Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Caravan Security - The More Deterrents The Better!

Caravan security is a problem that will never go away.

Of course some of the top of the range vans come complete with built in security and tracking systems.

These can also be fitted by any qualified engineer at a later date.

However, whilst you cannot put a price on peace of mind and protecting your caravan not all of us have money to spare on state of the art technology.

So what are the options?

For low cost and a visual deterrent I have come across three devices which are all inexpensive and can be transferred from caravan to caravan.

The Fullstop Saracen Ultra AL-KO Caravan Hitch Lock is speedy and simple and comes with the backing of the "Sold Secure" team Thatcham Assured.

Can be used either when the caravan is hitched or unhitched from your car.

Currently this is on offer at £52.51 normally it retails at £79.95 with free shipping. Of course I have no idea how long this offer will be in place for so don't hang around!

Next up is the Purpleline Fullstop Nemesis Ultra Caravan Wheel Clamp Lock which is Thatcham approved Cat 3.

It meets the requirements of most of the wheel clamping agencies and the DVLA.

It's resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing and also incorporates Lowe and Fletcher nine pin anti-pick and and anti-drill locking bolt.

This is a seriously tough piece of kit.

I've just checked and it's currently out of stock, however it may be back in stock shortly so keep checking!

It's on offer (when in stock) at £109.95 and normally retails at £149.99 so a big saving to be had as long as the offer is still in place once it's back in stock!

Now I must admit that I have not come across these before but to be honest I like the look of them and for the price would have one for each leg!

Remember if someone wants to steal your caravan they will, there is not a lock that cannot be removed by a professional thief.

However if you had one of these fitted to each leg, the hassle of trying to removing them would more than likely make them move on to an easier caravan!

They will fit any type of caravan steadies and secures the with an integrated high security 10-level barrel lock.

Currently on offer at £23.99 they normally retail at £29.95 so if your quick you could have all four legs secured for less than £100.00!!!!! Oh and it's free shipping!

So there you have it - a quick round up of caravan security.

Till later..................

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  1. Theft is my biggest worry and I have to say I like the Fullstop Nemesis Ultra. It's the kind of thing you can throw on the wheel when you stop at services because I believe it doesn't need the wheel to line up with a receiver on the chassis.