Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Woke To No Electric!

I woke up just after 0200hrs this morning and found the air temperature within the caravan had dropped a good bit!

On peering to the end of the caravan I noticed that my extension socket that has a little red light on it was not on.

That can only mean one thing, no power!

So first things first, check the consumer unit to make sure nothing had tripped within the caravan. Nope, they all looked good, but I had my doubts as when I first moved back into the caravan I had a dodgy isolator unit. As soon as I fitted a new one the power stayed on. But could it be the same fault again?

I put my wellies on and ventured outside to check the cables as I have two joined together so that I can be as far away from any other campers as possible. These looked ok and the site plug box had not tripped either.

Back in the caravan there was nothing for me to do, but go back to bed and leave a note in the morning for the site owner to check the main fuse box to see if anything had tripped there.

During the day I had a nagging suspicion that it may of been the new isolator switch unit that had blown. The last one did not trip it just stopped working, so as I was in Ringwood and I had a spare 40 minutes between my bus trips, the bus was parked up and I dived into Screwfix and a new isolator was bought for £9.80

On my return to the caravan this evening I was much relieved to look in through my door and see the tiny green light on my fridge shining away telling me all is well and the power was back on.

So as I have not seen the owner yet I have no idea what caused it, certainly not me as nothing had tripped my end.

But glad it is back on. This morning it did give me the chance to fire up the gas heater which I haven't done for a while. Blimey that kicks out some heat! I had to turn it down by the time it took to boil a kettle!

Another glorious day here in the New Forest with a couple of showers but mostly sunshine, and that is what is needed desperately!

Till later.............

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