Thursday, 8 December 2016

Long Time No Hear! 2016 Roundup!

Well, what can I say?

It's been a long time and I've neglected this blog in favour of another that I write over at "Fat Bloke Travels".

So I hope you will join me over there to see what I'm up to on a more of a regular basis.

This year has seen some major changes to my life!

In Easter I got married to my gorgeous Kiera, we had a fantastic day, big smiles all round.

Honeymoon should of been in the South of France and Italy on a touring holiday on the motorbike, however less than a mile from home we came off and damaged the bike, so a quick rethink and we were off to Scotland staying in some top hotels!

Our house is almost complete after having building work inside and out, finishing touches are being done as we speak.

Being a step dad is a challenge but I'm enjoying it. Of course there are moments when I want the solitude of my caravan and a large field to hide away in, but I get away regularly on my motorbike camping, which keeps me sane.

Talking of motorbikes, I've a new one - it's a Ural motorcycle and sidecar! Great for camping trips!

Just to prove I'm not a complete Bah Humbug, decorated for Christmas!

I'm still bus driving, but not enjoying it, so for 2017 there will be a change.

With all these new and wonderful changes in my life there are a few things that haven't changed - chiefly that I'm still fat!

My eccentricity has I think got worse and my dislike of crowds and people in general has grown!

Apart from that - I promise that I will try and write more on this blog as for some unknown reason my rantings and talking nonsense appears to strike a chord with some folk!

Have a Happy Christmas and I hope your 2016 has been as good as mine.

Till later...................................