Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chinese Whispers!

Today a bus broke down in the next town, and I was asked to take a spare bus to cover the trip.

Understandably I was around 20 minutes late getting to where the bus had broken down.

After transferring the passengers onto my bus I set off, and got to my next stop right in the centre of town.

A que of elderly folk were all eagerly waiting to get on, so as I do, I pull up and open the doors and wait for the barrage of daft questions to start.

Not a hello or good morning, it was like a rugby scrum as 20 or so old folk all scrambled to be the first on the bus with shopping trolleys, walking sticks and an assortment of carrier bags flying in all directions!

Why are you so late! was bellowed in my ear to which I replied, I'm very sorry madam the other bus broke down and I am the spare bus.

This I thought was an adequate description of what had happened, I also thought that I had spoken clearly and concisely  - Obviously not!.

The old girl turned around to everyone waiting outside and shouted out "This bus has broken down and there is no spare bus"!

How I contained myself is a miracle! The uncharitable thought of, you won't be needing a bus you will be needing an ambulance if you say anything else like that as I sat on my hands trying to stop them from reaching her neck!

I then had to pacify the remaining travellers that in fact the bus had not broken down and it was ok to get on.

Old folk, don't you just love them!

Till later.....................


  1. Good for you! Tough moment conquered and karma points acquired. Proceed to the next level :)

  2. No blogs for 3 weeks which is fine. Just to say I hope you are all OK.


  3. nothing for a month now .....longest time yet!

  4. Oh god, im very impressed you managed to restrain yourself, nothing more infuriating!

  5. Long time no blog - you ok guys?