Saturday, 15 February 2014

Survived The Storm In The Caravan!

That was a fairly monstrous storm last night! Thankfully no damage to the caravan, but at one point I did think that the roof hatches may get ripped off!

The caravan was certainly shaking about, good job I had my velcro pants on - kept me firmly in place all though they are a bit scratchy!

The power remained on as well, I definitely thought that would get knocked out.

Just a couple of miles down the road they did not do so well. A number of beach huts made out of concrete were totally destroyed by the sea and a restaurant had it's windows smashed by shingle. 

Here is the link so you can see exactly what happened (Storm At Milford On Sea)

Plenty of tree's down as well, which caused problems for us on the buses today. What made me laugh was that people thought it strange that we were running late due to tree's down, I really do not know what planet some folk live on!

Then I had all the daft questions as if I am the font of all knowledge. Driver when will the road be open? And Driver will everything be back to normal tomorrow? Hang on whilst I consult my crystal ball!

So there you go, just like the buses, none for ages then two posts come along on consecutive days!

I rather like this blogging lark, must do a bit more of it!

Till later..............


  1. It must have been very rocky night for you! I was listening to the local radio and they had folk ringing in from the south with horrendous tales to tell. The funniest was a lorry driver who said his cab was rocking so much he felt sea-sick!!! We escaped any damage thank goodness, an my new greenhouse is still standing!! Am glad you are back in the land of the blog!!

  2. Please stay safe. Hope that was the last of the worst. Read that there was a killer wave in the English Channel as well.

  3. Good to see your back regularly blogging, although we have been following your other blog

  4. Glad you survived the latest storm. On the coast at Southsea it was not that bad, although the 'van rocked a bit I am reliably informed that the storm we had during the day a few days ago caused a higher reading on our 'richter scale' - one day I was actually glad to be working!! Hopefully that is the worst of it over now. Please keep writing, it is great to know that there we are not the only mad ones (although we will be off on holiday in a couple of days)

  5. Glad you survived the storm with no damage. Our awning collapsed in the night because the tie down strap snapped but we managed to erect it again with no damage done. We have had six storms since living in our van fulltime one of them being st jude. We enjoy reading your blog and it was your blog that inspired us to take the plunge

  6. Glad everyone survived! Had to laugh at a few who mocked me during the storms, as during the power cuts I could still cook, have warmth and hot water unlike the brick dwellers!
    I had many a sleepless night with our massive awning even with storm straps attached. So glad I'm keeping it simple till the better weather.