Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lands End To John O'Groats Challenge!

I think I'm having a midlife crisis!

We have just bought a sports car, and now I'm looking at doing something a bit mad by going from Lands End to John O'Groats.

I say Lands End to John O'Groats but actually once I get up the top end I'll be heading along the Scottish Northern coast to Durness. Then South to Margate/Dover along the Southern coast of England and back down to Lands End - approx 2600 miles!

A corner to corner challenge! Just going one way would be normal and logical, but everyone does that!

So how do I intend to do this journey?

Well, as I'm not an athlete, (no shit)! walking, running or riding a push bike is out of the question. 

So what would suit an over weight middle aged bloke?

Maybe take the MX5 or even the Pajero with the roof tent (which we still haven't found yet)!

No, it needs to be sensible, rugged, comfortable and reliable. I know a Honda C90 Moped! (or similar).

So that is the plan, ok, not much of a plan but it's as good as it's going to get at this stage.

The date will be April 2014. I've two weeks leave in which to complete the task I've set myself.

I've already planned a route, which may or may not change, and I've been putting together a wishlist on Amazon for the equipment needed.

But first I have to find a motorbike, then I have to complete my CBT training, which is basically a test to ensure that I know my left from right and can read a road sign. Along with other necessary life saving techniques such as checking blind spots etc.

Why a Honda C90 (or similar), well it's the simplicity of them that appeals to me. Also the fact that so many were made that parts are in abundance, they are ultra reliable and are more than capable of carrying my svelte like body up North and back again!

In my quest to find a bike I came across these folk at Riders Motorcycles. They are not a million miles away and they import a Chinese copy of the famous Honda C90. Their version is a 110cc so a tad more powerful and it's cheap!

Follow the link HERE to see the spec of the bike for those who wish to know these types of things!

The only snag with these brand new bikes is that it comes in a crate and you have to assemble it yourself!

Well for £795 what could possibly go wrong!

So bike found, route sorted (ish) just need a few other bits and pieces and off I go!

Actually the planning has taken a bit of time so far as there is a lot of things to consider when riding a bike and staying away from home for two weeks.

Just thinking about what I need to ride the bike is a hurdle, seeing as I have only ever ridden a moped once which was in Spain with my old Army mate Paddy Breadbin. But that doesn't count as I was pissed at the time, and our safety attire then consisted of flip flops, and sun lotion!

So far I have a pair of gel pants and a lot of determination!

I will be setting up a separate blog for this escapade, along with a way of donating money to my chosen charity which rather predictably will be "Help For Heroes"

You can visit my new blog for this escaped here -

If you so wish, which would be rather nice of you, please make a donation however small via my justgiving page at

So off now to look at one man tents, multi fuel stoves and crash helmets!

Till later......................


  1. You sound like you've been inspired by the guys from Top Gear! Good luck with the trip, can't wait to read about it!

  2. Pity you don't live nearer to me Jools, I have a genuine Honda 90 you could have had for a lot less than £795 - only needs a battery and a good clean. Good luck with the trip, I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

    1. Hi Eunice
      What sort of price were you thinking of?

  3. yer off yer fecking head , yer a mad man , yer crazy , have you lost a screw ! arrrrghhhhh , JOOLS YOUR MAD