Thursday, 17 August 2017

How To Gain More Followers On Twitter Organically Using Lists 2017

So I hope you have been clicking and following people you find interesting on Twitter.

Today In this blog post we are going to take a look at a smart way of following people, as you cannot tweet if you have no followers!

I said I would try and make it easier for you to follow people.

First on the list (joke) is LISTS.

To find if you have been added to any lists by other followers click on your home page, look to your right along the bar you will see a little circle with your profile picture on it.

If you hover your mouse over it - it will say "Profile and Settings" click on this and it will reveal a drop down menu.

Here you will find "Lists" click on this and a new page will open.

In the middle it will say "Subscribed to" and "Member of" if you are ahead of the game the lists that you have subscribed to will be in the first one, and if anyone has added you to their lists then you will be in the "Member of" one.

Click on this and it will reveal which lists you have been added to.

Now the thing with lists is that they are compiled by people who generally all have common interests, so click on any that are in your list and it will open up a new page where on your left hand side you will see the following - "members" and "subscribers" if you click on either of these it will reveal a list of like minded people.

Click away and see who follows you back.

Tip - Don't bother with those who haven't bothered to put up a profile picture.

If you have not been added to any lists do not worry, it happens in time.

So now it's your turn to start making your own lists.

Why make a list?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. Making lists is a great way to bring like minded people together.

Over time as you follow more people your twitter feed will get so busy that there will be a good chance you will miss tweets that you may find of interest.

By creating lists of people you can quickly scroll through your favourites to see what they are saying.

So, as an example you run a Camp Site. Make a list with that as a title and every camp site you come across add them to your list. You do not need to follow them, just add them to the list.

Why do you not follow them?

Well, Twitter in it's wisdom runs some fairly strange metrics, once you have followed 5000 people if you are not being followed by 5000 people or there or there abouts or more, then they stop you from following new people.

The name of the game is to keep it fairly evenly matched between followers and people you follow. Not always easy, but by making a list you can funnel those who you find interesting but not on a daily basis into these lists

OK, lets take a look at how you make a list. 

Go to your home page on twitter and look to your right hand side where your little circle with your profile picture is.

Hover over this and it will say "Profile and Settings" click on this and a drop down menu will appear.

At the top of the menu is "Lists" click on this and a new page will appear.

On the right hand side is a box that says "Create a list" and a button that says "Create New List" click the button.

A small box appears, type in the name of your list "Camp Sites" decide if you want everyone to see this list or just keep it private. Personally I would make it so anyone can see it, then hit save list.

Congratulations! You have now made a list.

Now to fill it. So find a twitter account that you want to put into your list, open up to see their own twitter page and on the right hand side next to where the "Follow" button is placed is 3 blue dots.

Click on this and a drop down menu will appear. The second one down will say "Add or Remove from list, click on it and another drop down box will appear with your list or lists! simply tick the box next to your "Camp Sites" and your done! Click on the "X" will take you back to their page.

It really is that simple.

You can make many lists, this way you can group people together, and your twitter feed does not get clogged up. The other added benefit to this is that who ever you add to your list is informed by twitter that you have done this, so they may be curious in taking a look to see who you are.

Maybe they will follow, maybe they will click through to your website. It is definitely worth building lists.

However, I know that not everyone has the time to do this, you are at the end of the day running a business.

This is where I come in, I can take the strain away from you, for just a small fee I can build you a list relevant to what you want to see. You name how big you want this list to be and you pay me per person added.

Once more you are in total control of your budget.

If this is of interest to you please feel free to drop me a line at

Hope to hear from you!

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