Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sun Is Shining! Happy Days!

It's happy days here on site. The sun is shining and it's lovely and warm, but as soon as the sun drops the chill air creeps in and it's a wee bit nippy!

But, important news! I passed my PSV (manual - bus/coach) driving test which I am mighty relieved about.

I really thought I had blown it though, so was amazed when he said I had passed. The relief was nearly overwhelming. I had to deal with a fire engine coming at me from behind with no where for me to go, loads of road works, and cars driven by people that had left their brains at home. I was willing the test to end, it was the longest 1hr 20mins of my life.

So Monday I start at the depot, not sure what I will be doing, will find out then.

Friday evening as a way of celebrating myself and "M" met up with Vinnie "M"s son down at the pub for a pint, it was also his birthday. We had a couple of beers and a bite to eat and came home. I think it was the relief of it all and the fact that I've been up since 0430hrs every morning that I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open!

Saturday, we got up fairly early, nipped into the local farm shop, and bought enough for breakfast, cooked up on the cadac it all tasted wonderful.

Now farm shops can be a bit expensive, but we go to Danebury Farm Shop and they are very reasonable, infact we made a point of noting down prices and for some items they were actually cheaper than tesco's and of course it is off extremely high quality.

They butcher on site, and make their own sausages.

As Mr Gulliver came over and stayed the night with young Thomas we went back again later and bought some meat for the BBQ. Wild Boar sausages, and Oriental Duck sausages, both of which were amazing! Along with some massive pork chops marinated in maple syrup and some rib eye steak which we could choose how thick we wanted as we saw it chopped off the joint!

So from around 1530 yesterday we sat around and ate and drank till the small hours.

A good nights kip, and yet again we were awake early, got the place sorted out as we have more guests arriving later today in the shape of "M"s daughter Jodi and husband Jack, along with Vinnie later on.

A few beers and a bite to eat whilst enjoying this glorious weather.

I'm currently sat outside typing away, this is really the life. The site has 5 units on it, not sure how long any of them are staying, no signs of them packing up yet, so guess they are here for a few days longer.

Our 28 days are up next weekend, so we are off to a new site. We have done a recce on it and booked in and all looks good. It's only up the road, so travelling time will be less than 5 mins!

I like watching everyone pack up, with their long faces as I sit here with a smug look on my face knowing that this is us for some considerable time to come.

We have both said that we cannot see why things should change, especially completing two full winters with no major drama's. Summer fast approaching it really is the life.

Even with the long drive that I must do everyday, I still believe that we are living in a wonderful part of the world, right in the heart of the New Forest with the coast no more than 8 minutes drive away!

People pay to come on holiday here, and we are living here. So I count myself very lucky indeed.

Last week, every morning I managed to see deer, as I drove through the forest and then up over the Cranborne Chase and through the Chalk Valley. It's a great drive, with amazing views.

I only spend around 10 mins of the entire 1hr 15min journey on major roads, the rest are B roads and lanes. Hence the length of time it takes to get from point A to B. Would I change it, well, not at the moment. The only annoying thing is the cost of fuel! But as we live a cost effective way, then spending a few pounds extra on fuel to live in such a wonderful area is money well spent.

We said we would see the summer out in this area, then maybe think about returning to a more central area for work for the winter. We are not making any decisions at the moment.

Windows on the caravan are all open and fly screens deployed, but you still end up with bugs in the caravan. Might have to get one of those blue light zapper type thingamehoojers  hanging things.

Well, off to enjoy the sun, if your reading this sat indoors, what's wrong with you, get out and enjoy the fresh air!!!!

Till later.............


  1. congrats on passing!
    yes, weather is lovely, I am sat outside enjoying it, fulltiming is looking so much better. winter was maybe not a good time to start ? but i am so glad i did.
    your comments are always good and you sum it up I think ....

  2. Congratulations on passing the test Jools, well done!

  3. Congratulations on passing your test. I guess that makes you a bus driver now. Hope your summer is better than ours here in the shaky isles of NZ. Aweful sums it up.

  4. well done on passing and im glad you're enjoying the lovely sunshine as we are

    wheres the farm shop sounds gorgeous , making plans for august at meadow view again :) Eileenhoops x

  5. Ahhh whats going on 21d in scotland ... had a great weekend relaxing by a loch this weekened as I pulled out the caravan for the first time this year , Great news about you passing the test well done , you dont like to stand still for long eh ..I hope you enjoy .. what happended with the unit for ebay ? Guess the sales didnt come or the stock wasnt available ... ce le vie , at least your a tryer jools ! love people who try !

  6. Hi, congrats on passing. I have a question for you or anyone else who might give me some ideas. At home with so much paperwork to deal with etc., with running of the House,Car,Caravan,Work etc., how do you do keep your paperwork etc.,have you really gone minimalist?

  7. Well done for passing the test Jools. Just got back from the UK having picked the children up from school. Now back in JHQ. Glorious weather here and taking the van out this weekend into Holland. Enjoy the sunshine and lets hope the weather lasts into April for my (almost) month long trip in the UK.

  8. Thanks for all your messages!

    In answer to the question regarding paperwork. I would say that 80% of all our paperwork is now done online with no hard copies.

  9. Hi my name's Lauren, I'm 15 and I'm hoping to move into a caravan either this summer or winter. I would be really grateful if you could give me some advice.

    Would I be able to live on a field if I rented it from a farmer?
    Which caravan would be the best?
    What are my legal obligations?
    How can I get electricity, gas and water?

    Thanks please could you reply to