Monday, 28 July 2014

Flat Packed And Painted!

Thank the Lord! I've finished building wardrobes and painting! (for now)!

Three wardrobes consisting of two singles and a double, a shoe rack and a bedside table and a desk.

Painting the sitting room took two coverings and two radiators were also given a couple of licks to make them look like new!

All look good but I'm afraid I got zero satisfaction out of doing any of it!

However to readdress the balance I have started my pickling campaign!

I managed to get a rather large jar of shallots peeled and pickled the other evening. Today I bought more pickling vinegar, shallots and 24 eggs, all ready to be done over the next 48 hrs.

Christmas should be good this year with home made pickled onions and eggs - Now that is satisfaction!  

Photo: 1st jar of pickled onions done - can of fosters to emphasise size of jar! Ready for Xmas!

The can of foster's give's a sense of scale to the size of the jar. The bits you can see is chilli flakes to give the onions a bit of a bite!

We now also have a date for the cabin to be delivered and constructed then 10 days later the extension/conservatory will be started!

It's all happening, but it will be all done before the summer is over which is good.

Kiera and the kids are still away holidaying in Spain, they get back this Thursday. It's been quiet here without everyone.

So, on with my pickling!

Till later............................

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