Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Mini Adventure

Once again I find that I just run out of hours in the days!

So a quick recap on what has been happening on site and what we are doing.

Firstly "M"s op went well, and as expected it wasn't the op that caused the problem but the anesthetic. They kept here in over night just to make sure every thing was ok!

 We ended up buying a 8" x 6" shiplap shed which has now solved our storage problem, and it is in our garden which has been scrubbed out, cleared and made to look half decent (photo's to follow).

We ended up throwing a lot of things away, two reasons for this. Rats had got into the barn and decided to nest in amongst our gear! Then we decided that if we hadn't used any of the things we had stored in 2 years what was the point in keeping them.

So we now have a massive load of gear to go to a car boot sale and hopefully make a couple of quid and free up some more storage space!

I'm not sure what was going through our heads when we packed up the house, but why any one wants to keep hold of battered old frying pans is beyond me. It probably was me who decided to keep it as I'm terrible for throwing anything away. You just never know when that frying pan may come in handy!

Work, is good, still doing lots of hours, making for long days, especially as the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier!

But the main thing is I'm still enjoying it. Although it has it's moments. The amount of complaints you get is unreal. I wouldn't mind so much if they were genuine complaints, but to complain because the floor of the bus was wet after we had driven through a monsoon rain storm and flooded out roads is a bit much!

I asked the gent if he had dissolvable feet, to which he answered no, my reply was, thats ok then so if you would like to take a seat we can move off! That shut him up!

I'm sure people just like to moan because if they didn't they wouldn't have anything to talk about!

Now on to our Mini Adventure:-

We have a week off, starting as of today (Sunday)

Do we take the caravan and head in any direction, well that would be an idea, but we wanted to travel light and tour around, so today we are kitting out the Pajero for a week of wild camping!

We have the long wheel base version of the Mitsubishi Pajero (Shogun) 7 seater. Both sets of rear seats fold down flat to make a double bed.

With our recliner garden chair cushions placed on top, covered with a duvet makes a very comfortable bed!

A one ring gas burner, frying pan (see told you it would come in useful)! kettle and various odds and ends we are set to go, well, we will be once we are packed!

We are heading South West, no main roads or at least we are trying to avoid them. But the general plan is to head down the coast till we get to Paignton then turn right and spend a couple of days around Dartmoor.

Then down the coast again till we hit Bodmin Moor, we have friends in Cornwall (Sharron and Thomas) so we will probably pop in to see them. (Sharron you always said you only needed 3hrs notice of our arrival, lets see if you read this in time)!

Once fed and watered by the best host in the world, we will heading back up the Cornish and Devon coast to Exmoor. 

A long old slog around a wonderful part of our world. We are both really looking forward to going and trying out wild camping. With no fixed plans and not staying on sites it will certainly be a bit of an adventure.

"China" dog is of course coming with us, she will be in her element, as her bed is at the bottom of ours!

We have only ever done one night at a time in the Pajero, so a full week will be interesting.

If it all goes well, next year we may end up going to Ireland to see "M"s brother as it's his 50th birthday, and her other brother is getting married in France and I feel a road trip to the other side of Nice coming on!

Flying would be the no hassle, easy option, but when have we ever done that?!

Anyway off to start organising and pack my gear,  - socks, pants, shirts, packed and ready - hurry up "M"!

Till later................................


  1. Hope you have a great time. Sounds Like you and M are due a rest.

  2. Really enjoyable reading. Well done and thank you.

  3. Two weeks full time and finding out the little things that make a big difference. Such as, should have bought a leveller! Just a small incline can drive me nuts. Thankfully had one given to me yesterday (saved me £20).
    keep your blog going, makes for good reading.

  4. Wild Camping in the Taliban Truck! Now that really is a mini adventure. Set up an Antenna or two and put your porch awning on the back off the back door (9 by 9 style) and crack out the morse code radio and you could be back in Germany on exercise! Have a great time and I hope the weather is being kind to you especially at night. My only experience of doing what you are doing is that when the temperature falls you really feel it. Look forward to your next update.

  5. We are full-timers (since June - HURRAH!) but I still have to sleep in the back of my Ford Transit Connect at the weekends when I do events as we daren't take our home in case it gets stuck in the mud. It isn't too bad in the Summer but last year at minus 4 was pretty miserable - not looking forward to the next few weekends! Hope you managed to keep warm! ;-)