Saturday, 29 January 2011

Living In A Caravan

Firstly, my apologies for not mentioning this before, but about a week ago, when I was stumbling around the settings of the blog trying not to delete everything I managed to find away to let anyone leave a comment on the blog.

I appreciate that not everyone wants to do yet another profile, so now you don't have to, I do however have to vet each comment to keep the spam down, but its hardly a hardship. So feel free to add anything you think is relevant, or indeed totally irrelevant!

I mentioned the fact that Ive been playing around with the idea of a book, to help people who havent got a clue about caravanning to become caravanners or indeed like us and to enjoy all the benefits of living in a caravan full time!

Must admit Ive been very pleased from the feedback from you guys, so its work in progress as we speak, Ive even given myself a deadline of March 31st for its 1st draft, just to make it all a bit more real as there is nothing like a bit of pressure to get those creative juices flowing!

Ive decided that the style of the book will be basically the same as how I write on this blog, probably wont be wandering off subject and talking about Lions, but hey, keeps it interesting!

Ive spent the last few days planning out the layout of the book, sections and subsections, even simple things such as EHU cables, orange and blue, lengths, plugs/sockets, let alone adaptors, safety, Ohms law, tripping supplies (oh yes bet we have all done this) then there are 12v/ 240v leisure batteries, blimey the list goes on and on, but it does make you think of all the things you take for granted. Just because you can do it or know it, doesn't mean everyone else does.

I was talking to someone the other day who didn't have a clue what was even in a caravan. Shocked him when I told him how luxurious our van was! Totally blew him away when I said our fridge could work either on gas, 12v or 240v!

The one thing that does still surprise me is that people still think it must be cold,  in one post I read on a forum, and this was from someone with their own caravan, they say that it was that cold their dogs water bowl froze overnight! What are they doing? Run the heater!!!! I wouldn't be too keen at being off electric this time of year but if I had to the gas heater would be on for sure.

We are never cold in our van, the electric heater is on, its 22.2 degrees in here as I type this - lovely!  Back at the start of the winter we changed over to the winter duvet, after two nights we changed back to the summer one which we have used all winter, even when its been -9 outside!

So hopefully this book of mine will also help those caravanners who just want to get the best out of their vans! There's always hope!

We have just completed our first 5 months of living in our caravan, must say on reflection its been brilliant, yes, we have had a few problems with the waste pipe freezing up, the circuit board failure on the heater, but nothing that has really bothered us. And, infact I know of people who have had more problems living in their house this winter!

Writing the book I have no difficulties with, other than finding time! The one thing I am having problems with is pricing? How do you price a book like this, and an ebook at that. I have a price in mind, but it would be really helpful from you guys if you were to put yourselves into the shoes of someone wanting to buy a book like this, how much or indeed what would you expect to pay?

Like I said, your help in this would be very much welcomed?

Well, as its the weekend, a stew in the slow cooker, thats what it looks like, probably something completely different will find out later when "M" gets back. Think now its time for a beer as its after 1800hrs, which makes it totally acceptable and thinking about it compulsary!

Till later............


  1. Are ? you doing the book to satisfy a need to get a lot of information OUT of you ,ie you like to write !

    If you are doing it for cash ... mmm i think ebooks are limited markets , i dont think you should expect much return

    So how much you expect to return ? £100 .£500 . £5000 for the work you will put in writing ?

    Maybe consider sponsors ? 10 caravan sponsors at £50 each ... return is £500 ! and then you have the pleasure of giving it away !

    I dont want to p*ss on your idea but personlly i have never bought an ebook and dont think many do ...but i have read free downloads ebooks on subjects i like etc

    Hope im wrong fo you and you become paypal Zillionaire !


  2. Firstly, thanks for being so open and honest, all criticism is welcome good or bad! As you have probably guessed I love to write! But have looked into ebooks and researched the market and they are certainly growing in popularity you only have to look at the Kindle to see that! Who knows where it will take us, to be honest Im more interested in the actual journey than the destination!

  3. Anon is right, making it with a price will deter folks with an internet connection, the info is all out there.

    However most people are only reading this site due to your adventure's, you want these readers to return and here is my suggestion.

    Put adverts in it and get sponsors to pay you for it. Rate products and review items for a full time vanner etc along with other bits from your living experiences.

    It is not easy trying to make money online unless you do something big. Remember your posts about forums and bans you know that would get worse is you had something to sell. It really would be spam then.

    TRy and make it niche or adverts in a monthly thing the rest of the time the internet is all for free.


  4. I'm an avid reader and the eBook is my way of stopping the house turning into a library! Usually i buy books read them then give it away now I can keep them indefinitely. Even my 82 year old grandad has just bought a Kindle:D I say it's worth a shot, you like writing, it's interesting reading and it will help those new to caravanning as well as new to living in a caravan. Sponsors would be a good idea too.

    Good luck!


  5. Hi Andi, thanks for the comments and interesting to her of your Grandad with a kindle!

    Hi Gl, I appreciate your comments but prior to us going full timing I spent 6 months researching and no where did I find for free or to buy collected information on living in a caravan full time, as for reviews on items, I only need to go to amazon or forums for that, so not really my thing.

    I do however like the idea of sponsorship, and as I am in touch with Lunar will be bringing this up with them, and other major suppliers to the caravanning industry.

    Thanks for all your comments - keep them coming!

  6. E-books are on the up!
    I think you can take heart from this story:


  7. Certainly encouraging, that would be a heck of alot of ebooks!!

  8. Hi. sounds like a great idea! How about as well as sponsorship you could have a pay-pal account button where people can pay what ever they want, so it would be like a donation rather than a fixed price. I think that way it make it available to anyone but also you'll have a bit of income. I think people would be quite generous with their donations.

  9. Hi, I quite like the idea of a donation type button, however not sure how I can work that as Im hoping for it all to be automated, you click on buy it now, its sent out immediately. So will have to look into it!

  10. Hi, I don't know if I've come to the right place or commenting in the right section, but hopefully someone can help me! I am a single mum of two boys and I have come to realise that I desperately want to ditch renting a house for the simple outdoor, back to nature life that I have been craving and I know my boys will love. My ideal is to life in a caravan parked in a field with toilets & a shower (not a static home surrounded by lots of other static homes). I can't afford to buy a plot of land (buying a caravan will be a push) and caravan sites all seem so commercial now. I live in Bristol and would like to stay close. Anyone have any ideas about where I can start on my quest for my dream? Is it a realistic dream? Thanks for any advice given. BTW write the book cause I searched the net and could not find any useful info!

  11. Hi it's certainly a realistic dream, you just have to make it happen. Firstly do some research on your area for campsites, then on caravans (layout) etc. Ebay a good source for caravans! Any specific questions please feel free to email me direct at