Sunday, 22 July 2012

Another Chapter Ends!

Yesterday, (Saturday) was my last day driving for "Damory". In a way, it is sad to leave, as I was driving around an area I grew up in and knew well. Not in a million years did I ever imagine that one day I would drive a double decker bus up Shaftesbury High Street! Funny how things turn out

But, on the other hand, I'm pleased to be joining a company who pay better, have decent buses and are local to where I am now living.

I now only have a 10 minute drive into work, instead of an hour! That extra 2 hrs of driving was a real pain. Just to put things into perspective after a 9 hr shift plus the 2 hrs, a total of approx 11 hrs behind the wheel a day. I could drive from  Lymington and be in Aberdeen in that time in a car!

Driving older buses, is nice when it's a one off, as they can be a bit of a challenge. Brakes being either on or off, the accelerator being all or nothing with often a delay of several seconds before the power kicks in, and the suspension being no better than a hay cart with everything rattling including your fillings. But the sound of a Gardner diesel engine at full pelt is quite something.

Below was my last day of driving an Olympian double decker bus pictured in Shaftesbury, my home town where I was born. Good of them to put all those flags out for me!

Now, off to drive newer buses, I grabbed this picture below off of the interweb, taken in Lymington, where I will be based. Not me driving!

As you can see, a bit of a difference in the buses!

I'm looking forward to starting, I've been down to the depot a couple of times now and it all feels and looks good.

So Monday morning I have my short drive to the depot and away I go route learning.

Till later..................


  1. Good luck in the new job Jools ! That's a nice reduction to your daily commute for sure !!

    1. 11 mins and 5.5 miles into work - bliss!