Thursday, 13 December 2012

Time Fly's!

I'm really not too sure where this year has gone!

I guess becoming a bus driver has taken it's toll on my time as when I get in of an evening I'm usually knackered and in need of a brew and a bite to eat.

Since moving into our mobile home in July, we have done many things to it, such as completely redo the garden, painted inside, and the latest thing to happen was too have a new shower unit fitted.

We have recently spent a week travelling up through Wales with the intention of kipping in the Pajero, but that didnt quite work out as we found some rather nice hotels and pubs to stay in.

The final part of the trip was weekend with my old army mate Mark and his wife Kate and two daughters who put us up. This was just outside of Liverpool. Saturday was spent in town, "M" went shopping and myself and Mark found a few pubs to occupy our time!

Back now to the run upto Xmas, Im flat out with work and driving right up to xmas eve at 2000hrs two days off then back again till New Years eve. It's all go.

Many things I would like to write about on here about my days driving, as no two days are the same and you get to meet all sorts of characters. However, we have a social media policy which does not allow me to express opinions or tell the many funny things that happen to me more or less on a daily basis. This I personally think is wrong, but if by some miracle it were to get back to my company then I may well be for the high jump!

However:- only yesterday I was asked by a woman "What time does the 1628 leave"? my reply with a straight face "1628 Madam"! "Do you think it has left yet"? she asked. I replied "As it's now 1645 what do you think"? Some folk are bonkers!

Now, this is a story about a Chinese man, he got on with three stacked trays of eggs, covered over with a bag. He carefully left them on the luggage area just inside the bus door and went and sat down. I didnt think anything else about it, other than I hope I dont have to brake hard!

The thing with the Chinese and I hope I dont offend anyone is that when they speak English there is a slight mispronunciation. As an example, rake sounds like wake,  right sounds like wight. Hope you are getting my drift!

The bell rings and it's time for the man to get off, the bus, up till this time it had been packed, someone had obviously not seen his eggs and placed something on top of them!

All I heard was aaaarrrrrhhhhhhhh, so I turn around to see a runny goey mess oozing from his bag! he said "All eggs quacked (cracked)"!  - look he said pointing to the eggs - quacked quacked quacked quacked" he said. My reply was "What - duck eggs" The whole bus shook with laughter! The Chinese man said "Oh you funny man - wife kill me"! and got off the bus leaving a trail of goo behind him!

And on that note take care and will post again soon - promise!

till later..........................


  1. Love the story of the Chinese man and the eggs Jools, that's so funny. I've really missed reading your posts recently, I was beginning to think you'd given up blogging.

  2. Still here Eunice, but so little time these days, - Must try harder!!!! Happy Xmas

  3. And a Merry Christmas to you, 'M' and China dog, hope it's a good one for you.

    Last weekend I did my first solo winter camp at a site in Lincolnshire, just writing up my blog about it now so look out for some more pics.

  4. Sorry you are being worked so hard! I can remember what work was like ... just!

    Hope you are all well. Me and OH are off in the Caravan on Sunday for 12 nights over Christmas. I'll be thinking of you behind the wheel :)

    Have a good Christmas.

  5. That's a sign of old age when you start with "not too sure where this year has gone" - book yourself in for a Dementia test, it's all there, you just forgot! Merry Christmas

  6. your Park Home sounds lovely i would to see a picture, have any anywhere on this blog?

  7. "but so little time these days, - Must try harder!!!! "

    cmon jules there must a MOBILE APP for this blogging lark .!! leaves some messages on your break or sitting at terminus ?