Wednesday, 25 February 2015

History Of The Caravan

I was kindly sent the following link, which I found interesting.

It shows a rather shortened and potted history of the humble caravan here in the UK.

So many thanks to Andrew Jenkins (The UK's leading caravan historian) and Salop Leisure for putting this all together and to Luke who sent it over to me!

History of the Caravan
View the full interactive History of the Caravan

8 Places You Can Live In That Are Cheaper Than A House

Recently the "Mirror" ran an article on their website called "8 Places you can live in that are way, way cheaper than a house".

If you click on the link above and read through, we are at No. 6 with a link direct to my blog!

Cool stuff, but I guess they did not read my blog from start to finish to see that my views are not necessarily politically correct!

I'm just grateful for the publicity, especially as I am slack to say the least in writing on here any more.

It is only because I am laid up with a sore back that I am managing to find the time to do all this today.

I'm sure there has been a shortening of time, and hour is 60 mins, but somehow, it is now only 40 mins long!! Does any one else have this problem?

I used to think that I had all the time in the world, but now, I feel that time is a premium, and I only want to be doing the things that bring me joy and happiness.

With so many things that I want to do, I just hope that I find the strength and cram it all in!

Till later.......

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Catching Up With Life!

Well, it sure has been a while since I wrote anything on here, time just seems to pass by so quickly these days that before you know it, another month has gone by!

Christmas came and went, with all the trimmings and we saw the old year out and the new year in!

So many things have changed for me these last 12 months that it is impossible to keep up on a day to day basis, let alone write about it all.

Life is good, new challenges are faced and met and hopefully dealt with correctly.

On the house front, the conservatory is now fully done, floor laid throughout the down stairs. The kitchen has seen a makeover with a new solid oak top and ceramic sink, which makes it look rather posh!

Upstairs the kids rooms are done, and in a couple of weeks our fitted wardrobes will arrive and be fitted.

Several radiators have been replaced with new thermostatic valves fitted to all, which is making the heat of the house easier to regulate.

Just the garden to do, and that will be it. We have decided to wait to do the bathroom till after the wedding.

This is our next big challenge - The Wedding! We are trying to keep it as simple as possible, but this is easier said then done. But, we are working on it, so fingers crossed it will all turn out ok.

On the job front, I'm still driving buses, but to be honest, it is not a pleasant job to do. An easy job yes, but having to put up with people moaning all day and complaining over nothing is a real de-motivator.

Kiera is working as hard as ever and her company is expanding and moving ahead fast. She dearly wants to go full time, so I may yet go part time, as this allows her the flexibility to do her job properly. A job she thoroughly enjoys, which is important. It also pays better than mine so from a financial point of view it all makes sense.

We have spent time away in the camper, the odd night here and there, which has been good fun. We managed to get away for a few nights over the Christmas period, just the two of us. We headed for Wales and spent a night camped up on a cliff top wild camping then a couple of nights in a rather splendid pub.

Currently I'm off work as I've managed to damage my back a couple of days ago. There would of been a time when I would of just carried on, but now, as they think no more of you for working through it I'm taking the time off to recover properly.

My parents who are in their late 60's and mid 70's have bought a caravan and are thinking of upgrading to a newer one soon. It's good to see them getting out and about and making the most of things.

I here that my old caravan has now been sold, so there is closure on that part of my life once and for all.

I was asked recently do I miss the lifestyle. To answer honestly there is parts that I miss and parts that I do not.

I miss the feeling of being so close to nature, watching sunsets, listening to owls, the wind and the rain.

I don't miss running out of water half way through a shower or emptying the loo in freezing conditions in the dark. Or being up worrying that the awning is about to blow away!

So there are trade off's, on the whole it was an enjoyable experience.

Our plan roughly is to see the kids through school and off to university, then we hope to make our escape!

Plenty of exciting times ahead, we just have to get there and make it happen!

So thanks for sticking with me, I will try to write more often!

Till later.................