Monday, 2 April 2012

A Is For Ask!

A-Z Challenge 2012

A is for Ask!

One of the reasons why we set this blog up in the first place was for it to become a rough type of resource where you may find the information that you are looking for regarding "Living In A Caravan Full Time".

When we first started our own research, we found very little information on the subject and the few forums that we joined gave us wrong or poor information. Even to the point of being very negative about what we were going to be doing.

Thankfully we listened to known of it, and with limited knowledge we set about a learning curve which has now successfully seen us through two winters!

We have been full timing since August 2010, we were renting a lovely 3 bed, very old house which had been modernised right in the heart of my home town of Shaftesbury, Dorset. We sold all our furniture and got everything down to a minimum.

I'm not saying we haven't had any problems, but what problems we have had we have overcome and learnt from.

"Living in a caravan full time" takes nothing more than an open mind, a positive attitude and a desire to live how you want to and not how people expect you to!

We still get sarcastic remarks from a very close member of our family to this day, but that is definitely their loss and not ours!

So if you have any questions what so ever, no matter how daft it sounds, please feel free to ask us!

If you want to ask us direct, please email at and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Till later..................


  1. I would love to try living like that for a while.

    Kudos to you all.


  2. Hi - found your blog because I was idly wondering about the idea of buying a bit of land when I retire and putting a static van on it - sadly that doesn't seem like something that would get planning permission at the moment, although it's a good few years before I retire.

    Anyway, I wondered how you go on with car insurance - is there a way of insuring a car that doesn't have a fixed address? I presume the traveling community must manage without using the address of friends and family? Also, can you give the DVLA a PO box address?

  3. We have a permanent address that we use for insurance, banks etc. Not sure how the travelers get on, other than not bothering with insurance in the first place!

  4. Wow! I'm definitely interested in your adventures. Living in a Caravan sounds like fun.
    great A-Z post!

  5. Hi, I just discovered you on the A-Z blog hop and I am totally interested in your life style. Not sure I could do it, but I love reading about it. I will stick around!!!

    Great job on your posts!

  6. I've just blogged about Narrow boats and One of my comments was that you would have to be very strict on hoarding which I'm sure you will have found out by now.
    Nice idea though, perhaps I shouldn't have just bought a new car and bought a Camper van instead!Done lots of camping in a trailer tent and met a lot of nice people that way.
    Happy travelling

  7. Agghh caravan Purchased move out date 25th, scared and excited all rolled into one :)

    1. Woah! Well done Lou - how exciting - we're doing our first big clear out of stuff on Saturday - car boot Sunday and Ebaying all next week! Let us know how you get on!

  8. Lou ... Arrrghh Arrrghhh WHAT HAVE YOU DONE !!! naw get stuck in there ,,, hope you set up a blog too

  9. Yes, hoarding being one of specialties is a problem, but you just have to be ruthless. It is absolutely mind blowing how much clutter I can collect in a 28 day period!

  10. I like your comment "...a desire to live how you want to and not how people expect you to" Bravo! I found the same when I decided to live in a foreign country, not follow the 'norm' (get married and have kids - how unfemale of me!). Well done - good to see others that support doing what 'you' want.