Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Weather Observations And Memories

With the sun shining again today it is amazing to see the difference in people!

Of course there is always the exception to this rule and most of them tend to travel on my bus!

However it also means that due to the sun shining peoples minds are not where they should be.

The amount of near misses today has got to be at an all time record. Slamming on the brakes because you missed your turn is not a good idea when you have a double decker bus behind you!

Nor is playing chicken where you have to give way to me, because firstly I have the road priority, secondly I'm in a double decker bus and finally because I can guarantee I've got bigger balls!

Back to normal tomorrow with more wind and rain forecast so should be a little bit better on the roads!

I dug my old camera out which I haven't used in ages, it brought back a lot of memories as there were some pictures of happier times spent in Devon/Cornwall, Wales and the Bournemouth Air Show.

I will sort through them and put a couple of the good ones up.

Till later................... 

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