Sunday, 12 October 2014

Conservatory Build Update

It has taken a while for us to get to this stage, but we finally have a conservatory that we can use!

It's not finished, we still have the walls to paint, the floor to lay and a radiator to be installed.

The delay was down to the manufacturing of the various roof components and glass. Once this was ready to be fitted it took just two days to be installed.

I was watching the guys install the glass roof panels and was amazed at how much flex there was in the glass!

Once the roof elements and glass had been completed it was time for old "Vic" to come back and finish off.

Plastering was required, along with the final top screed flooring and the finishing off of the cat flap.

The electricians had also made an appearance and installed a couple of plug sockets for us.

It is a lot taller than we had thought it was going to be which is great, it certainly gives us plenty of much needed extra space.

We currently have a small table and 4 chairs which will do for now till we find what we are looking for, but we have all ready bought a 2 seater pine pew.

Where we removed the windows, the largest opening will be shelved with glass which will let light in but will also make good use of the space.

Once the plaster is dry the walls will be painted white and that will be another room completed.

We will then be moving onto the kitchen and lounge. The lounge only requires flooring, which we have decided will be the same from lounge through the kitchen and into the conservatory.

The kitchen is getting a make over with new tiles, along with a new kitchen work top of oak and a porcelain sink to replace the mankey grey stainless steel one.

With just the down stairs loo and hall to paint that will be the downstairs completed!

Slowly but surely we are getting there.

Till later...............


  1. Hi there , just a big thank you....
    you inspired me 18 months ago to change my lifestyle and se did , we bought a big hobby and are heading into our second Winter ! I would say we have to manage our spare cash better , as we've been enjoying ourselves too much ! Lots of holiday's and days out and all without any extra effort workwise-it's great ! Anyway hats off to you and your family and if anyone is thinking of doing this then get on and so it ..... Don't worry what other people think , it's your life so LIVE IT . Don't put it off for another year as you'll not feel the benefit until you do do it . Remember investing in a caravan to live in is a massive decision. If I can give one word of advice- buy the biggest caravan you can afford . Reason is that even if there is only yourself or two of you , then the more space you have , the easier it is to live in (IMHO) .... Good luck to all
    ps - we both work and can now save £2000 a month after bills / expenses. ;)

    1. That is brilliant to hear! Have fun guys!!

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