Friday, 6 April 2012

F Is For Freedom

A - Z Challenge 2012

F is for Freedom

Most folk tend to live in one place for a given period of time, either through work commitments or family ties, or quite simply because they like the location.

Us on the other hand, like the idea of being able to move around. Mind you we are governed by one major contributing factor, and that's work.

We both work full time, so realistically we have to be able to commute easily. Now some folks idea of commuting can mean that it has to be in walking distance. Mine however is simply decided on how long it's going to take me to get back and forth to work.

The other factor that comes in is the location, what I mean by this is that if the location is perfect, then I would quite happily add on an extra 30 mins to my journey. At the moment we are living right in the heart of the New Forest on the South Coast. 

10 mins drive and I would be in the sea, 5 mins walk and I'm in thick woodland. It takes me roughly an hour to get to work depending on traffic, but as I leave at 0530 there is not a lot of traffic around. 

To me this is absolutely fine, and it also gives us the "Freedom" to live more or less anywhere within a 30 to 40 mile radius of where I work.

We are so lucky to live in this part of the world, the views are breath taking as you cross the chalk downs and valleys, we have the splendid coast line, and the New Forest. People pay lots of money to come on holiday to this part of the world, we live here all the time.

"M" is not too keen on driving that far, she currently has a 30 min journey to work which is ok for her.

We only stay in one place for a maximum of 28 days, why? The rules and regulations state that you can only inhabit a caravan in one place for that period of time, then you must vacate your caravan for a continual 48 hour period.

The caravan can stay in it's location, but you must move out. How this is monitored I have yet to find out. I certainly have not come across the 28 day enforcement officers on my travels! But, we play by the rules, and anyway, there are so many camp sites around our area, why stay in the same place!

In saying this, last winter we stayed at only a couple of sites, that we know and like. They were both close to each other as well. It's not the packing up that is the problem, but towing in icy conditions is not wise!

During last summer, and it will be the same this year, we were on the move constantly, as I think we are planning on doing 8 or 9 vintage rallies this year. These take up a weekend starting off at the end of April and finishing the middle of September.

Living the this way, gives us total "Freedom" to be able to do this, and fit in any work commitments as well. A perfect way for us to live.

If we did not have to work, then the world would be our oyster. Now that I have paid holiday, we were certainly be venturing off for a week or two later on in the year. It costs nothing extra for us to be on holiday than if we stayed here, we are after all, all ready paying site fee's!

Till later.....................


  1. sounds like an interesting life. Sometimes I feel trapped by my home and having to stay in one place. Not sure I'd like moving every 28 days, but if I didn't have to pack anything it might be okay.
    I love that we have the freedom to live where we want. I'm currently writing a book no one has a choice about where they live. We don't always realize how much freedom we do have until it's taken from us. Good luck on your adventures.

  2. Pretty cool! I always wondered what it was like to live like this. Do you just go to another site after 28 days, or do you have to actually be out of the caravan for those days?

  3. Not sure that I'd like the daily commuting but really interested to learn all the ins and outs of caravan living.


  4. WOW. I love this. I could never be that free but I love the idea of it.

  5. Freedom is something to enjoy and be grateful for. You two seem like an adventurous bunch, indeed. I don't know if I could live in a caravan for 28 days straight but I sure do like the idea of moving around or traveling gives you more perspective on things while allowing you to see and experience different parts of the world, which is a treat!

    I used to think that my mom had us living like nomads but after I read this blog and "M" have my mom beat tenfold, lol.

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    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  6. How exciting and what a great way to see the "world"...I feel a little jealous as I would travel constantly if I could!
    You said 'caravan" so I assume you're from the UK...I'm from Canada.
    Hope you're enjoying the challenge,
    Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy

  7. I think I would need "roots" somewhere. I love the idea of doing what you do for 3 months or 6 months or even a year, but in the end I want to be able to go back to my home.

    That, however, would not be a cheap option, having 2 abodes, which is part of your focus in this experiment.

    Thinking it through, I can see that doing this for even 5 or 6 years would be do-able if you had the plan to settle at some point.

    I don't feel I need that freedom, but I think the experience of it for a fix period of time would be golden.


  8. Freedom!
    yes that's what I feel i have too? I am on a "seasonal pitch" probably not far from you I think.
    Don't need to go just yet, but it's all good, agree with all you way. It's full here this w/end, plenty of holiday makers enjoying the outdoor life (tents too)
    I could give you another-
    "F is for fulltiming!"
    It's the way to go!

  9. Love the idea...and would love to see a photo of your caravan!

  10. Thanks for all your comments! A.Eye we move every 28 days or sooner sometimes, we both like the change of scenery, new places to walk and explore, it's like being on holiday all the time! Wonderful!!!