Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Caravan - A Group Of Travellers Journeying Together.

For a while now I have been wondering what this blog is all about. I guess some of you long term readers are wondering the same!

It has changed over the last 18 months from full timing in a caravan to having four walls and a roof, back to the caravan, and now I find myself staying more and more within four walls and a roof once more!

But one definition of a caravan is "A Group Of Travellers Journeying Together". Well, are we not all on a journey we call "Life" and all travelling together on "Life's Journey"? It's just a different interpretation of the same word!

So yes this blog was all about how we lived in a touring caravan, but now it appears to have morphed itself into a blog about my life and my journey with others.

The caravan remains a focal point and I am happy to answer any questions gained from the years spent being slightly nomadic within a geographical area.

This blog however will now be more of a life recording adventure, where everyday observations and events will be noted for all to see.

A good part of it will still be based on camping and the outdoors as this is something that is deep rooted within me.

So keep with me folks, life changes and we either adapt and move on or fall by the wayside.

Till later..................


  1. I like the idea of caravans a lot. I need a place to store one though before I can begin. Would there happen to be any place in Sydney?
    John Bond | http://www.storageworld.com.au/caravans.htm

  2. Thought you had stopped blogging. I will have to keep looking in again

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