibly to open. Anyone who has ever emailed us for advice has always got a straight answer.

I am mystified over all of this, and it leaves me feeling somewhat sad to say the least.

I am now unsure as to whether to carry on publicly blogging or not, your views on this would be most welcome!


  1. Keep it going and bollocks to them

  2. I can't see that you are doing anything wrong, I love reading your blog, as long as you know you are doing nothing wrong, then don't worry about what is being said, they have obviously got nothing better to do. Good luck!

  3. Thats terrible! What rules are you meant to have broken?
    I for one love to read your blog posts so would hate you to give them up.
    I am a keen caravaner and go away in it as often as I can at all times of the year. I always feel happiest while away in the caravan but for various reasons cant join the 'full timers'.
    I do hope you find out who the culprit is.... they are probably jealous!

  4. I find your blog very enjoyable and can't imagine what anyone could find in it to complain about!

    You know that you abide by the rules and so do most other people. I think you should ignore the few misguided killjoys and keep going.

    All the very best!

  5. Ignore them all!!

    Keep Blogging Please :-)

  6. Don't stop Blogging! I read your posts regularly and very much enjoy hearing about your activities. Makes a refreshing change from the day to day drudgery many of us have to endure. Pay no attention to whoever these people are, life is too short!

  7. You can never win with some people. If you are doing illegal, you know the rules and abide by them. Keep going... it takes a lot of effort to keep moving every 28 days or so, just because some people cannot believe you do it.. ignore them.

  8. Jools, I know from reading your very first posts that you would have researched everything fully before comitting yourself and 'M' to the life you now lead. If you know the rules and stick to them, and the sites you use are happy for you to be there, then I don't see what anyone has to complain about.

    I love reading your blog and would hate you to give it up just because of some misguided, ill-informed and possibly jealous killjoy(s). Ignore them and keep blogging!

  9. I live in a house that doesn't have any wheels attached Don't have an urge to do so. That said, I look for your blog each day to see if there is any thing new going on. Sure would miss it if you stopped. So I say "BLOG ON AND BUGGER ALL!"

  10. Jools and M,
    I have found in life there are always people who say NO ! Usually rather sad people with no sense of adventure and who just want to stay in their comfortable little box and think every one else should do the same.
    So far as I am aware it matters not why you are staying at a campsite and so long as the owners are happy with you there what's the problem ?
    Keep the blog going please.

  11. sticks and stones.....
    ignore them

  12. Why is that 28-day rule in place? I vaguely recall it was something to do with council tax but why should that be an issue - presumably the site owner pays that and charges you through his site fees?

    Once you're in the public eye (like this blog), you're GUARANTEED to annoy someone - just ignore them.

  13. You're doing nothing wrong, everthing right. People are sadly always suspicious of anything different. Be different and proud! Keep going, I love this blog.

  14. Keep on blogging and living to the 28 day rule, we have caravanned since 1978 and have met many people doing the same as you without any problems.
    It sounds like jealousy to me!

  15. Don,t stop the blog facebook, e/mail then life in the caravan thats my order of the internet. after that it,s crap. Totally respect what you,re doing wish i had the bottle myself. You,re not doing nothing wrong,
    keep up the blog

  16. Don't give up this great blog just because some small-minded individual/s have spoken without first engaging their brains ! You aren't breaking any rules - I've never read a rule stating that your holidays can't last all year !
    Ignore them & carry on ! I'll more than likely be joining you early next year !

  17. Agree with what everyone else as are doing nothing wrong! If the site owners are happy for you to be there, and as you say you are paying your way and not relying on benefits, whats the problem!
    Really enjoy your blog, so just carry on as normal, there are some small minded petty people out there!

  18. some people are so sad i love reading ur blog

  19. Hi I have been following your blog from the beginning.I can't see that you are doing anything wrong? I just wish i was in a position to do it, hopefully in a couple of years when my youngest has sorted himself out i will be doing it.
    Keep doing what your doing and enjoy it.Good luck and i will keep following your blog.

  20. I love your blog. I think what you're doing is wonderful - we did it ourselves for 2 years & loved it - at home and abroad - working and not working. We are currently living in a house and both working & can't wait to do it again hopefully next year when cirumstances allow. We go away in our caravan as much as we can - almost every weekend and holidays sometimes even stay on a site close to work just to get away from the house! Don't let the small minded get to you. I hope the positive comments will encourage you to carry on with your Full Time Living and to carry on with your Blog which is obviously enjoyed by many. Good luck to you both.

  21. The internet is full of amateur know it all lawyers. Just ignore them and carry on with your blog. Don't let the nimbys get you down.

  22. Jools,

    Ignore the keyboard warriors, if you enjoy publishing then don't stop.

    As with everything in life, you can't please everybody! Take it on the chin matey.

    Just remember that there are clearly lots of people reading and enjoying your posts, maybe people should comment more.

  23. Just found this. we also full time in the South in our caravan (since Aug 2010). Will visit often and like you,we are happy with what we are doing and do not need the support of government payouts.We have a couple of places we alternate with and of course our hols site in Cornwall.

  24. just found your blog. have been researching how to live in a caravan all year for some months and am very pleased to find your writings. your info has been invaluable, especially winter issues.
    don't listen to pc wingers whose only opinion is the one given to them by the same people that insist that paracetemol packets require a warning that these tablets 'may contain paracetemol!'
    keep blogging and living as 'you' wish to.

  25. Hi.just to add to other comments.I have a motorhome,that I live in,on a site.I pay storage fees for the year,then pay the daily rate whenever I stay in it.length of time varies,but occasionaly it is 28 days.I then go abroad(if the funds)allow for a week or two.If not enough saved,then I stay in the uk for a week.I have been doing this,due to circumstances,for just over a year.have only just discovered your blog.KEEP AT IT.great work.