Wednesday, 5 March 2014

No One Said It Would Be Easy!

Over the years I have had many setbacks and problems, but as my dear sister pointed out to me "It will be ok bruv your a survivor"

Well I guess I am, and after having a dreadful day at work again today, I have to ask myself am I bringing it all on myself?

I guess the answer is yes, in fact I know the answer is yes!

When you are happy and all is well in your world then everything clicks into place doesn't it?

When your unhappy and miserable, problems escalate from being minor to major in a nano second!

So the trick is to be happy, easier said then done but some how I have to turn things around.

It's no good saying tomorrow I will be happy, that just does not work, so instead I am going to try little things that make me happy.

This evening I have just spent 10 minutes staring up at a beautiful star lit night. I am lucky that where I am there is no light pollution. The sky looks magnificent, and I have to be grateful that I can see the stars so clearly. For those 10 minutes I was happy.

Tucked back inside my warm caravan, it is easy to forget there is a world outside. I have almost become a recluse, rarely venturing out after work, rarely? Who am I kidding! Never venturing out after work! This must stop, even if it is only a walk down by the sea for 1/2 an hour.

I have also got into the habit of just working, some would say be grateful of the overtime and money, but what use is that if you are not happy or have time to spend it?

I seem to either work 6 days on the trot with one day off or 13 consecutive days followed by one day off then another 6 at work and so the cycle continues by only having one day off. Since my holiday at the beginning of February I have only had 2 days off! I'm off this Sunday and the following Sunday, but that is all.

Is this good for me? It keeps my mind occupied which up till now I thought was good, but after seeing "M" I think that it may of done me more harm than good! Yes it took my mind off of the situation, but all it did was cover it over, it didn't really deal with it!

All though how I deal with it is still a bit of a mystery!

My trip is time consuming which is good, and gives me something to look forward to, but the only thing that worries me now is what happens when I get back?

I have thought about a new journey, but I can't think about that until this is done and dusted. I may never want to sit on a motorbike again after this, either that or I will pack my belongings into my panniers, sell everything I own and kiss the UK behind for a year or two and bugger off on the bike!

Who knows, maybe that is what this is all about? Pack up and ship out? It could be done, simple enough to do! Who knows!

At this point if you have come to this blog to seek advice on how to live in a caravan, then with this post you are out of luck!

However, scroll back through older posts and you will probably find the info you are looking for, if not email me and ask the question.

Over the last 12 months, I have been very slack in getting back to folk and I apologise for this but  I had a few issues to deal with.

So hopefully forgiven, and will try, yes I will honestly, to talk a bit more about caravans and get back to anyone who emails me.

Mind you, this blog has turned into more than just about caravan's. Life, relationships, work - you name it - all discussed on here.

Don't forget my facebook link is on the right, but please do me a favour and message me via facebook and tell me who you are and where you saw me. Stops me thinking your a weirdo!

So a brief bit of caravan talk, my field is slowly after 2 days of no rain to dry out. At the top of the field where I am pitched it is relatively dry. However the bottom of the field is still deep in water which in places is turning into welly loosing mud. So no hope of getting the Paj up to the caravan yet.

However looking on the brightside, there is absolutely no chance of my caravan being nicked unless they pull it out with a tracked vehicle!

Well, off to make some room for the contents of the paj. Just need some organisation in the stacking department. There is probably loads of room under my bed, it just needs to be placed more regimental!

Till later.......................


  1. I hope you find your solution soon. I understand where you are coming from and it's a difficult cycle to break out of so I totally sympathise. You mentioned walking and this has worked for me. I put a simple picnic in a rucksack and set off for a few hours striding across the Sussex Downs. The natural beauty of the countryside always lifts my mood. Might work for you too?

  2. Actually taking a daily walk has helped a number of people I know who are dealing with stress and or is amazing how activity positively affects the mind. And I do believe that that happiness is a choice. I might suggest a blog called Life is Good - Smile. The writer calls herself Happy One. She is a personal friend. She writes about her daily life and her daily 6 mile walk. No preaching or instruction about how to BE happy. Just a blog about her daily life ... Her blog inspires me to find happiness in the simple things ... Just like you did when you spent 10 minutes with the stars.

    Check it out.

  3. I get it too - it is easy to get into a rut, especially when the weather is rubbish!

    To cheer you up I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - check out my blog for details.