Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caravan Motorhome and Camping Washing Machine Review

Washing clothes whilst living in a caravan full time can be easily sorted by doing one of three things.

Buying a low wattage camping washing machine, using a laundrette or a combination of the two or not washing your clothes and smelling like a pikey!

So we decided early on in our adventure to buy a small twin tub washing machine. Just to do the essentials and also to cut down the time spent in the laundrette.

The one we chose was small and cheap, it was the OneConcept DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine (2kg Max Load, 120W Spin Cycle & Quiet operation) - White

It has two wash cycles and a spinner which works amazingly well for such a small machine. To give you an idea of what it is capable of washing, 3 to 4 shirts at a time is about it's maximum coping load.

The manufacturers guide is a max of 2kg and runs at 120w.

We used it all the time we were full timing and it worked a treat.

Filling it up was a pain at times, but being small it took a couple of large pans of boiling water, topped up with water from our spare aqua roll, a fill up to rinse and Bob's your uncle.

Draining was simple, just let it drain away in the grass!

When we moved into our static last July, it had no washing machine, so we carried on using this combined with trips to the laundrette.

Sadly a few weeks ago it finally gave up the ghost and the spin motor stopped working correctly.

This little machine which is intended for occasional use, took some right abuse from us and lasted being continually used for over 2 years.

As we are not sure how long we will be here in our static, we decided against buying a normal machine, simply due to space - there isn't any!

We took a look through Amazon and ended up with a better load capacity twin tub machine.

It's bigger but just as light, "M" has not problems in moving it about when I'm not around.

It is a  OneConcept DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine (5.8kg Max Load, 160W Spin Cycle & Quiet operation) - White (I know they call them the same name strangely)! with a max load of 5.8kg and running at 160w.

It works really well and just as good as the last one with an excellent spinner and an obviously greater load capacity.

Both are light, portable and easy to use. To be honest we would not of wanted to full time without one.

The cost of using a laundrette can be extortionate, so buying one of these really does make financial sense.

OK, it takes time to do the washing, but armed with a book and a beer it can become an enjoyable pastime! Just got to be positive about these things!

Till later.......... 


  1. We're just about to embark on full timing and this is the answer to our question! Been checking over your page a while now just like to wish you well whatever the future brings

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  3. I find your comment " smelling like a pikey" very insulting and racist. Calling a gypsy a pikey is like calling a black man a nigger. They don't smell, they are among the richest and cleanest people in the world. I defy anyone to compare a gypsy caravan to a lot of non gypsies houses and you'll see what I mean.

  4. where do you store these twin tubs in caravans ? I'm asking because we will be living in a touring caravan in the near future and will be purchasing one of these . Thanks .

  5. Please remove your offensive remark about 'pikies' immediately. Your deliberate denigration of a community is shocking and the fact that you have ignored a victim of your publication of your discriminatory posting is disgusting. What kind of people are you to behave in this way?