Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Carbon Monoxide - A Silent Killer!

I think we all need a reminder about the effects of Carbon Monoxide.

It is a silent killer, here in the UK it is reported that nearly half of us have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm fitted in our house. Yet, we do not apply this to our tents, caravans or campervans with as little as just 13% of us choosing to fit one!

We bought one over a year ago now, and also have fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke detectors.

If you think about it logically, carbon monoxide poisoning is more likely to take place whilst away in your tent/campervan/caravan.

Less ventilation, cooking in an enclosed environment! We are asking for trouble, so please, take a look at this link -  Carbon Monoxide - A Silent Killer - then buy one!

Less than £15.00 gives you peace of mind and possibly could save yours or your loved ones lives!

We hear every year of tragic events, and what makes it worse is that they are totally avoidable. So please take a look at the link, and if you see anyone out there doing something daft, step in and say something. Even if you do get a mouthful!

Till later..........


  1. This is such a great warning! I just bought a camper, and I'm really excited to start using it when it finally warms up outside. I hadn't thought at all about any safety measures that I would need to take. I will have to go buy a detector, and put it inside immediately. I feel will feel much better about this when it's all taken care of.

  2. We're a bit new to all of this, but I'm glad I read about CO risks. Now that the UK's weather is getting colder again, we were just about to do something stupid.

    This guide had lots of good information.

    I didn't actually realise that barbecues continue to give off CO after they're burnt out.

  3. This should not be overlooked. Every RVer should check their CO detector before and during the season.