Thursday, 6 June 2013

Simply Camping And Camping Simply

Camping comes in all sorts of different varieties, from Static Homes to living rough finding shelter where one can.

I personally have done all of it and more or less everything in between.

During my time in the services we managed to survive in some fairly inhospitable places. 

Myself and my good friend Mark were two of the few who survived several nights out on the Northumberland moors of Otterburn whilst the elements tried to kill us off! With only a sleeping bag and poncho to fend off the driving freezing wind and rain.

A good number of them had to be evacuated out after going down with hyperthermia. We were found the next day brewing up and getting on with it as others were carted off.

I once had to dig myself out of a tent whilst in Germany as 4ft of snow had fallen over night. I was buried as it had drifted completely over my tent!

So camping is not new to me at all.

However the luxury of a 4 berth caravan with island bed, shower, loo and full facilities on board with a massive awning is something else.

But, is that really camping?

I've got to honestly say no, it's not. We have now wild camped in the Pajero on a good few occasions. No plans or agendas, just following a road to see where it leads to.

Then when it's time to pitch up for the night we look for a suitable spot where we are likely to be undisturbed, cook and brew up, then bed down for the night.

Making sure we leave zero footprint when we leave in the morning.

The urge to travel seems to be getting to me, probably inspired by my old mate Will Geordie English who I was also in the Army with.

He has taken a scooter to Africa, and has ridden around the world on another bike!

He has just gone over to America to travel from Florida to Alaska and then I think the rough plan is to head to Mexico! You can see his blog here!

Another guy  Ed Marsh who I came across recently has taken a Honda C90 Cub around the world! Also in another trip up to the Arctic Circle! This is one crazy guy, and if you watch his video's on youtube is a funny bloke. You can see him here!

Anyway time to go as I've just caught myself looking at C90's on ebay! Cheap and fun or what?

Till later...................

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  1. Jools remember Otterburn well. You never mentioned about you trying to snuggle into me.. 30 years on I'm still not so sure that was your rifle.