Friday, 11 July 2014

I No Longer Have A Caravan!

Well, things change quickly sometimes, and to be honest on reflection feel that it was definitely the right thing to do.

To cut a long story short, "M" is now in possession of the caravan, lock stock the lot!

Even the cadac!

I have walked away from all of it completely, a shame that things had to end this way, but that is the way it is sometimes when you are backed into a corner.

So what is next? For a long time I have fancied a camper van.

This makes a lot more sense for us, not a big camper but a T4/T5 VW camper which is small enough to be used as an every day car as and when required.

We would also get a lot more use out of it for those on the spur, one night away somewhere moments.

You just cannot do that with a big twin axle, as much as you think you would, you just wouldn't!

So the hunt is on, last weekend we went and had a look at a few to give us an idea of layout etc. But these started at £30,000 and went upwards which was way over budget.

£20,000 is a rough guide, so we should be able to pick up something half decent for that sort of money.

We want a pop up roof, so the kids can sleep up there, and swivel front seats. I would also like it to have a diesel heater and underslung water tanks but trying to find one without galactic mileage is not easy.

The hunt continues....

Other than that bricks and mortar is fine. Busy painting at the moment, this being a slow process due to having no time off and having to do a bit here and there.

In just over a week's time I'm off so I can crack on with it then. Once that is done and wardrobes purchased we can unpack boxes and get gear stowed away. At the moment it's still living out of boxes and temporary clothes rails.

It will all come together in the end I'm sure!

Outside the old shed has been taken apart, the ground cleared for the new massive cabin taking it's place and the fence has been renewed.

A conservatory is going to be going up soon on the back of the house to provide us with more kitchen/dining space.

Once this has all been done we can empty the garage, then the contents of my "Pajero" can be emptied and got ready for sale. Yep, the old girl is being sold!

I'm going to be putting the money towards my bike licence, and then a bike. I'll keep "Lucille" how could I get rid of her? But a bigger bike is required!

The weather in this part of the world is glorious at the moment with loads of sunshine. Great when your relaxing but not good driving a double decker bus with no air con!

But apart form readjusting to living a "normal" life everything is good.

Till later....................


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  2. Well things are certainly changing quickly for you, I hope not TOO quickly, though you certainly seem to be settling into your new life.

    A bit of a wrench getting rid of the caravan but may be a good thing in a way - at least you won't have to keep paying storage or site fees for it. I hope you manage to find the sort of camper van you want - have you looked at Bongo conversions, you can get those with a pop up roof, also Toyota Granvia conversions. Admittedly the diesel ones aren't terribly economical for day to day driving but you can get petrol versions.

  3. Glad you're happier now Jools. I haven't commented for a while but still follow both your blogs with interest. I never fulfilled my intended plan of full-timing in a caravan - security was the issue for me - expecting to find it had disappeared after returning from a long day at work ! However, I did find a securer alternative ............... I now live aboard a narrowboat ! Best decision I ever made too ! Best wishes :-)

    1. Hi Phil, once more I find myself knee deep in IKEA flat pack and emulsion!