Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Again!

One of the things I have always tried to maintain whilst writing this blog is that if I haven't got anything of interest to say then I wont bother posting anything up. As the last thing I want to do is bore you all to death.

Hence it's been a bit quite recently!

Mind you that's not to say that we haven't been busy, far from it. Not that I'm making much money out of any of it, but as I said before, if you don't try you will never now. This new venture that I've managed to get myself involved with is a long term project. It may well be 6 months or so before I start to see a return on my time spent on it.

This blog being a classic example, when I first started it we were getting very few people click in to read, but now, we are averaging 12,000 page hits per month, and over 1500 unique visitors drop in now per month! So from my point of view, with no advertising and now being top of the search engines things are looking good for the future.

There is that saying "From little acorns grow the mighty oak" or words similar.

The weather has been kind to us here in East Dorset, with a few damp days but nothing too bad, certainly no where near as wet as this time last year. We were nearly underwater on the site we were at. No sign of the much talked about cold weather either! Yesterday I was dressed in shorts and short sleeved shirt it was that warm! Long may this continue.

Moved Location

Saturday morning whilst "M" was at work, I started to pack up the van and awning as our 28 days were up.

We are due to go to a lovely little secluded site, no facilities, which is just how we like them.

I managed to get most of it done by lunch time, had a problem with the awning zip as the teeth at the end of the zip had managed somehow to become misaligned which meant I couldn't part the zip. In the end with a lot of cursing and threatening the zip to part it eventually did.

"M" got back and we loaded up and went on our uneventful journey to our new site.

One of the things that I did do before we set up was to check the tyre pressures on the caravan. Although they look fine they were actually dangerously low! With our caravan being this long it's not easy to pull into a garage and get to an air line. I had managed to borrow a beefy compressor, my little one is just not man enough to get up to the required psi.

Setting up doesn't seem to take us long these days, the large awning is up and we have the sleeping pod up as well, as this gives us even more room.

Something that we have never done before but it worked a treat was that before we put up the awning, we laid down the awning carpet. Now some of you may all ready do it, it makes perfect sense to do this as it stops the awning getting dragged through wet, muddy ground as its pulled along the awning rail. We have just never thought of it before! So even with countless moves behind us we are still learning.

We haven't got room to try out our new smaller awning which Towsure replaced for us, but I will write out the whole story of that on a separate post.

Where we are, we are sheltered on one side by trees and hedge, and there are clumps of trees dotted around to break up any wind. The water point is not far away, so all in all very happy with our pitch.

I've got a job interview on Monday, which I'm mighty relieved about, its not with the company that I've been waiting for, but my name was put forward by a good friend of mine, so I've got to go and pay them a visit. With Christmas coming I desperately need the money. Things are a little grim to say the least!

"M" is off this morning to spend some time with an elderly friend, who lives just down the road from where we are now, then we should be going to her daughters this afternoon.

Just had a picture sent back to me from our intrepid explorer and part time spy 007 Herbert now residing in Tokyo, his choice of hotel having all the mod cons and a view over looking the water, it even has easy access to the motorway! Perfect for daring escapes. He certainly thinks of everything!

He is due to return to Blighty shortly, and a spot of leave, so hope to catch up with him and Mrs Herbert shortly.

Till later..................


  1. Your blog is never boring Jools ! I bet there have been a few, like me, suffering from withdrawal symptoms by your lack of recent posts !!

    If no your new site, by 'no facilities' you mean no electric hook-up, it'd be interesting to hear some feedback on how you cope with it's absence !