Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Christmas To You All

Well, I hope that Father Christmas came and visited you all and left something special for you?

As we now get ready to see out the Old Year and welcome in the New Year, looking back, 2012 has been a busy year.

In fact, so many things have happened that towards the end of the year I have been literally overwhelmed, and of course when this happens something has to give.

The blog copped it!

I have also been wondering if I should continue, but must admit I do enjoy writing, so in the New Year I will try harder with updates of what is happening here on site.

Writing a blog is an interesting experience, through the blog you get a glimpse of others lives that I bet in most cases not even their own family see!

You get to build up an image of those people, their likes, dislikes, habits and the way that they live.

And, as strange as this may sound, you regard them as friends, even though they maybe in New Zealand or Norfolk.

Earlier in the year we met up with Jim and his Dad Kevin. We had a lot in common, all ex services, had a caravan and liked Warsteiner lager! All through this blog!

So for 2013, the site here is open every day, shower and loo on site and there are electric hookup points, right in the New Forest. 

Your welcome to book a pitch and share a beer or two. Just contact me for more info.

It's a funny old game this blogging lark!

Till later..........


  1. I really look forward to reading your posts Jools, please don't give up writing. You could say you have the advantage over me as you're permanently on a site, whereas I can only write when I've actually been camping.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you all the best for the New Year - with a cyber-cuddle for China dog.

  2. Yes indeed, don't give up blogging, Jools - better to give up work instead!
    We enjoy reading about what's happening in your part of the world, and you certainly have a way with words. As you say, we get a glimpse into the lives of others, it's a bit like peeping through the windows (all done in the best of taste, of course).
    Writers who enjoy their craft do it easily, and find that there is usually something interesting to write about. Whether it is cleaning the loos at camp, or carrying a whole bunch of OAPs around in a bus, it is interesting what topics find their way into blogger-space, and give us a chuckle while we are reading.

  3. Keep the blog going, it might be in a different direction, but you've put too much into it for it to die a death.

    Like Tigermouse, my blog is usually restrained to when we are away in the caravan. What site are you on BTW? We love that part of the UK.

  4. Hi, I hope you continue your blog - even if it is only a monthly update. I have enjoyed following your progress over the last couple of years. Hope you are taking time out to plan some well earned breaks as well. As I am retired I have about 14 weeks planned over 3 breaks in the caravan this year and a couple of weeks next Christmas. All the best for the New Year. Onwards and Upwards.


  5. Jools, nice to know you are all ok, time flies! and I am still "full timing" at the same place (18 months now)
    ive always enjoyed your writing, and love the stories of the buses. Two of my neighbours are bus and coach drivers (similar area to you) and always trying to convince me to do it, but...I'll stick with the lorry for now.
    Well,The new year beckons, bring it on!

    best wishes

    1. Hi Sandi, stick with the lorries, no passengers to contend with, timber and bricks dont answer back! Happy New Year!

  6. Jools and 'M', I hope you are well and had a good Christmas. Kevin in now living in The Traz and got married on 4 Jan 13. I was up with him last night and we were chatting about you both. He sends his regards. When are going to get over here? Maybe sometime this year? Anyway glad all is well and keep up the Blog it is nice to read and keep up with how you are doing. How does the heating in the static compare with the tourer? Down to -7.5 here and having a proper German Winter at the moment (all the roads are clear every morning and life goes on as normal unlike the UK!) Anyway keep in touch

    1. Hi Jim, that's great news on Kev! Wow, back at the Traz!!! This year is a little hectic as we are planning a trip to Ireland during August, but will be at AvN April 28th if your coming over for it?

  7. this blog is here FOREVER , it costs you nowt and is a great blog full of useful information , great stories and is written so well it should NEVER DIE , if you have lost appetite for a while , or tired of it , a rest is as good as a break .... GUEST POSTERS is the answer , copy n pasteing other blogs or offering trsueted full timers / friends password in username to write a bit now and again ... keep it alive

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