Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Best Hand Held Portable Hoover For Caravans Motorhomes and Tents

Now Hoovers in a caravan or camper van can be a real pain. Generally too large to lug around with you on a day to day basis even if it is one of those little pull along things.

My experience of hoovers whilst full timing was they get in the way! The hose or lead always manages to get wrapped around your legs as you are trying to hoover in a confined space.

Whilst I was full timing I always had one, but it sure was a pain. I'm afraid that a dust pan and brush does not cut it for me, creating more dust that I started off with.

Also pet hairs, anyone who has ever owned a dog that sheds hair will know exactly what I am talking about!

Now that I only have a VW T25 Camper Van we decided with two kids a mad dog, Kiera and myself who can be the worlds messiest person, we needed a little more than just a stiff hand held brush whilst out with the camper.

We had looked at many different types from the 12v plug in one's that have less suck than an asthma sufferer to the all singing all dancing Dyson Animal Hand Held Hoover.

So on a recent shopping splurge we have now taken delivery of the Dyson Animal Hand Held Hoover.

At £259.90 I want it to make me a coffee and bacon roll as well, but to be honest it is bloody brilliant!

In the house we have a "Henry Hoover" and along with the above mentioned we also have 2 cats living with us. The "Henry" is great for doing a whole room, it is what it is built for.

But for the odd clear up, which in our house is a frequent requirement as the dog has a habit of bringing in sticks and chewing them up, general kitchen mess and with the house in a general state of attack of some form of DIY then "Henry" can be a bit cumbersome.

The Dyson is brilliant in the VW T25, the battery lasts for around 20 mins, long enough to wizz through the van numerous times before requiring a charge.

The compactness of the hoover as well means it is easy to stow away.

It really is a brilliant bit of kit and in my mind worth every penny! A must for all campers especially if you have dogs or generally messy like myself!

As you can see it is not that big and the head unit to the left of the mug comes off. Easy to operate and dead simple to empty, it really is the dogs do dahs!

So much so that you will be fighting over who actually hoovers up!

Till later................

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  1. I have had one of these for a number of years. I bought it for OH to clean out the car, it also went with us in the caravan when we went on holiday, quick swish kept it sparkling, cleans up everything you ask it to.

    No van now but it gets used for the stairs and to clean up the mats in the kitchen and the odd spill in the sitting room. Well worth the money in my opinion.