Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Classic Coachbuilt Cotswold Windrush 4 Berth Caravan

I often find myself looking at ebay, and I tend to always be drawn back to the caravan listings.

This little beauty caught my eye, it looks like it is in really good condition and has been well looked after.

All you need to do is buy, hook up and drive off to a camp site!

It is down as a Cotswold Windrush 4 Berth Caravan, age unknown but around late 60's to 70's at a guess?

If you want to find out more about this pretty caravan click "HERE"

Till later...............


  1. Hiya
    I have been following your "our life in a caravan"blog with great interest. Are you still living "al fresco"? as hubby and I seriously thinking about it but at the very early stages of thought!!! I hope you are well and still gappy. Kind regards Christine

  2. So cool~~~

    By the way, I found a good site, welcomed the games with

  3. Hi not sure if you raed the comments but we are thinking of buying a towing caravan to do up and use at weekends , we have a small child so cant go fulltime although I can only dream we have terrible neighbours and flats that are like paper its horrible. Is it expensive to do this , we were thinking of staying on a site fri and sat night to start with our little one is just coming up for 3

  4. A lovely little space, love the gingham curtains!