Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dead Owl Found Trapped In Chinese Lantern!

An owl has been found dead apparently after becoming tangled up in a Chinese lantern at a Gloucestershire farm.
It was discovered on land at Breadstone near Berkeley on Wednesday.
Farmer Simon Pain said he was "shocked" by the discovery of the barn owl, which he believed had been hunting for food near the grass margin of a field.
Spokesman for the National Farmers Union (NFU) Ian Johnson said: "Whilst these lanterns look very pretty there are unforeseen consequences."
"We've been warning about about them for some time, certainly in terms of livestock," he added.
"Now we can see what a hazard they are to wildlife as well."
'Key bird'
Mr Johnson said the NFU would back any proposal leading to a ban on the lanterns coming into force.
Mr Pain said: "The barn owl on the farm is one of the key birds we have.
"For the last 10 years we've been trying to create the right environment for the birds to live and survive.
"I'd be more than happy to see a ban [on lanterns]," he added.
There have been numerous calls for a ban on Chinese lanterns, which are seen as a fire risk.
The lanterns' metal parts can also kill cows if the animals eat them, farmers have warned.
Barn owl trapped in Chinese lantern
This article was supplied by the BBC news, and I would totally support any ban that was introduced in stopping the sale of these lanterns!
If you know of any shops selling these, get them to take a look at this, and if you have them for the kids for bonfire night, please think again about releasing them!
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  1. I totally agree Jools, and to be honest I really don't see the point of them at all. But then I suppose the people who buy these things and release them are only thinking about the occasion they have got them for, not the far-reaching consequences and the potential danger to wildlife and other animals. I too would be happy to sign any petition which could get these things banned.

  2. I've used these in the past, but after reading this will never do again, and I'd certainly support a ban

  3. If anyone comes across a petition or group supporting the ban let me know!

  4. I don't think these lanterns are a good idea. I am reluctant to see more bans in life though.

    I find the knife laws a pain as well. I often have a 5 inch bladed knife in the car. Kept in the boot these days. Why? so I can make a sandwich or cut fruit. For a similar reason I used to carry a 4 inch lock knife.

    I often go down to the local diy stores carrying a craft knife simply because I forget it is in my pocket.

    I would not have banned hunting with dogs even though I did not agree with it.

    For me there is far too much legislation.

    Easy T

  5. You could sign the e-petition at direct.gov http://goo.gl/WwQGz Chinese lanterns are a hazard in many ways, but this is a sad ending to a beautiful bird

    1. That photo is staged .. that lantern was never set aflight they totally burn up after a very few minutes .. someone found a dead owl and wrapped it in the lantern . just to sensationalize ..