Sunday, 21 October 2012

Outside Our Home

When we first moved in to our mobile home, the garden was completely overgrown.

The bushes and tree's had not been touched for a long time and everything was trying to compete for light, this made for some very odd shaped plants!

We cut everything back and grubbed out a lot of the bushes as they had outgrown the place they had been planted in.

There was also decking laid, but walking on it was like trying to walk on ice due to the amount of slime and general crap that had built up on it.

A good blast with a pressure washer soon got it back to it's original colour!

You can see the difference it has made, it was black with grime!

What we also discovered was a gravel path had been laid at some point, and that in the middle of the clump of bushes was a rather splendid Magnolia tree.

We also discovered that all the borders were edged from the path with old railway sleepers.

We cut everything out accept the Magnolia tree, and even this did not escape getting a good pruning. Funny thing was as soon as we did this it came into bud and flowered!

The plan was for a 9ft x 8ft shiplapped shed to go behind the tree and the very back of the garden to be used as storage.

It had to be raised on a plinth higher than normal which brought it up level with the sleepers as it's footprint was just bigger than the ground space available. This not being a bad thing at all, at least the base won't rot through!

The people that we bought the shed from also put it up for us, so all in all a good deal and it saved me cursing and getting splinters in my fingers!

So all we have to do now is put wood chip around the magnolia tree and it's done.

Till later...............


  1. Looks like a comfortable setup.

  2. Just wanted to say Hi, only came across your blog last week and have now read from the beginning, couldn't stop reading as i wanted to know all about your adventure so far.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and i for one are very envious of your lifestyle.

    Please keep up with the blogging.