Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ground To A Temporary Halt!

The conservatory is now completely plastered and dried out, but not before the roof developed a leak, enough to form a puddle on the floor!

This was sorted the very next day, and now we are dry and water tight once more.

Blinds have been fitted to all the windows, with the final one being fitted later today. It was measured up wrongly and did not fit.

The thing that is stopping us at the moment unfortunately is me!

I had a minor operation to remove a mole, just 4 stitches required but right on my side and movement feels them pulling, so lifting and driving a bus for the next few days are completely out.

However, this has given me time to read and catch up on the many blogs that I have neglected to read over the last few months.

Autumn has arrived, the tree's are turning  wonderful colours and we have had some high winds the last few days.

We are hoping to have a night out in our VW camper on Friday night, hoping the rain stays off for the evening as we plan a trip locally just down to Hurst Spit.

A meeting on Thursday at work will reveal if I still have a job or not. Drastic council cuts will see bus routes going or changing, redundancies are expected. So we will see what the outcome is soon enough. Fingers crossed I keep my job.

It is not brilliant, but I would rather find another job whilst having one than be under pressure to find one with no income coming in.

Talking with others, we feel that being as short staffed as we are at present (5 down) and with at least another 4 or 5 to retire the beginning of next year we may be lucky!

Last weekend saw us take a trip up to London for a day of sight seeing and fun with friends from work. I will write a separate blog post for this as there are loads of pictures.

So, till later..................................


  1. Hope you are back to full strength soon, take care.
    Good luck with the job outcome, fingers crossed for you.
    Here's hoping you get a few more nights away in your camper before winter sets in.
    Looking forward to your pictures of you trip and the conservatory.
    Pam in Texas.

  2. Glad your conservatory is coming along nicely even if you can't do much at the moment. Hope all goes well for you on the job front, fingers crossed for you.

  3. Hello Jools - I've not posted before but have read your blogs for some time and enjoyed them - keep up the good work. Hope you're bak to full health shortly and that Thursday's meeting went ok.
    You are making me want a camper van - like you I'm next to the New Forest and those evening meals with a view sound really good. Also I like 'Duckie' very much (does that sound ok?) - from what I've seen for sale recently you got a good one there. Only problem for me is I've already got a caravan on the drive - oh well.
    Best Wishes