Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Time Flies

It's true - time flies when your having fun!

I had to have a good talk with myself and have certainly changed my out look on life and got myself back on track.

My Lands End to John O'Groats and back again challenge is less than two weeks away now and this has kept me focused and busy.

I find it hard to believe that it was last summer that I started to think about the challenge. A lot can happen in that short period of time as I found out!

You can follow me at www.fatblokestravels.blogspot.com and on facebook to get a blow by blow of my trip! My facebook link is just over on the right so please feel free to add me.

All quiet here on site, the field is still a bit damp, and as I have no desire to chew up the field I'm still parking at the entrance and walking up to the caravan.

 Had the coldest morning of the year only a couple of days ago, -4! Went to bed with it being mild and woke thinking the power must be off as it was bloody freezing.

I have it cool during the night, but with the sudden drop in temperature it was a chilly start to the day. Thankfully it takes the time to boil a kettle to get it roasty warm again. Try doing that in a house!

Now just to warn you that I may not blog for a couple of weeks as my challenge is taking up so much of my time, so as I said you can see how Im doing via my other blog and facebook

till later..............


  1. Smashing blog, we are thinking of selling up and doing same.

  2. We are doing the same, just sold.
    Started my blog a while ago when we had the idea, but its been a long time selling!
    Will be up dating it a lot more now.

  3. We started living in our van permanently nearly a year ago and don't regret it one bit I started my blog hoping to help others make the decision like reading this blog helped me. Nice to know we are not the only ones

  4. Hiya,

    Just reading through some of your posts, inspiring.

    We (wife, 2+5 yr olds and myself) are in the process of evaluating whether we could live in a static van for a period of 3-5 years. I guess we a re worried about all the 'normal' things you would expect. The cold being one. Also finding an appropriate site that is open all year. We're down i Gosport Hampshire and I wondered if you knew of anyone around these parts doing anything similar we could chat too.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences, makes it all seem very doable.


  5. Hi Nick,
    we are also fulltimers with an 8yr old. Feel free to drop by.

    1. That might be really interesting, thank you. Where a bouts are you?