Monday, 19 May 2014

Lands End - Dover - John O'Groats - Durness - Lands End Challenge

Well I've been back a few weeks now and all I can say is that after my challenge which you can read at I still haven't totally recovered!

I came off my motorbike whilst in Glencoe and badly twisted my knee and ankle.

Please go and take a look at the blog it is completely updated with a blow by blow account of the journey I took.

Life here on site is unchanged, peaceful with no other campers yet!

The weekend just gone was spent in a tent camping with friends in the New Forest, weather was brilliant, but I've been bitten half to death! I obviously taste good!

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, Just before I went on my trip I met someone who has completely bowled me over.

During the trip she was always on the end of the phone and a massive support and help to me. 

Now that I am back I seem to be spending all my time with her, which I must say is brilliant.

So life for me is good at the moment and I see no reason why it will change.

I have been reading through some of the comments left and it appears that more and more people are taking the plunge and living full time in their caravans. A wise move and as yet I have not heard one horror story of how it all fell apart for them.

A number of questions have been raised, which over the next few weeks I will try to resolve, but with so many people reading the blog these days, the questions are being answered for me which is great!

This blog was set up originally not only as a diary for myself, but as a resource for others to ask daft questions and not feel embarrassed.

To be able to find out more about living like this and to hear from people who are actually doing it rather than from some web sites/forums those who only go away for 2 weeks of the year and think they know everything!

I used to get so frustrated with those types, now I don't even read the forums!

Asking someone about full timing who only goes away 2 weeks of the year is like asking the person who makes you a cup of tea at work how to run a 5 star Michelin restaurant!

So please feel free to ask questions, either directly via the blog, or to me direct at I'm not the worlds greatest at getting back to folk so the blog is probably better!

Anyway a couple of pictures from my epic journey!


  1. Welcome back Jools, glad you got back in one piece. I haven't had time to read your blog properly yet as I've been busy writing my own but I'll take a look later on. The photos look good, so does the bike. And you've met someone - that's great news, sounds like your life is on the up now :)

    1. Hi Eunice, yes things are all good here, with some big plans for the future!

  2. Hi, we are considering putting our house on the market and becoming full time caravaners. The concern we have is we have two cats and wondered how they would adjust to life in the caravan in particular if we have to move every 28 days. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated

    1. Hi Tony and Jane, Ive seen all sorts of pets being kept in awnings from parrots to ferrets! So cats can be done if they are all ready house cats? I know of a guy in America who kept a cat in his campervan and was his companion for a good few years. Please google his blog at and read some of his older posts.

    2. DO NOT sell your house! Rent it out by all means. Don't burn your bridges. In any case you need a proper address for so many things in this complicated world of ours. You can always use the rent to help pay for a caravan, then if after a while you decide it's not for you, you can pick up where you left off.
      Good luck anyway.

  3. Many thanks for the reply. Our cats are used to going outside so I was worried about how they would adapt so I will check out your suggestion.

    This is a really big move for us. Currently living in a large family home but the children have flown the nest and trying to pluck up courage to sell the house and move full time into a tourer and see where it takes us. Although your blog has got us excited and raring to go, is it as good as it sounds.

  4. We live in our van full time and have been for over a year we have met a person who had their two cats and a dog with them and the cats went out and always returned to the caravan sometimes just laying on the a frame in the sun. Also a couple of couples both have blogs on here started this year one sold their house bought the van and are loving it with their dog and another one with two huskys a cat and their eight year old daughter and do not regret it go for it you only get one life.

  5. Thanks for the comments, we have been checking out the blogs regarding full time and we picked up that selling up completely is not the best approach as we will lose our position on the property ladder. (Thanks Pete)
    We have decided to downsize and then rent out. We are currently looking for the ideal property, somewhere that we would be happy to live should we not enjoy the caravanning or if anything changes. Thanks for the advice on the pets UaB. The house is going up for sale next week regardless of whether we find the ideal location before hand. We will then continue to look fora property whilst caravanning. Thanks again
    Hope to speak soon