Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Well after a few beers last night I woke a little groggy!

Thankyou to the Wychwood Brewery makers of Hobgoblin for a fine ale.

An unusual day for me as I find myself not working! So not wanting to waste it took a stroll out along Hurst Spit to watch the boats go by.

I was down there a couple of hours with my flask and packed lunch (how sensible) and just watched life pass on by.

It certainly is a busy shipping channel! 

This was one of the prettiest yachts to sail by.

It's only a narrow stretch of water, thats the Isle of Wight in the back ground! The current is wicked!

Ended up talking to someone who was in a similar situation as myself! It was a bit weird talking to a stranger but we both said it had helped! I wasn't the only one seeking solace at the spit. Funny world we live in!

Well tea time of steak and kidney pie and an early night a busy week ahead!

Till later........

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Restocking The Caravan

My first full week in the caravan and no major disasters!

I've landed on my feet regarding the site. The guy who looks after the site not only do I work with his brother but he used to drive buses Himself. So am being made to feel very welcome.

Small world!

Life continues and this week has all been about discovering things.

I discovered that I can leave my socks on the floor and world panic does not errupt. I didn't have a cheese grater or a plastic jug!

So with those revelations I will leave you - enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend.

Till later.....

Thursday, 22 August 2013

And Life Goes On

It's been a week since I found myself back in the caravan.

Having had time to reflect on things I find that my emotions amd thoughts have completely changed.

It's funny, I didn't actually realise how bad things were until I was out of the situation.

I'm sleeping better,  eating better and generally feeling a whole heap better.

I've got things to look forward to, a great set of friends supporting me and I'm living cheaply!

So I'm not wallowing in self pity, life is to short - watch out world I'm back!

Till later.....

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Price Of Mince

Shopping for one is as I found out yesterday absolutely no fun.

I had decided to cook myself a chilli. Looking at the smallest packet of mince - £3.99 holy cow thats expensive. We use to buy a pack and either make a massive dish and freeze it or divide the mince and freeze that.

In my new single status this didn't seem a good idea. So I had a thought - buy four prime beef burgers at £2.50 and mush them up.

This is what I did and the chilli turned out perfect! So if yr fed up with high prices of mince - follow my lead!

Now sat here sweating due to the amount of fresh chillis added washed down with a bottle of "Barefoot" Califonian white zinfandel  there is only one thing missing.


Till later.......

P.S. Many thanks for all your comments especially Eunice, Rob and Jenny. Miles away but closer due to the power of the blog!

We Have The Power!

It's been a couple of days since I moved in to the caravan and I'm slowly settling in.

Several problems I discovered.  No power (240v) I had 12v via a discharged battery and could see juice on the meter in the van.

It's taken till this morning to have the inclination to do anything about it.

So after a bit of head scratching and consultation with my Dad I came to the conclusion it was the 240v isolator at fault.

A quick trip to screwfix and £9.80 later I came back fitted it and the old saying of "Let there be light" became reality.

The 12v battery is now fully charged, but the one other problem I have to contend with is the water pump!

I think it's finally time to get a new one fitted.

Thankfully one of the lads at work is an ex plumber so will see if he can source one cheap.

So the rest of the day is being spent cleaning the van out as it is minging, then I'm going to cook a chilli con carne - extra chillis!

As I now have power I can recharge my phone and play music. I also have great internet access as well.

I realised I haven't eaten properly so thought it about time I started looking after myself. No one else is going to so best I get on with it.

Here is the view fm my window at the moment, the site owner is layed back about how long I stay which is also a huge relief!

I had also fforgotten how much the caravan moves around in a storm, last night was very windy!

Well best crack on till later........

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Path Well Trodden

So here I am, back in the caravan!

With it being the height of the tourist season here on the South Coast I thought it may be difficult trying to find a site to stay on.

Luck for once was on my side. As you can see its packed out!

A small site with no facilities, 10 mins drive to work, the beach or the forest and all for £12 a night including hookup!

I know where I would rather be but as that is not possible then this is home for the next 7 days at least.

Today has been spent packing and unpacking, not an enjoyable experience.  So this evening it was fishcake and chips and a look at the sea.

This is at Barton, the first picture looks out towards the Isle of Wight. The second towads Bournemouth. 

So of all the places to be single I guess I'm pretty lucky!

Till later. .....

At A Crossroads

It's funny how life can change. Here I am at a point in my life where I should be settled down with my family around me and enjoying life!

However, life is never simple. Not for me it seems.

So here I am at a crossroads. Wondering which way to go.

I want to believe that there is always hope, yet having been down this road before I can see the direction that I really do not want to take clearly stretching out in front of me.

Today I find myself packing my belongings, I own little when it comes down to it, so travelling light!

Could I have done more to stop this from happening? Of course I could. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I still hold out a glimmer of hope, but it is the faintest of lights shining out across a turbulent sea, and at the moment I am in a deep trough of a wave, the light completely extinguished.

So a busy day ahead of me, lets hope that having the caravan laid up for a year that everything works as it should.

Will be certainly finding out later!