Saturday, 15 September 2012

Still Alive!

Hi folks!

It's been a while since my last post, nothing wrong this end at all, in fact the complete opposite!

Work is flat out and I am currently working up to my maximum amount of days and driving hours. Financially this is very good, but it is completely knackering.

Any of you who have driven trucks or buses/coaches for a living will know exactly what I am talking about. The roads around here are narrow and twisty, so imagine having to concentrate that hard for 4.5 hrs at a stretch. The only thing I can roughly translate it to is to try and continuously thread a needle for that amount of time.

Hence the lack of blogging, when I get in of an evening, it's a bite to eat and fall into bed!

Next weekend, I will actually be getting three day's off on the trot, but I will be putting on my nurses outfit and looking after "M" who goes in on Friday for an operation. She is hoping to be out later that day or early the next depending on how things go. Strangely it's not the op that's the problem, she has a reaction to the anesthetic! So it all depends how she copes with that.

Summer down here on the South coast is starting to come to an end. It's getting a wee bit nippy first thing in the morning, certainly is when I'm up at 0500hrs! Not only that but it's starting to get dark a lot earlier in the evenings.

Still plenty of holiday makers clogging up the roads though, since the kids have gone back to school it seems to be busier than when they were off! I guess that really does show the true demographics of those who caravan for a holiday?!

I've noticed on the comments that there seems to be a few more people taking the plunge and taking to life in a caravan! I really do hope it all works out for everyone of you.

You just have to have a positive outlook on life, easier said than done sometimes, and I will be the first to admit that!

We have now been in our static caravan for a couple of months now, all is well and we are finding our feet with our new way of living.

Do I miss the caravan? Yes, I certainly do, Would I go back to it? Yes, like a shot if this does not work out.

I cant put my finger on exactly what I miss, maybe it's the smell, the fresh air, just can't seem to put it down to anyone thing.

The one thing I don't miss is filling aqua rolls and being able to have a long hot shower without worrying about the water running out.

The loo emptying never bothered me, nor did the moving. Must admit it is also nice not to have to worry about the awning on windy days!

Thanks to all that have emailed us to make sure we were ok! The world really is a small place when you come to think of it!

Till later........................


  1. Well I have enjoyed your blog - living small in a caravan but living large with quality of life.

    My husband and I are beginning the process of downsizing. But this time next year we will probably be putting out town house (2,100 square feet of living space) on the market so that we can move into a smaller (probably about 1/2 the size of what we have now), in-law suite with our son and his wife. They are preparing for a move in the spring and we have been invited to make this move with them. For us it will be liking living in a caravan with its limited space. But I am eager for it. I have no desire to have all the space. Too much to care for and too much to eat and cool. It just isn't how I want to spend my time anymore. A bigger place worked well when we were raising a family, but now it is just a lost of work.

    Cheers from the USA.

  2. Best of luck on your lady's hospital visit. We're sure everything will go well, and we are looking forward to seeing a photo of you on your blog post, attired in your nurse's outfit.

  3. About to start my adventure as a full timer next week. Here goes...!

  4. Jools, Somehow I can picture you in the nurses outfit! Glad all is well and I'm still keeping up with the Blog. I hope all is well with 'M' after the op. Kev is enjoying 'The Traz' and I went to see him last weekend he sends his regards to you both. Off to the Caravan Show at the NEC in Oct with Maddie and you never know we might upgrade the Pegasus as it's 2 years old now. Life is still good in JHQ and awaiting your visit??? Regards J.

  5. Glad all is working out. Hope M is OK and your nurses uniform fits.

  6. My husband and i are currently sorting moving into a caravan with our 3 year old. We are putting it on my parents horse yard which is next to their house so we can use their bath etc as our caravan does not have a shower.
    Thankfully it has a proper double bed!! :) I love my sleep!
    We are hoping to save for a mortgage and as our rent is sky high and finding a two bed cheaper is seemingly impossible atm we have decided to screw it all and save.
    So nice to find a blog such as yours and one that has been going so long! I normally find one where the blogger has stopped writing years before.
    Your blog is brilliant! Really enjoying it. :)
    Tina x

  7. Well, I've finally read your blog from start to finish! It's has taken me from July when I first found it and it's been one hell of a roller coaster! Long may it continue!
    Hope M is OK and all is going well!

    Please remember to keep blogging - I need my fix now!

  8. new blog needed please!!15th September!!
    Peter and Angela

  9. ah jools , missing your updates , but no doubt by this point you will be in a field somewhere living out the back of a jeep , anyways keep us updated on your adventures , i do miss your regular updates , id love to see you update on your tea breaks all your adventures from the buses of the day , must say strangely i feel dissappointed you have moved into 4 walls , but hey as you say its all for a reason , wish you well in your adventures , KEEP UP THE BL:OGGING !!