Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mitsubishi Pajero Rear Door Handle Stuck - Easy Repair!

Tis Christmas Eve, and with not much to do this morning I thought it about time I tackled the job of working out why the back door of the Pajero wouldn't open!

Having looked up on the Pajero Forum to see if there was any clues as to what the problem was, I found that it was a common problem and an easy fix.

All though the first fix did not work, which was a vast quantity of WD40 and hit the handle hard!

This being a Royal Signals Technicians way of fixing things. I decided on a more of a logical way of firstly removing the screw which surround the door opening handle and removing the shroud, the next was to remove the two screws which hold the rear door grab handle on. Then the four screws which hold the tool box compartment in place within the back door.

Once these were removed I unpopped the lower plastic window surround, so that I could get to the top of the rear door panel, then popped the lower panel off.

Finally having to break through the plastic insulation cover to get to the mechanism, where by I resulted to the R Sigs technician method of a liberal coating of WD40 and wiggle everything around. This freed up the mechanism and all is now working properly and we now have full use of the back of our truck!

Total time spent - 20 mins. Materials used, 1/4 tin of WD40 and some skin off my fingers!

Should of taken some pictures but all self explanatory if you happen to have a Mitusbishi Pajero with a sticking back door mechanism!

Till later................


  1. Jools you have hurt me to the quick. Proper techs never used Wd40 we only hit it.. Happy Holidays........sorry forgot I'm not politically correct. Have a great CHRISTMAS.....

  2. It's great to have a go at fixing things yourself. Money saved is money earned.

    Hope your day is going well.

  3. Thanks for this. My 1995 2.8 LWB had the same issue and this pointed me in the right direction. A few additional pointers might help others:
    1. You don't need to remove the upper half of the rear door trim, but it's easy to do and helps gain access to the top of the lower door card.
    2. You don't need to remove the lower door card entirely -- you just need to unpop the fasteners at the top, and down the right-hand side (i.e. on the latch side of the door) to be able to pull the top-right corner of the lower door card away from the door to give access to the inside of the outer handle and to the push/pull rods.
    3. To remove the inner handle surround:
    a) open the hinged cover behind the handle and remove the securing screw.
    b) insert a wide-bladed screwdriver or similar between the right-hand edge of the handle surround and the door card and gently apply just sufficient pressure to raise the edge of the handle surround enough so that it can slide over the door card.
    c) push the handle surround to the right.

    Thanks again, and HTH.