Monday, 27 October 2014

Mitsubishi Pajero LWB 2.8 7 Seater with Tow Bar For Sale

I've finally got around to emptying the Pajero and getting it cleaned ready for it to be put up for sale!

It is a reluctant sale, but she has to go. So below is the full spec and some pictures, if anyone is interested please email me at and we can take things from there. I'm looking for £1200 or there abouts. A bargain, it's a whole lot of 4x4.

1994 "L" registered Mitsubishi Pajero Long Wheel Base 7 seater. 6 months MOT.

To make it into a 7 seater there are two seats that fold up when not in use situated in the boot area. The rear seats when flat make a bed and I have slept/camped out in it on may occasions. Cloth trim throughout with no rips.

It has the ultra reliable 2.8 litre engine which runs sweetly, using no oil or water. The gearbox changes up and down silky smooth and all the 4wd system works as it should do.

You will not get stuck anywhere with this 4x4.

Brilliant for towing, I used it for towing my twin axle caravan and to be honest you had to remind yourself that you were hooked up! The towbar has twin electrics.

A massive electric sunroof which works and does not leak.

Electric mirrors that fold in and are heated which is brilliant in the winter or on wet days.

It has the Japanese "winter pack" which means that all the panels within the vehicle are insulated, the front windscreen is also heated so no scraping ice in the winter and there is a diesel fuel pre-heater.

The vehicle has a Climate Control system fitted, but not only that but the rear has it's very own heating system so you can have the front of the vehicle toasty warm for yourselves but if you have dogs you can keep the rear cooler and well ventilated without the need to open windows and creating draughts.

There is a radio/CD player but the CD bit is a bit temperamental and the radio mast itself has broken off. An easy replacement I just never got around to replacing it.

There is a slight ding to the left hand front wheel arch moulding where I caught a post in a car park, the paint has peeled. Also the rear corners of the bumpers have some marks on them from parking by touch!

It has side steps and window draught deflectors fitted to all four windows. As you can see the back windows have very dark limo glass for security, almost impossible to see in!

The spare tyre requires replacing, and the other 4 have minimal tread left on, enough to get it through it's next MOT but it would of been top of my list of things to do if I was going to keep her.

She has recently had a brand new exhaust fitted, both batteries replaced and new brake pads fitted.

All in all she is a beauty to drive, very comfortable, and still looks good despite her age. If you have owned a Pajero before you will know that they are hard to beat, especially one in this condition.

If you have never ownded one, then you are in for a treat. For the money they cannot be beaten. By now I am sure you looked on ebay at what you can get for £1200. Not a lot, so I am sure this will not hang around long.

I'm putting it up on here first, but it will be going onto either Gumtree or ebay soon after. So be quick. Any questions please email me as above.

Till later.....

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