Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Introduction On How To Gain More Twitter Followers Organically 2017

I have had a Twitter account for a good few years now, but to be honest until recently it just sat there doing very little.

I would post updates of what was happening and where I was, you know, usual things that we all get up to.

Such as, this is where I am eating my dinner (look at the view) and this is what I'm eating (look at plate of food)!

That was until recently when I discovered that there was a system to building your Twitter account organically.

I'll show you how in March 2017 I added 859 new followers to my account "caravanliving"

Twitter is a very valuable way of advertising. It is often over looked as a very credible means of boosting your online presence.

I'm guessing that most of you reading this have all ready a Twitter account, if not then sign up, it's a very easy and straight forward process.

So, back to your Twitter account, sat there, with maybe a few hundred followers or less and maybe you have followed a few people as well.

Now the thing with Twitter is that it is very sociable. If you follow someone, there is a good chance that within the week they will follow you back.

You see it's all a numbers game. The big hitters, those with a high follower count steadily increase their followers by doing a few simple things.

These things are very straight forward to do, there is no mythical dragon to slay, it's just a simple process.

A process that I will outline for you.

But first we have to understand how Twitter works and how to capitalise on it.

Twitter works by tweeting a 140 maximum character message, you can also add images to this.

There are then a number of options for others who are following you to engage with this tweet.

1. They can like it, but it doesn't really do a great deal for you, other than boost your ego a bit!

2. They can reply to you, which is brilliant as that tweet then shows up on their own timeline and is visible to all of their followers.

3. Or they can simply retweet to all their followers which is the aim of the game.

4. They can take a closer look at your profile and hopefully click on your website if you have one listed, (which you should have if your in business)!

The engagement we are interested in is No's 2, 3 and 4.

But before we start tweeting like mad we have to have people to tweet to!

Ever wondered how some of these Twitter accounts end up with 10k plus followers?

They simply follow a pattern.

I'm going to break down these patterns for you, not all at once as it will make your head boil, but in bite size pieces.

So for the moment all I want you to do is click on followers that you find interesting.  Twitter has a maximum amount of followers  you can click on in one day and that figure is 100. But let's take things steady and go for just 20.

Now there are a couple of rules here!

1. Remember the name of the game is to get people to follow you back, following the BBC World Service may well be interesting but will they follow you back? No, so do not waste your time.

2. Do not click on people with no profile pictures. It's likely they are inactive or are very new and are not worth wasting your time with.

3. Check out their profile, if they have the same amount roughly of followers to the people they follow then it's a safe bet they will follow you back, if they have 10,000 followers and only follow back 500 then once more do not bother.

However, if you feel they are interesting then you can always make a list!

This I will cover in a future blog post

Also in a future blog post I will explain ways of following people by using the search facility

But for now, click and follow, but do not go mad!

If you find all this too much and you simply do not have the time then why not let me do it for you, very reasonable rates, in fact I work on the basis of being paid by results.

I work exclusively with small businesses who have not got the time to build their social media presence.

Quite simply for every follower gained you pay me a flat fee per follower gained.

You can set a budget and once that figure has been met I back off, so you are always in control.

In the early days your budget may not even be met as to grow an account organically takes time so we cannot rush and saturate your twitter feed with posts or follow 100's of people.

Please email me at joolsmauro@gmail.com if you feel that this is something that you are interested in.

Over the next couple of weeks I will put up more useful information on how to grow your twitter account organically.

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