Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Is That Winter Over Now?

Just wondering after another day of sunshine and showers if the winter is over?

In fact did it really start at all? I ask this based on the fact that so far I have not yet used a whole can of de-icer!

I have seen my first daffodils in flower, snowdrops have been out for a while, crocus are in bloom, the crows are building nests and in the forest there are all ready baby donkey's and cattle.

Yes we have had unusual amounts of rain, I would go as far to say epic amounts of the wet stuff, but the weather you usually associate with winter, ie, freezing temperatures, snow and ice has certainly been lacking so far.

I also am aware that living on the South Coast we do get it easier than those up North, but even so winter has been a wash out so far.

Reading back over old post's temperature's dropping to -10 and below were not uncommon, along with weeks of snow on the ground. Making caravan living a challenge what with frozen water taps, and then when you got water making sure that it didn't freeze in the aquaroll or connector pipes!

The evenings are drawing out which is a welcome relief and all in all there has even been some sunshine over the last few days. The odd heavy shower thrown in but hey, it's still only February, we could be knee deep in snow!

So am I being over optimistic that winter is over and spring is bounding in? I hope not. Spring being my favourite time of the year, the dull and drudgery of winter being replaced by new shoots of life in every direction.

And so where there is decay and rot and dead wood it is all replaced and covered over by a vibrancy that starts the cycle of life once more.

This is true of me as well. Time to re-invent myself, my journey in 6 weeks time will be the start of a brand new chapter in my life. I have no idea what will happen on my return.

I have read and seen that once a journey like this has taken place where you are tested to your limits that your outlook on life changes. I feel that making the break way back to live in a caravan full time certainly did that to me. But now this new mini adventure lasting only 12-14 days I think will have a huge impact on my future plans.

So with the clock ticking and with so much more to organise I will go to look over routes once more.

Till later...........................

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