Friday, 12 April 2013

More Chinese Confusion

I make no apologies for finding this funny, I have said before that I am not politically correct, never have been and never will be.

Here is another little incident that tickled me and I hope it does you as well!

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Above is a map of a road that I travel down, which will all make perfect sense once you read through below!

I stopped in Christchurch to pick up a Chinese lady, who said in her thick Chinese accent "One Way Weturn Please"

I repeated - One Way (Weturn) Return? well, you can have a one way ticket or a return ticket, which do you want?

She said "Weturn - One Way"

Looking confused I said, lets start again. Where do you want to go?

She said "One Way"

I said "One Way"

Yes she said, "One Way Weturn"!

Then it dawned on me so I said so you want a Return ticket to the Runway?

In an exasperated voice she said "Yes - One Way Weturn - Thats What Ive Been Saying"!

Indeed you have Madam !

All aboard!

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